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Mathematician, artist, father, circus performer, musician.

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mike  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: DIYski! Lasercutting my own desk

Love it! Well done.

Spent the morning at the nearby highschool (there aren't many nearby highschools in rural Norway) where I'm allowed to play with their laser cutter. Only my second day on it, they've used it only for glass engraving so I'm the guinea pig for cutting plywood. Got some good results today but plenty to learn. I'm prototyping puzzle pieces that will become products - fun and exciting work.

My secondary goal is to develop a clean workflow to go from Sketchup Make to a laser cut piece in the correct size as designed in SU, using freeware programs like Vectr and Acrobat. I can't use Inkscape because it cheats and doesn't export vector graphics.

What software do you use?

I've been reading this, digesting it slowly over several days and loving it!

The author says you need to read all 6 chapters to get up to speed just to understand the amazing project underways. I'm on chapter 3 now and getting a feeling for where this is going...

Very clever that BM (for bone marrow) written in Braille and turned upside down is your company logo. You guys thought of EVERYTHING!

Seriously awesome guys. Been a follower since day 1. I already have a bag of stem cells in a freezer in Norway. I like to think of a magic potion, ready to save my life (again) someday!

We had a large fenced in area around our chickens, about 4 feet high if I recall correctly, and it kept the chickens in. The fencing was cheap wire fence from Home Depot, kept in place with metal stakes in the ground. We kept the coop in the same place and shifted the fenced area between the right and left sides as the grass got eaten up.

I'd recommend getting a compost tumbler. You can rake out the coop once a week and throw all the straw and chicken shit in the tumbler, along with kitchen scraps. It makes awesome soil in a short time (a few weeks, again if memory serves).

4 chickens is a great number. If you go to 10 you'll have more eggs than you can eat and enough to give to friends. I'd get a mix of chickens based on egg color. It is a lot of fun to take your child out every morning to gather a mix of eggs in white, brown, blue, green, pink, and white with brown speckles. It's like Easter every morning.

Advice: do not have 75 chickens. This is exactly the wrong number of chickens to have. Enough to create serious work. Not enough to create money from egg sales. 4-10 chickens or over 300.

mike  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Seriously, the guy has a point

I am less moved by the argument that the Fearless Girl is an advertisement as I am by the argument that this artwork changes the meaning of another. The statue is great, the positioning is amazing, the two pieces work together so powerfully to deliver an important message. But that's also the problem. It's would be the same if another artist added to the bull statue so that someone was riding it. The two pieces together are now essentially one work of art.

I love the new artwork, but I would be pissed off too if I were Di Modica.

Ooh! I love binge-watching TV series!

Enjoyed the new Westworld very very much, exspecially episodes 1-8. The last 2 episodes got bogged down. A western with androids and an awesome vision of themepark that showcases human nature in often dark ways. Very good scifi. Will watch season 2 when it comes out. No release date yet so maybe not until 2018.

Finished season 1 of Outlander, very good. WWII nurse goes back in time to 18th century Scotland and makes a life for herself. Interesting story, historically accurate (maybe?), a lot of sex that makes it almost soft-porn. Started season 2 but couldn't get into it as much. Switched to...

Masters of Sex. Also very good. Drama based on the first two sex researchers in the 60s. I think it does a good job of showing the process, trials and excitement of real science. Great characters. Less sex than you'd think given the theme. Got halfway through season one and then we visited a puppy we will be getting next week. His name is Jon Snow and my gf has never seen GoT, thus we got sidetracked on this series and started watching...

Game of Thrones. I'm seeing it for the second time, my gf for the first and she was hooked during the first episode. Thus some major binge-watching over easter. Starting season 3 tonight. Surprising how much more I'm getting out of the series by watching again. Many small details that are important later that you don't notice if you don't know what you're seeing.

EDITED -- UPDATE: A friend tried this. The credit card took 4 days to clear through Coinbase, it had a 100 euro limit, and the charge was 3.5%. He then did a bank transfer which was (a) cheaper, (b) had a higher limit, and (c) took 2 days instead of 4.

If you want more than 100 euros and can wait 2 days before you start buying, use this method instead.


0. Decide how much you want to invest. Only use money you can afford to lose. A lot of folks think Ether is going to go way up, but you should be willing to accept the risk that it could go to zero.

1. Register at kraken.com. This is one of the best online trading sites. They deal in all kind of cryptocurrency. You can think of them as a bank where you can store money and cryptocurrency and trade freely between them.

2. In your Kraken account, click on "Get Verified", scroll to the bottom and upgrade from Tier 0 to Tier 1, then Tier 1 to Tier 2. Very easy to do, just some minimal information and no documentation to send. At Tier 2 you can send and receive money with bank transfers and trade cryptocurrency.

3. Now click on "Funding", then "Deposit", then pick your currency in the side menu.

4. Choose Deposit Method from the dropdown. My bank uses SEPA. You should check with your bank how to a wire transfer to send money. It will be on their webpage. You will get all the information you need to enter on your online banking site to send money. Read the "important" points in the instructions, they want you to include the proper codes so it goes to right place.

5. Send money from your bank! We send from Norway to England. It takes 2 days. This is good, because the transfer is reviewed by actual humans, so they should catch any errors.

6. Check back with Kraken each day. Has your money arrived yet? Yes?... Now you have money in an exchange and can buy stuff!

7. In the top left corner is a dropdown menu to choose type of trade. Choose ETH/EUR or ETH/USD or ETH/your currency here.

8. Click on "Trade". Find out how much cash you have and copy this amount.

9. Click on "New Order". "Simple" is the type of trade selected by default, that's fine.

10. The green button should be clicked to BUY.

11. In the first field, Amount, click on the dropdown meny and choose XBT. The text under should say "Amount of EUR (or USD) to spend". Paste in the the amount of money you want to spend.

12. In the middle is a button for Market/Limit. Click on "Market". That says you will buy at market price. (You can instead set a limit which with automatically buy for you a price you set, so if the price comes down it buys automatically. I think. I've never actually done that.)

13. Click the big green button: BUY ETH WITH EUR (or USD). Complete the order. It will take a few minutes for the buy to take place.

Now you have ether! You can follow the price here: https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/eth/overview/USD

Your ether can live at Kraken for as long as you like. You can sell it for dollars whenever you want to, and then do a bank transfer to send money to your bank account.

It's actually safer to hold your ether in what is called a "paper wallet". If you get this far and want to do that I can talk you through it. http://myetherwallet.com is a great place to create secure wallets.

Just ask if you want help. Good luck!

mike  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 29, 2017

That is fantastic! Congratulations!

Wow - I didn't know chromosomally gender could appear on a spectrum. How many chromosomes can determine gender and how many gradiants are there on a genetic scale? It totally makes sense having heard that, and you get a feel with some people that their gender is a mismatch, and that feeling goes on a scale too.

I'm thinking particularly of a woman I worked with we are pretty sure she had misplaced gender. She is pretty as a woman, but has some masculine features and moves like a man. It's strange and hard to explain, but with some people you just know, do you know what I mean? Well, this woman was from a very religious family and wouldn't dream of exploring anything outside set expectations. She has a serious boyfriend now, and I feel a little sorry for her, but at the same time what do I know?

Jesus, there goes my weekend. I'm really enjoying looking around this board and trying to understand how it works. Love it!

The Game of Life is just awesome. Here's a picture of me with John Conway where he signed a box of Life cereal for me.

John hates the Game of Life because he thinks the mathematics are trivial and he has done so much more important work. I think he should just be happy that he is known for something, unlike most mathematicians!

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