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Black Lives Matter is a reaction to police violence against African Americans. Whether that reaction is due to increased awareness or increased violence is an open question.

That graph is from here, which argues that police killings have gone way down since the '60s (nonetheless, note the uptick). On the other hand, here's Politifact:

They determine that while the available statistics indicate a steady climb, the sources of those statistics suck.

"more study needed" is a shitty place to be when the subject under scrutiny is "your race" and "being shot by police."

kleinbl00  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Apples and Walmarts

Okay, I legitimately laughed out loud.

It isn't "wrongness" that makes David Brooks so entertaining. It's that he's the Thurston Howell III of pundits. You can tell he has no spite for the rest of humanity and is fundamentally empathetic to the struggles of his common man. He's just doesn't grasp that his conception of "common man" is wholly removed from most of America, which makes his empathy feel like well-intentioned condescension from another planet.

kleinbl00  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Study: Being rich makes you smile

    The photos were sourced from dating websites from major U.S. cities, and the researchers removed all identifying signs from the faces -- cropping them, standardizing them in height, and putting them into grayscale. All of the faces were also free of tattoos, piercings, or other markers.

No way to control for grooming, though. In a world with $400 face cream, grooming needs to be controlled for.

    Curious as to how the undergraduates were able to complete the task so successfully, Rule and Bjornsdottir next isolated specific facial features that might be cuing income status and conducted another test. Mouths were found to be the best wealth cues, although eyes were a strong indicator of income as well. What the authors eventually discovered, however, was that more significant than any specific part of the face was the apparent happiness of the face as a whole.

I'd be curious how they did this.

I'm sorry, this is Lolbrooks. We're going to need you to repeat that with a broom up your ass.

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The argument against Walmart is that its $30/hr additional labor budget comes from $10 worth of externalities provided not just by Alice, Bob and Charlie's taxes, but also Dave's, Edward's, Franks, Gary's, Hester's, Ignacio's, Janice's, Katherine's, Lisa's, Mark's, Nancy's, Oliver's, Peggy's, Quincy's, Richard's, Sam's, Theresa's, Ulysses', Verna's, Walter's, Xerxes', Yolanda's, and Zach's.

And that if Walmart can't turn a profit without sucking money out of every pocket in Alphabetsville, Walmart shouldn't be in business.

From a capitalist standpoint, a business that cannot operate without subsidy should not operate and Walmart is a subsidized corporation. From a socialist standpoint, a business that does not enrich the social fabric with its subsidy should not be subsidized and the preponderance of evidence holds that Walmart does not enrich the social fabric of the communities it enters.

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Okay, thank you. We'll go ahead and leave that question unanswered.

Next question, why are you reliant on your intuition and thought experiments? I mean, you're basically attempting to imagine "Sweden." This isn't quantum mechanics we're talking about, it's economics. People study this shit for a living, using economic data and empirical experiments.

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I have come to the conclusion that Republicans value fairness while Democrats value compassion. Both positions are admirable and defensible. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with either mentality.

Civilization is hard work. It takes the cooperation of differing opinions to succeed at it.

Israel was founded by Ashkenazi Jews whose culture had been a part of Europe for two thousand years. They settled in a place that had been civilized for ten. Yet theirs is a frontier mentality simply because they are inflicting their culture on a place that hasn't had it in the memory of anyone in their culture.

I'm unaware of any Scandinavian ghost towns. I could be mistaken. On the other hand, I could drive to a dozen within half a day of here and I am almost under the shadow of the skyscrapers of Los Angeles. More than that, I watched them emerge in Arizona between two road trips ten years apart. No shade on your grandfather but "wilderness" and "frontier" are different things, and they lead to a different mentality.

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