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Kafke 6 hours ago  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Dear Hubski, what do you want to learn?

    How do you produce original content if you're just copying?

Practice :P. You need to be able to draw before you draw and come up with new things at the same time. And generally people have a lot of references and such when they are coming up with new things.

    Also, how do you possibly draw digitally without one of those fancy pad things?

Mouse? The latter images I drew on my 3DS. The former were done with a mouse. With no pad/stylus, you definitely have to go a bit slower. But there shouldn't really be a difference.

    I'd definitely have to see what I wanted to draw, because I can't hold an image in my mind at all. If I concentrate, it just slips out of my "mind's eye" and everything is just blobs.

Yup. Draw what you see, get good at that. A lot of artists have done this. Once you start getting the hang of it, then draw new stuff (by drawing a bunch of various references in a particular way :P).

Even with something like Anime, they still use a ton of references. Backgrounds? They go around, take a picture, and draw that picture in 'anime' style, adding or removing things as desired.

Naturally imaginary/fake stuff is a bit trickier, since you don't have an existing reference. But say you want to draw a robot or alien or something. Find existing ones that are sort of similar to what you want to do. Take your time to get the various characteristics and such. And draw what you see, but put your own spin on it.

It's not going to ever be a 1-to-1 copy, and generally you can get a good idea of how to add variety once you get going. Again, liberal use of the eraser is key.

    Thanks for the tips. I'll see what I can learn for free before actually throwing money at it. I really would be interested in figuring out how to draw half-decently!

Take a pad/pencil, and just pick some random object each day to draw to the best of your ability. Take your time and be sure to capture the shadows/shape/etc.

As I mentioned, I personally grabbed Art Academy for the 3DS, which worked wonders. I hear bob ross' videos are good for learning to paint.

Patience+Technique+Practice=Good art.

There's this assumption about Reddit that they're not censoring all the truly shitty subreddits and speech because they've got a libertarian hard-on for free speech. Which is truly bizarre because an organization that functions entirely by "shadow banning" is about as free speech as Pinochet's Argentina.

And it's not like nobody saw what happened with the FPH fiasco or the Victorian era. It was abundantly clear to anyone watching Reddit from Low Earth Orbit or closer that nobody at Reddit from Alexis to the moderator of /r/(your username here) has the ability to do more than play whack-a-mole with hate speech.

Take it further back: The Fappening had every likelihood to cause dire financial damage to Reddit and Reddit had zero ability to keep naked celebrities off the front page. Or further back: well-meaning vigilantes caught up in the furor were all set to lynch the wrong guy for the Boston Marathon bombing ("good thing he was already dead," he said macabrely). Or further back: SomethingAwful spooked Reddit into pulling down /r/creepshots. What happens? /r/girlsinyogapants and a million other subreddits. To glance at the history of Reddit is to view a failed attempt at censorship. They just don't have the tools. They just don't have the manpower. They just don't have the architecture. And they never will.

Reddit's alignment with "free speech" isn't just pragmatic, it's craven. The way you build up an internet culture of respect is through leadership and hands-on community management. Reddit has never been about that and never will be. Alexis and Steve are hucksters that managed to fob off a BBS on Conde Nast for $7m. Then Y-Combinator managed to sell a 7-year-old eyesore to Silicon Valley as a "startup" for $50m. Could you build Reddit into a site that values personal expression but also civilized discourse? Sure... eight years ago. The fact of the matter is, anonymity breeds antagonism and when a negative statement has seven times the emotional impact of a positive one, upvotes and downvotes probably shouldn't be equally weighted.

Demanding Reddit be civilized is like demanding Donald Trump be sensitive. It makes you feel good but you both know nothing will ever change. They just don't have the tools. If they did, it wouldn't be Reddit.

Pretty much every CGP Grey video. I like Numberphile, Periodic Videos and I'm starting to watch Sixty Symbols. I stumbled across this School of Life channel. I'm just gonna embed this one because I made a point to watch it today and it'll save me clicks.

OftenBen 3 days ago  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Dear hubski, why are you proud of yourself?

Well, when I joined hubski I was only going to school half-time with terrible grades, pretty overwhelmingly depressed with all the fun that brings, and I was certain that even if I graduated I'd never get a job that would allow me to live independent from my parents.

Since then I've graduated, found meaningful full time employment that continues to pleasantly surprise me with perks. I got a pretty kick ass new apartment (For the area/my price range) and I'm slowly furnishing it myself. (Still need a dining table and a bed that doesn't need an air pump.) This is all pretty normal stuff, but for somebody who struggled for a long time to find a good argument against suicide, it's a big deal.

steve 3 days ago  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: July 29, 2015

yah man - no rush at all. Just excited to build the Colorado contingency. (some day we'll get in a van and drive to michigan and kick the shit out of the michigan meet up group straight up sharks and jets style)

tacocat 5 days ago  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: I did an informal study about Hubski

OKCupid is a palace built on a sadness foundation. I moderated there until seeing penises and arguing about rules lost its charm.

thenewgreen 8 days ago  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: I'm on my honeymoon in Europe. What should I do?

Put away your phones and computers and go explore. Have lots of romance. Make friends with locals and other travellers.


Ride bikes.


Find a live band, tell them it's your honeymoon and ask if you can sit in and play your wife's favourite song.

Introduce each other as "my wife" or "my husband," whenever possible. After this honeymoon that gets less "new" feeling.

Drink lots of wine. Get good bottles. Drink champagne too. This stuff is way more expensive once imported to US.

Spend time in a very nice hotel with a comfortable bed and some champagne. -use your imagination from here.

Go swimming

Ask people about their favourite bands etc. and see lots of local music.

Dumpster dive. -just to say you did.

Definitely get off of Hubski/Internet.

Report back.

Congratulations my friend!! Knowing you, I have no doubt You will have an awesome marriage.

I mute people who are dicks. During periods of immigrant quiet I mute people who are dicks to me in at least two rounds of discussion. During periods of immigrant noise I mute people who are dicks to others. it has nothing to do with dissenting opinion or disagreement. b_b and I often disagree. mk and I often disagree. The trick is we disagree without ad hominem attacks on each other, disparaging comments or belittling dialogue.

I unmute people who I work things out with. Something everyone fails to consider when bitching about muting is it's completely reversible. Muted? I'll bet you can figure out why. Don't want to be muted? Work it out with the person who muted you. Can't contact them? find someone who mutually follows both of you and get them to intercede. Learn to recover from your misunderstandings and the world will be a better place.

If I post content, I am 100% within my rights to keep the discussion of that content dick-free. I am doing a service to those who follow my content by doing so. If I post something about microbiology, and the best microbiologist on Hubski is also a dick, his dickish comments have no place in the discussion. Maybe he hasn't been a dick to you. Maybe he never will be. But if I post it, and he's been a dick to me in the past, odds are he's going to be a dick in the future and the discussion should be about microbiology, not about me and the dick.

As eightbitsamurai mentions, the undertone of this discussion is always entitlement and it's always driven by people who are new here. This time it's unusual in that a good bulk of our new users actually signed up for an account the last two or three times they got pissed off at Reddit but then forgot about it until recently, but it doesn't change the fact that it's people with under a hundred comments complaining about the behavior of people with over a hundred comments. LOOK. The person who posted that thread you want to comment on? they don't owe you shit. the world will continue in its orbit without your pithy contribution and, amazingly enough, will likely be more civil through your absence.

Some of us have been here for years and have other users blocked who have also been here for years. Some of us have even had people blocked for years only to unblock them. That social pressure you're feeling from being blocked? It's a power for good. It shapes behavior. It encourages civility and demonstrates that there are consequences for vitriol.

If you don't like being muted, stop being the kind of person who gets muted. If you don't think you are, then chances are good you and the person who muted you have nothing to say to each other anyway.

This is not a site about how Jeff and Jeri can't get along. This is a site about thoughtful discussion. You're muted because someone judged you incapable of it. Work it out or move on because those of us who have been here a while have been through half a dozen of these shirt-rending, hair-tearing rap sessions about the evils of censorship and I'm here to tell ya -

Every new influx of Reddit uncouth causes an expansion not just of muting, but of the mute options available.

My first interaction with Grendel came from this post:

He intentionally changed "transgender" in the title of his post to "transsexual", and his intention was to troll. He pretends to be unbiased, but he introduces a strong anti-feminist, anti-trans, pro-chauvinism tone to everything he posts. Really, I should say "anti-SJW", because that's what he thinks of it. He knows what he's doing. He's trying to infect the hubski zeitgeist with misogyny and transphobia.

    Step 1. Post a bunch of cool science stuff to get nerds to like you.

    Step 2. Post a bunch of subtly anti-SJW stuff, like the example I gave where he substituted an offensive word (transsexual) for a non-offensive one (transgender).

    Step 3. All the nerds who like the science stuff will be more inclined to trust his opinions on the anti-SJW stuff.

    Step 4. Reddit.

This is exactly what happened to Reddit. This is the foot-in-the-door technique of all abusers and trolls. Over time, he will escalate the tone of his posts as he gains more support in the community, all while playing the victim. I have seen this happen to more communities than I can count, and I saw it kill Reddit.

Read over Grendel's comments. Ask yourself: Is this the example of permissible behavior that you want new hubski users to see and think is normal? Is this something you're willing to let snowball out of the control?

Risk of allowing Grendel in our community: Eternal September, breakdown of civility, Reddit-ificiation.

Benefit of allowing Grendel in our community: Some good science posts that others would be posting anyway.

The rational decision is excommunication.

kingmudsy 13 days ago  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Should Literature be "triggering"?x 2

I imagine part of why you might have caught some flak for this is because the advice isn't anything unique--telling someone to "get over it" either through help of therapy or on their own doesn't solve the problem. Therapy doesn't just make people feel better, either--rape victims don't become okay with thinking about rape all of the time because they sit down and talk it out with someone who is willing to listen to them on a regular basis.

And second, it just seems a little insensitive. Why do trigger warnings bother you? If you didn't read/view/experience something because somebody warned you that it was going to be intense in a specific way, the trigger warning has kept you from being put in a bad mood, or worse...and if you don't use it, it's literally 15 seconds of your time devoted to trying to help other people be comfortable.

Your post is like getting mad at the Parent's Guide on IMDB, or like being pissed off when an amusement park warns you that you will get wet on a ride. And you know what? It isn't even about being offended--trigger warnings, although infrequently frivolous, are about maintaining and respecting the mental health needs of other people.

And finally, it isn't like Columbia stopped teaching Ovid to students, they just gave them an alternative assignment like goo mentioned. The whole world isn't being turned into a bouncy house to protect these people, we're just putting warning signs on particularly uncomfortable sections of it.

tacocat 8 days ago  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Why people are terrible

It's just weird that things shook out historically so that the fool and the jester are the ones telling the truth. What the fuck is the rest of the court talking about? Vague, hushed words meant to save their ass I guess. Everyone knows comedians are right but laying that shit out in the wrong situation is rude and offensive.