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Your family is neither unique nor opaque.

Both sides of my family have supported the Democrats for generations primarily because Republicans value hypocrisy.

Right. They'll salivate no matter who rings the bell.

Mark Milley protects the country from your in-laws. Throwing him out is a bonehead "must not anger the silent majority" bullshit play that the 'boomers are trying to get their children to repeat.

There's this persistent myth among chin-stroking democrats that if they squint just right the 'wingers will see reason and the lie is that they ever did.

They also have to believe that supporting a populist won't bite them in the ass the minute they cease to be useful to the populist.

The trail of their dead is four years long.

Here's the calculus: "can you benefit from an unruly mob?" The answer isn't always no. But for people who practice politics on a horizon longer than six months, the answer is usually no. Thus, the Trump administration was filled chockablock with impolitic strivers and hangers-on who have never had to convince anyone else of their viewpoint. They were all ideologues and opportunists whose goals aligned with the Trump administration until it didn't. The smart ones pulled the ripcord before they were thrown out of the plane but at the end, there was nobody.

You have to be pragmatic enough to costs-benefits the "better alternatives". Politics is a game of compromise out of pure survivorship bias and those who cannot compromise cannot lead for long.

True or false: If Joe Manchin flipped Republican, they'd vote for him in the primaries before they'd vote for Ron DeSantis.

You think the important sentence in your post is "This is here, in metro Detroit." It's not. The important sentence is 'Things didn't go the way we wanted on January 6th."

The 'Wingers' favorite gun shop is walking distance from me. I am 20 blocks from the King County line, right here in the "failed socialist state of Seattle" or whateverdafukk Trump said. And lemme tell ya - I could saunter into Lynnwood Gun right now and buy a half-rack of AR15s or whatever.


Ask Trump - nobody likes a loser. Yeah you can be a Browns fan, but not in public. Not unless they win something. And Jan 6th? That was a LOSS. That was a BIG loss. That was the biggest of bigly big losses because it demonstrated that you can shine shit on for four years because most of us value the rules and regulations of the republic but as soon as you really and truly cross over into "do we wanna be Eritrea?" people just don't, man.

There's a very real dynamic at play in these here United States since Reagan or before: Democrats build shit, Republicans tear it down. The Republicans know this - as do the Democrats. There's an additive phase and a subtractive phase to American progress and the Republicans decided this time the subtractive would be really subtractive while also pretending to be additive and there weren't enough legitimate diplomats on the right to keep the plane from hammerhead stalling.

And now everyone can go back to hating the democrats while buying marketplace health insurance and driving on newly-patched roads and enjoying the worldly goods that globalism grants them.

Your inlaws' pastor doesn't give a fuck about any of this, of course. His job is to stoke anger. It's to tell the chuds who to blame for their misfortune. Always has been, always will be. When life isn't going your way it's someone else's fault, always. But your pastor also knows that his job is a whole lot easier when the other team has the ball and the Republican's entire last possession was safetys and self-owns that ran out the playbook and showed how terrible they are at Hail Marys.

Is the Republic safe? No, not really, because ChudLocal is still a catstrophuck. But your constant clarion call of "there are CONSERVATIVES! in DETROIT!" is the whole of the problem. Point at the bad man, ask your friends to share your disgust, do nothing.

It is classical Vichy Democrat thinking to go "I mean yeah the ends justify the means but we should 100% get rid of anyone who accomplished our ends if we disagree with their means because THIS IS AMERICA."

That's Al Haig, blatantly disregarding the 25th Amendment after Reagan was shot and serving in office for another two years before suggesting we nuke Europe for shits and giggles finally pissed off Caspar Weinberger enough to put him out to pasture.

The two most dominant planks in the Republican Party platform are:

(1) Trump won the election

(2) Vaccines are bad.

Anybody who disagrees with one or both of those should be negotiated with, at least.

You know how coups happen? Enough people go "yeah there are rules, but fuck the rules" or enough people go "yeah, we're utterly fucked, but there are rules." Dollars to donuts, Milley likely would have led a counter-coup if Pence had decided he had the authority to stop the election.

And everyone reading this would be happy about that.

kleinbl00  ·  1 day ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: ‘Never Forget’ Is Breaking America

W was a more competent president than Trump, and that's scary. We're talking about a man who confused Sweden and Switzerland. His administration allowed the neocons to change the world to suit their fantasies. However, you're now arguing that the neoconservative view is worse than the neoliberal view, and that's tricky.

Here's the thing, though. Reagan fucked shit up worse than W. As far as the Republicans are concerned, he's a greater president than Teddy Roosevelt.

kleinbl00  ·  1 day ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: ‘Never Forget’ Is Breaking America

The Bush administration made a fateful choice to pursue 9/11 as an act of war, rather than as a crime. The 20 years since have been a direct consequence of this action.

Had the United States pursued bin Laden as a criminal, the Taliban would have given him up to the Hague. There would have been a trial. The United States would have been the sympathetic victim. Of course, in The People vs. Osama bin Laden, the defense would have brought to light bin Laden's work for the CIA with the mujahedin, his inroads with the Saudi royal family and the general skullduggery of American foreign policy.

A Gore administration would have happily sacrificed the CIA's South Asia program on the altar of geopolitics. There would have been a reckoning, there would have been outrage on the right, but the world would have ended up a closer, more tight-knit place. The consequences of empire would have been held up for all to see and the price of hegemony discussed ad nauseum by all sides.

But Bush's dad was the head of the CIA, Cheney and Rumsfeld were black bag scumbags going way back, and tying a Reichstag fire to the Project for a New American Century was an opportunity the neocons couldn't miss.

Results were predictable. Those of us with any insight into foreign policy saw this coming a mile away; I personally didn't think we'd be in Afghanistan for 20 years but 5-10 was inevitable.

Nobody went to war over Ramzi Yousef.

kleinbl00  ·  1 day ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: September 15, 2021

Make a move, dude. Trust me on this.

"No, no, we're just friends" is archaic girldate speak for "I can tell you're nervous and threatened and yes, I will give you more time to shit or get off the pot in hopes that you'll make the right choice."

If I could go back in time and tell myself this at your age my experience would have been much more interesting.

kleinbl00  ·  2 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Shit magnet goes down in flames

yer gonna be salty when Bank of America opens a branch on its corpse

kleinbl00  ·  2 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: 451st Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately

This week's theme

This week's other theme

kleinbl00  ·  2 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: A New Company With a Wild Mission: Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth

The book was much clearer on this: Jurassic Park did their gene splicing on Xenopus frogs, whose principle "tell the kids about it" trait is their ready ability to change sex. I mean, Edmund Scientific sold their eggs as "X-Ray Frogs Mysteriously Change Gender" in the back of Boy's Life and Popular Mechanics for fifty years. They're great for research because you don't even really need to worry about breeding them as they pretty much auto-select. That whole "Nature finds a way" thing was David Koepp blithely erasing the bit where Jurassic Park failed through abject stupidity because it stretched credulity that scientists could simultaneously be so brilliant and so bone-headed.

At least it did before gain-of-function research on highly-contagious pathogens.

kleinbl00  ·  3 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Where we're going, we don't need platforms

Your girl wrote a thousand words about the principles and morality of a corporation without recognizing that the point of incorporating is to render your actions immune from principles and morality.

Substack is not a party, it's a bar. The bar will shut down hate speech when (1) it interferes with the mood (2) it pisses off the bartenders. That's it. Except the more people get to decide when (1) and (2) have happened, the less likely they are to shut down. The whole purpose of Substack's little content moderation is to figleaf their disinterested inaction. I don't even need to read it. Facebook doesn't moderate as much as it should because moderating is hard work. Reddit doesn't moderate as much as it should because moderating is hard work. Everything doesn't moderate as much as it should because moderating is hard work. etc. etc. etc. By saying "we're not moderating on principle" they don't have to say "we're not moderating because we're woefully understaffed" but fuckin' hell Reddit once had one minimum wage "content manager" for 12 million people and I had to explain what doxxing was to her.

Welcome to Somalia. There are no cops. Arguing about what cops should and shouldn't do and when they should or shouldn't do it is all well and good but it utterly misses the complete lawlessness governing everyone's behavior. Coulda shoulda woulda whatever pretending it's a party ignores the fact that everyone is there through craven opportunism and nobody has any leverage. You can ask to speak to the manager? But they're not even really sure who has the Conch. They just skim a percentage off the top, man.

There's only one product, your choice is how you pay for it. Medium, Substack, Facebook, Longreads, Patreon, whatever if you wanted editorial vetting you'd buy a newspaper. Except oops they're all dead because information wants to be free.

kleinbl00  ·  3 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: September 8, 2021

See, and here I'll have to disagree. I spent two days at IMTS - biggest machining trade show in the world. There was no shortage of Chinese manufacturers attempting to sell anything and everything... but they were all garbage. Build quality was poor, interfaces were nonsensical, they were Potempkin Villages of manufacturing. Buddy of mine has a Chinese machine; it's a patent-infringing Fanuc Robodrill that he paid about 1/8th as much as you'd pay for a Fanuc Robodrill. Which is fine for him, he's making Harley parts. But Bulgari uses Fanuc Robodrills to make watch cases and I guarantee you, this machine will never cut that precisely even after my buddy has sunk $10k in a new control system for it.

And the problem is that expectations have been lowered to match the output. We put up with shittier stuff than we used to because the delta between the good stuff and the shitty stuff is such that the 20 cents on a dollar ripoff is good enough. Which I wouldn't mind except I need the good stuff and there's no market in making it anymore.

I've taken apart three or four Chinese watches. Their manufacturing ability far outstrips mine. But their yields are shit, man. Stuff that absolutely would rip ass if they had any quality control will barely tick because they don't. It's yield curve engineering - you make 100 things, the top 5 are export grade, the 25 below that are domestic, the 25 below that are sold out the back for night market ripoffs and the 40 that are left are junk. It's how the Swiss did it before Florentine Ariosto Jones taught them manufacturing; it's how a biomedical company I worked for 20 years ago did it because their 20-person handwork assembly line couldn't get above a 17% yield in a 100% test environment.

I think that culturally, the Chinese will never make it to expertise because they don't value it. But I also think that so long as we're competing with the Chinese, our experts will starve.

kleinbl00  ·  3 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: September 8, 2021

I've been thinking about this comment. I've got some pretty severe Pareto pareidolia lately for whatever reason, but I guess the whole point of the Pareto Principle is it's more common than we think, right?

Let's call that last 20% expertise and that first 80% competence. I've long argued that most anyone can pick up the competence to do 80% of any job. Dealing with the last 20% that really makes up the job? that takes expertise.

The Chinese are competent manufacturers. They are competent researchers. They have successfully leveraged a command economy to produce astounding quantities of "good enough" consumer goods, machine tools, electronics, follow-on patents and other markers of empire. But they're devoid of luxury goods. They are bereft of original ideas. Their entire techological culture is imitative - Alibaba is a cutthroat eBay. TikTok is a cutthroat Vine. Huawei is a cutthroat Samsung.

But through the wonders of globalization, they can sell "good enough" for 30 cents on the dollar what indigenous "good enough" costs and if you're just reading Amazon reviews (the majority of which are written by Chinese bots) there's no reason to spend the 2.6x in order to buy "great."

I've got a "good enough" water welder. I spent half its price on the "great" Italian handpiece, though. I had a "good enough" melting furnace. It broke after three uses and I bought the "great" one. I have to hunt for these things because with what I'm pursuing, "good enough" isn't good enough.

The spindle for my mill will cost me between $4k and $18k if I need to rebuild it. It's Swiss and 30 years old. I could buy a Chinese one that theoretically specs out the same for $1600... but my experience has been that the Chinese just straight up lie about their specs. If you grew up with Chinese shit, pretty much everything you've ever seen is a solid b minus from a quality standpoint. So it gets to the point where nearly no one can afford to sell even the 90% stuff.

We're all watching TV shows with the subtitles on because that last 20% was my job, man. I'm an expert in a competent economy.

kleinbl00  ·  3 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Andrew Yang to launch a third party

And my point is that he's really good at doing what he's good at, and really bad at doing what he's bad at, and "position papers" are not his sweet spot.

Venture For America is an attempt to change the country by giving someone other than white libertarians from Yale a chance to shape capitalism. It's very much a club, much like the Heritage Foundation. Both:

- Rely on networks of alumni

- Work through interaction with existing businesses and "thought leaders"

- Are engines for the maximization of capitalism

The only reason the Heritage Foundation isn't an incubator is the Heritage Foundation has no fucking use for you if you're not already fucking rich and/or a conservative darling. The Kochs didn't need poor people, either. If you think brown people deserve a voice in the corporate discussion? You need to pay their way.

The Heritage Foundation, by the way, was founded to oppose anything the Brookings Institution said.

kleinbl00  ·  3 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Andrew Yang to launch a third party

Who said anything about Y Combinator?

Venture for America is a DEI-forward, minority-empowering non-profit designed to increase entrepreneurial opportunities for underserved populations in underserved communities. The Heritage Foundation is a memo mill. YCombinator is an LLC.

kleinbl00  ·  3 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: ‘Never Forget’ Is Breaking America

Yeppers. Watched it happen August 1990. Military even copped to it - they didn't want us "spitting on the troops" "like we did after Vietnam." When it was pointed out that there were no documented instances of troops ever being spat upon, there was silence. When it was pointed out that it was generally protestors who were shot over Vietnam, there was more silence.

But first they called up the Reserves. All of them. Podunk units that did fuckall were activated so that everyone everywhere knew "someone" in Desert Shield, even if they weren't doing more than sweeping the office at the reserve center.

Then they "embedded" the troops. Which every news organization clutched their pearls over but did it anyway. There would be no reporting from the front lines that wasn't being done from Bradley IFVs.

Then they did the prime time push. Nothing but grainy black'n'white footage of Maverick missiles hitting buildings. By the time troops actually rolled we might as well have been the Red Army.

Buddy of mine actually tried to organize a protest march. Got all of five people. All five got death threats, and rednecks throwing things from cars. And that was before we had a resolution from the Security Council.

Pentagon had noticed that all the Heartbreak Ridges in the world weren't properly indoctrinating the empire. People were getting the message "war is a bummer" from songs like "Born in the USA" and "Walkin' on a Thin Line" and movies like Platoon and Hamburger Hill so the minute Iraq was on the agenda, shit went full Riefenstahl. And it's been there ever since.

kleinbl00  ·  4 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: ‘Never Forget’ Is Breaking America

Same journalist wrote this:

    I know she's a writer or whatever but generally successful writers don't need to beg for donations. I can appreciate the type of insight here but the bigger problem is why are you doing this to begin with.

    Want to make it up? Get a job. I'm not picky about this. I would never demean someone for honest work. Starbucks is hiring. Thing is, they demean others, calling them "bootlickers."

Your problem last November was she had a Patreon. This is in Rolling Stone. So now your problem is she tweeted "it's time to forget 9/11"? After writing an article for Rolling Stone explaining exactly why?

And look. I know "low-effort snark" is your way of relating to the world. And i know that you fart about squirting low-effort snark into your tightie whities to see if anybody recoils at the stink and then changing your underwear to do it again if they don't. And I know that eventually you've pissed off so many people with your low-effort snark that you have to run and hide until enough people forget the low-effort snark to wait for something insightful to come out of your mouth but

- you were kind of five? In 2001?

- And Canadian?

- And sure as shit weren't designing mosques and airports with Pakistani colleagues? Like some of us?

- And definitely didn't sign up for two tours in Afghanistan because of it like the author

So I'm going to tell you this:

The reason there's no middle in politics is because we get it from both fucking sides.

Here you are, shitting a Michelle Malkin-grade purity test into a discussion about the harmfulness of purity tests. And you're doing it to score points, and you're doing it because you're lazy, and you're doing it because maybe someone somewhere will pat your little head for salivating when the bell rings. And I really shouldn't give a fuck because you don't care, nobody you know cares, you were indoctrinated into this whole macrocosm some of us have been trying to elbow back into Pandora's Box since September 12 and you know that "burn the witch" is always a safe thing to shout from the back of the crowd but if I can get you to listen to one tiny thing before you fuck off back to your spider hole to lick your wounds and wonder anew why you don't have any friends, it's this:

If you LISTEN when you don't have anything to say, you might LEARN SOMETHING. But if you SHOUT INTO THE VOID all you'll do is chase away anybody who might actually have a clue.

    By the time the bombs began to fall in Afghanistan, 88 percent of us wanted war. The remaining 12 percent were either ignored or, worse, attacked as traitors.

I had lunch with a rep, sometime between September 13 2001 (when my girlfriend of 4 1/2 years left me) and September 18 2001 (when the first anthrax attacks happened). And we're sitting out on the terrace eating clam chowder and he says "the dumb thing is bin Laden totally won. This is exactly what he wanted - all of us freaking out, lashing out against anyone else and clamping down on liberty." Never saw his ass again; dude was fired a week later, probably for being part of that 12 percent vocally rather than silently. Week after that we're all holding our breath while we're opening our mail; week after that my buddy Mohammed told me he couldn't run at lunch anymore because the longshoremen were spitting on him and yelling "go home sand ni__er".

Your tax dollars didn't pay nearly as much to kill a half million Afghans and Iraqis as mine did, and not just because I've been paying taxes since before you were born. I'll bet you don't know anybody who worked on Guantanamo Bay for the US Attorney. Dollars to donuts you've never been friends with anyone who ended up on Diego Garcia waterboarding hajis. You're still at that "one time in Band Camp" stage of storytelling about all the hijinks you used to get up to in high school eight months ago or whatever. So please take this in the convivial spirit of one retired Edgelord to one who should:

You're making the world worse. Stop it.

kleinbl00  ·  4 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: ‘Never Forget’ Is Breaking America

She's in New York now which I think gives her much greater access to the chattering class than the Proud Boys.

kleinbl00  ·  4 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Andrew Yang to launch a third party

American politics will be perpetual until grievance ceases to be identity.

I almost convinced a neighbor to get vaccinated day before yesterday. He's a good guy. Heart of gold. Works hard. Loves his mother. Dad died of COVID. So did his aunt. But he "ain't getting the shot." In the course of the discussion we touched on

- Removing Robert E. Lee's statue

- Drug abuse

- Homelessness

- Gay marriage

- Guns

- Reconstruction

- Biblical slavery

He wasn't going to give up his unvaccinated status because it would break up his Burger King Commemorative MAGA Cup set.

A larval theory

As we slowly, cautiously, delicately honor and accept the heritage of ethnicities and cultures other than whiteness in the United States, those without an ethnicity or culture other than whiteness are seeing their ethnicity and culture compared for the first time. And they are being told tales that do not jive with their politely scrubbed and polished inherited knowledge. And this is heresy, this is sacrilege, this is an assault on their well-being.

Did some Ancestry.com deep-diving recently. I'm 1/4 Belorussian Jew, 1/16th Belgian scam artist, 11/16ths slave-owning plantation WASP. Seen the slave rolls. I have an ancestor that owned nothing but children. I have another that owned slaves so far back he owned them in New York. Now - I hate my family. They're terrible people. So I can go "lol well of course we picked up the hoe as soon as we were forced to put down the whip." I can observe that having our assets turned into citizens provided some serious downward pressure on our mobility, which is about as pure as justice comes. But if I was proud of where I was from? Yer goddamn right I'd triangulate a way to find the bright side of owning five children.

When your political alignment shifts from "what I believe" to "who I am" your political spectrum includes populism and fascism. And since well before 1776, "who I am" in American politics has included the belief that some people aren't really people. We've been able to tamp it down from time to time, but I can tell my buddy - who was 120 lbs overweight, then was 80lbs overweight, then his heroin addict brother got out of prison last week after four years so he is now 88 lbs overweight - believes he's going to beat COVID where I didn't. He used to see me jogging every morning and when I told him that I straight up can't anymore because of COVID, his whole rationalization was there to see - "it may have killed my dad, it may have killed my aunt, it may have almost killed two of my buddies, but it didn't kill my brother therefore I'll be fine because I'm better than this guy."

Yang tries to build a coalition of beliefs. Biden and Harris won because as a country, more people identified with them than anybody else.

Identity needs to be refreshed every time it's challenged. And we've got way too many people in this country who want to challenge the idea of the United States.