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I've heard it on good authority (hearsay, multiple layers of human filtering, etc.) that Dennett doesn't really know how to use computers. I choose to believe this because I find it hilarious.

Interesting that he didn't propose to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. That deduction is popular, but it only affects something like a third of home owners. If the standard deduction is doubled, that number will decrease by a lot from the small number it currently is. The only people who will qualify are people with million dollar mortgages. Go figure.

One of the confusions between English and metric is the whole force/mass thing. Pounds are a force measure by default, not as a special edge case. One can talk about pounds of mass, but only if it is specifically mentioned. The slug, though rarely used, is the default mass measurement in English units.

Impressive or not, incorrect is incorrect. I can forgive Han Solo doing the Kessel run in twelve parsecs, because well, light sabres. Someone making a point about how awesome their engineering is without knowing the correct unit? Doesn't pass muster. You have Google. Use it.

There's no such thing as four tons of pressure :/

Edit: Although they really proved my point about not understand literally the most basic physics on the planet :)

Seems like the whole P = F/A thing is kind of lost on them in the chase for clean design. A simple roller press would do the trick, and could be built for very little money; don't even need hydraulics.

Anyway fuck every company ever who raises $120M for a useless product. I hate them all equally.

L.O.L. You have no idea how much I hate basketball. I haven't shot a b-ball in like 10 years. We needed something physical, and that's the easiest to film. You'll note that there aren't shots from behind of me making a basket.

That's an interesting graph in that it seems to indicate that real median household income can predict a recession. Do they have data going back further than mid 80s? N of 3 isn't super convincing, but sure is intriguing.

    In the US, the Tea Party came from behind to put a bunch of neophytes into office... who then totally failed...

Debatable in the sense that failure is a win for them a lot of the time. Competence isn't the main goal. The irony of the Democrats threatening to shut down the government over The Wall is that shutting down the government is like 95% of what the 'Baggers hope to accomplish. The whole idea of competent government is anathema to the ideals of these people.

b_b  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Juicero responds

NYT had a profile of Mike Judge the other day where there was a line something to the effect of 'If Idiocracy envisions the future, then Silicon Valley envisions how we might get there--not through the fault of our dumbest, but our brightest and best.'

b_b  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Enceladus could support life

Does NASA take donations for mission-specific projects? I would definitely give them some money (albeit a drop in the bucket for a space mission) to do an Enceladus flyby.

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FYI bookbinding is my family business. I know several professional bookbinders. It's not an easy skill to obtain practical advice and instruction in, so if you ever want me to put you in contact with anyone, I'd be happy to. Have no idea of this is something you're interested in, so just disregard if not. Tried to send this as PM but kept getting 502 error.

Edit: just got a 502 here, as well, and it went through, so probably I blew up your​ inbox with the same message 4 times. Sorry!

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