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Infrastructure & Planning student in the Netherlands.

Sometimes make things like this:

And I write here:

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veen  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What do you make?

Collaborated with someone in my field to write an essay for a conference where all attendees must write (and present, when selected) an essay on transportation.

Found a really neat leather notebook in a Tibetan store. Used what little calligraphic skills I have to make it into my new D&D notebook.

I do want to make more music, so I enrolled into a biweekly private class on making electronical music that starts in two weeks. Fiddled around with synths a bunch lately but I want someone to teach me some basics.

Practically though, this.

    The phrase “like to see the democratic system go down” is chilling — and raises the question: How worried should we be about a fundamental threat to democracy from the apparently large numbers of Americans who embrace chaos as a way of expressing their discontent?

I just came back from doing some errands while listening to the part in Robert Putnam's Bowling Alone where he discusses the generational differences in civic engagement. He predicted civic engagement to continue to go down for a while as a result of each successive generation being less interested in engagement than the previous one starting with the boomers.

I wonder what he'd have to say in response to civic hostility the likes of which are described here - it's one thing to not vote, it's quite another to microtarget racist memes to Fox News boomers on Facebook because you'd like to see the world burn.

The last election cycle in Canada lasted 78 days and they seem to be doing just fine over there.

I'm hoping for Warren, but I'm not sure if she can motivate enough people to actually win the presidency.

veen  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Sci-Fi Club no. 42: The Dispossessed

Supposedly, the book's events spark things that happen in the rest of the series.

veen  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Sci-Fi Club no. 42: The Dispossessed


If it helps, it's the first in the Hainish Cycle chronologically. So you could say you're just reading her work in the universes' temporal order.

veen  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: September 4, 2019


veen  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: First I lift. Now I teach the lift.

The most valuable thing you can do with accumulated experience is to give it away. Good on ya. :)

veen  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: September 4, 2019

I've overstretched a tendon (think that's what it whas called) a while ago. Sucked, took like four months to recover, but at least it wasn't permanent, and it was something that noticably got better over time. I hope it's that - it's better than the alternatives.

veen  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: September 4, 2019

Been nerding on books lately. With my newfangled big bookcase next to my bed, it's literally the first thing I see in the morning, so that probably helps. I'm slowly collecting the books I love the most but have read as audiobook for my bookcase. Got myself a nice printed version of Watchmen. Read the first part, but I should really revisit the rest soon. Backintheday I read it as PDF but print is so much nicer.

Also (finally) got myself a physical copy of the D&D PHB and made a D&D corner in my bookcase. Last session my character died, (heroically of course) so I got a bunch of spell cards for my new druid. Wrote him to be the member of a cult of informants who believe in Zoroastrian dualism (in a polytheistic world) wherein everything natural has good spirits, and everything man-made / technological removes those spirits and is thus evil. Basically a doomsday Luddite, because I think that's gonna be a lotta fun.

Picked up some scifi yesterday in the Audible sale - Bacigalupi, Le Guin and Chricton for the prize 'o two. I dove into sci-fi last year, but ended up running back to cozier nonfiction after a few months. But I want to give it another dive. ilex, I now have The Dispossessed and kb's interested too so we might have to do a Sci-fi club. Paging zebra2.

Google suggested this album to me yesterday. Basically a stripped down Feist, but the kind of summery sunday indie vibes that I needed.

    I know it's potentially disruptive for meetings, but many face-to-face meetings could be just as effective if they were teleconferences.

I highly disagree. As someone who can work whenever and wherever he wants, with only meetings to tether me to the office, I much prefer 30 minutes of in-person chat to a 30-minute call. I regularly go to the office longer than I need to or on days where I have no appointments there because random run-ins and quick brainstorm chats definitely have their value. Go read this if you haven't already.

Students have free public transport over here, which has resulted in enormous growth in peak demands since that free card was introduced. So now many cities over here have staggered their rosters; school A starts at 8:30, and school B at 9:00 so that they don't all want the same 8:15 bus.

Some cities reach out to their biggest employers. Half of all jobs in my city were either in higher ed or at the massive hospital, so the city got them to cooperate as well, staggering shifts and giving employees benefits for 'peak-avoidance'.

It's hard to measure the impact of it all, but it's definitely a solution that works on a smaller scale.

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