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necroptosis  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 28, 2018

Any interest in watches? I'll probably be driving through Freiburg on my way to baselworld the weekend of march 24th. Wouldn't mind some company

Aye, different strokes, at least for the moment. I need some time sans commitment

Ah well, here we are. Been an interesting two months.

I met a girl in Berlin the day before New Years. The situation of meeting, unfolding of events, and instant chemistry felt straight out of a movie. Everything about her is harmonious. I don't think I've ever connected so thoroughly and easily. Her presence made me want to be more honest then I've ever been, even with myself. We ended the night in a small bar, talking until almost 5am. We made plans to go out New years, which would have been perfect had I not come down with horrible food poisoning and spent the night puking in my hostel. She left the next day.

We've been talking for about two months now. She lives halfway across the world. I have a highly intensive job. Neither particularly matter. We can both deal with distance, I know that. The problems lie solely with me. I've had years of pent up restlessness and boredom. I've recently moved into a new country with plenty of opportunities. I feel unsatisfied. Years of pent up frustration are boiling out. To be blunt I want to drink and sleep around, free of responsibility and worry. This would be so easy to cut off if she wasn't so goddamn perfect. I can't help but think if we had met a year later I would have settled out a bit more. I know the inevitable truth I have to tell her, but fuck do I hate having to say it. I'm still trying to convince myself I can change my mindset.

What a memory trip. I remember finding reddit and feeling so elated to find something actually content and discussion driven. Rather analogous to finding Hubski once reddit became what it is today.

That audio is absolutely amazing.

Hold on a minute here though. Was that digg you just linked to? Holy hell I don't think I've seen that site since 2008

As ridiculous as that is, knowing Russian money, that list is probably fairly accurate of who should be sanctioned. Russia is a kleptocracy through and through

Their excuse:

    “Today, we have informed Congress that this legislation and its implementation are deterring Russian defense sales. Since the enactment of the . . . legislation, we estimate that foreign governments have abandoned planned or announced purchases of several billion dollars in Russian defense acquisitions.”

Trump didn't want to approve the sanctions in the first place, this is just a cleverish way to never have them actually see the day. If he had vetoed it they could have easily overridden the veto. Honestly now I don't even know what options Congress has. I was under the assumption that the bill had protections limiting Trumps ability, but apparently that isn't the case

    But the data also offers a mine of information to anyone who wants to attack or ambush U.S. troops in or around the bases, Schneider said, including patterns of activity inside the bases. Many people wear their fitness trackers all day to measure their total step counts, and soldiers appear to be no exception, meaning the maps reveal far more than just their exercise habits.

    Lines of activity extending out of bases and back may indicate patrol routes. The map of Afghanistan appears as a spider web of lines connecting bases, showing supply routes, as does northeast Syria, where the United States maintains a network of mostly unpublicized bases. Concentrations of light inside a base may indicate where troops live, eat or work, suggesting possible targets for enemies.

You're thinking big picture. Patterns of life, places of activity, patrol routes.. All incredibly useful information. It takes huge amounts of manpower and time to collect this information, and we just went up and handed it to anybody with an internet connection

necroptosis  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 24, 2018

Good to hear and good on you for looking after ol' fucko. If top is aware it may already be out of your hands.

Thanks man, I try to jump on and throw in a comment or two every so often. Life is full, work is never-ending. Finding a touch of time to do nothing seems more and more important nowadays. I'll shoot you a pm.

necroptosis  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 24, 2018

Do your best to convince him he needs ASAP. I don't know exactly how it works on your side of the house, but generally if you're self-referred you won't face direct consequences.

Either way if he can't fix this shit by himself he doesn't belong in this organization.

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