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Hey - if he provides universal world internet and then drives Facebook into the ground, he can be a double-hero.

My understanding of RICO (which is not explicitly called out in this entertaining and informative post) is that RICO claims are intended to lower the burden of proof as it relates to circumstantial evidence as it explicitly applies to efficiently-run and organizationally-convoluted organized crime...for those cases where conviction would be unlikely without the provisions of the RICO act.

If you go down the list, the cases where RICO is used as a club but either dismissed or pled out are the cases that aren't mafia or street gangs, while the cases where RICO convictions are made are all mafia and street gangs. This probably leads to the confusion - people who remember Mike Milken and Drexel Burnham Lambert certainly don't understand what he did wrong other than be a greedy fuck, and the fact that he got prosecuted under RICO further muddies the waters. Meanwhile, Trump was facing a RICO charge under Trump University but he settled out so it's easy to make that Trump=RICO allegation because people's imaginations are primed.

Yeah I'm pretty sure Bentsen/Dukakis would have done better than Dukakis/Bentsen. Fun fact: Dukakis has a son who is half-brother to the Human Mealworm.

...he's Abe Simpson without the remorse or charm.

Yeah. Reagan was against Medicare expansion and he won the debate by basically saying "chickenbutt."

That's the appalling thing about politics post-fairness doctrine: to the bombast go the spoils.

You're adorable.

I remember watching this:

One man's black helicopter is another man's illuminati. Me? I just know Kang and Kodos came in on the same ship.

97% Facebook ads, ladies and gentlemen. That's where Facebook's money and influence comes from. You wanna see why Facebook is pushing into worldwide internet'n'shit?

...'cuz they're effectively at saturation everywhere that has internet. Facebook needs to spread the Internet to the developed world in order to hit their growth targets. 79% of online adults already use Facebook. I'll bet their growth curve looks pretty plateau-like. Shall we check?

Mark Zuckerberg wants to wire the world so they can use Facebook. So he can sell them ads. So his stock doesn't crash. This may have the benefit of providing internet to the developing world on the backs of Facebook investors.


I love how everyone's pretending that whole "loose change/911 was an inside job" thing never happened and liberal conspiracy theorists are new.

Just like we did over the Pentagon Papers.

Just like we did over JFK.

Of course it's Louise Mensch.

Fun fact - she was just another loser aspiring screenwriter on some boards i was on backintheday. We're still a close bunch and Facebook often erupts in a "holy shit Louise Mensch" fracas these days.

I mean, the bitch didn't know 3 act structure, let alone international intrigue...

As mentioned in the quote thread I'm burning through Galbraith's The Great Crash 1929. It's the first real explainer of the stock market in which there isn't a lot of moral certainty about stock markets. Galbraith is fully willing to call greed out by name, point out that plenty of people who could have stopped things didn't and describe the mechanisms of the stock market in terms of good and bad, as opposed to "if it makes money it's good' the way most writers do.

I also burned through War Dogs, the book, not the article, and it's not very good. The author spends the whole book calling his protagonists shifty and dishonest and then gets all high and mighty when the New York Times does the exact same, only better. Here's the meat so you don't have to read it: there was a kid whose dad was an arms dealer and whose uncle was an arms dealer and who knew a rich guy in Utah who liked to deal in arms and a Belgian arms dealer who couldn't directly deal with the US sold arms to this kid for use in Iraq in order to bypass an embargo but ZOMG the Internet is involved. Also, the kid is a dick, except when the NYT calls him a dick, then he's a saint. And he has a buddy who was a massage therapist.

It's really shitty, actually. It's making me realize that Rolling Stone has become the home of shitty journalism.

Goddamn it, now I gotta read that, too. Lemme know what you think.

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