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Just promise me you'd do something about the floors.

Yeah. Some old shitty point'n'shoot Sony A75 or some shit. To go with his email address.

Who the fuck doesn't stage a $3.6m condo overlooking Central Fucking Park?

God damn I miss Lovely Listing.

kleinbl00  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: June 19, 2019

moslydeaf - the game is on

The occasional rainbow cast to the photos is due to this funky filter my roommate is using to shoot some low budg sci fi thing and I enjoyed the effect so much I slapped it between my phone and case. Now every bright light makes my photos hang with V'ger.

It's going to be a long summer. I'm already checking out condos near work and attempting to rationalize the price and recognizing that if I have that level of investment the best thing to do is quit and never live in LA again. I've also got four (count 'em - 4) detours between me and work, one of which closes at night which means I'm having to herf a 26lb rig over a traffic barricade in order to get home. In a few weeks I will have crossed 10k miles on that bicycle, nearly all of it ostensibly on the LA River bike path, without ever once riding the entire length of the LA River bike path.

I started the season by spending an hour in a sensory deprivation tank. My primary insight is that I should buy a rice cooker. Super King is also out of Baltika 7 for some dumb reason so I'm drinking Kilikia, although not very often, because 32 miles a day on a bicycle makes you exquisitely sensitive to alcohol.

Back when my daughter was a baby I lit up her room with some of those Ikea leaves with LED strips under 'em. It was dope. Unfortunately her room in Seattle is too small for all but one of them so I tried to borrow the other two. My daughter got mad and insisted they were her lights and why hadn't I put them up? In being down here a week I realized that I put them up in the first place because I'm so hungry for fucking living things that I think this is my mom:

So I'ma brave Ikea today and buy eight of the fuckers despite the fact that my room down here is smaller than my daughter's room up there.

Succession is a shitty TV series although it might take you an entire season to realize that it's basically Arrested Development if the Bluths were the Murdochs and everyone was really really mean.

They aren't bringing their kids or else they'd talk about the on-site daycare. They're talking about a pumping room.

Verge published that in February. They posted a followup this morning. Things went worse than expected.

This shit is its own party trick

Yeah, I saw that. I didn't read every fucking thing because it's an endless purity test from the more self-important corners of Crypto Twitter, who are professionally and avidly insufferable. Here's the important stuff:

I mean your link, word 4 of the subtitle, is "stablecoin" in scare quotes. It's tied to a basket of currencies. It's on a blockchain. Yeah, you have to pay what? $10m to be on the blockchain? But it's on a blockchain. The same choads that will happily sell Ripple to each other want you to know just how much it isn't a "crypto" because it hurts their little brobrains.

Facebook is interested in profiting off the inability of people in the developing world to easily transact. It has WhatsApp in all their pockets and is trusted more than their governments. So it rolled up its giant reputation for fucking over the little guy and invited Mastercard and Paypal to play along, while carefully crafting as SEC-proof an approach as they could come up with. Not that they were particularly effective.

If they were honest they'd call it Scrip, because that's what it is. It's blockchain scrip. Pure and simple. Every panic and prognostication about what Facebook can and cannot do with their scrip is entirely irrelevant because it's a top-down EULA-driven app-dependent scrip where Facebook holds all the aces.

Facebook isn't interested in unseating Bitcoin. They're interested in making money by replacing SWIFT. That's pretty much what every large banking organization wants to do. What will be interesting is seeing what Google, Microsoft and Amazon intend to do.

To be perfectly, lucidly clear: I agree 100% with the argument that you shouldn't be able to patent something that already exists. No. Nobody - don't care who - should be allowed to squat on ideas that make the world go 'round. But your grappling with complications is entirely related to "how things are" vs. "how things should be."

"How things are" has sucked ass in patent law for a while now. And I don't see it getting better any time soon. And the guys that get the most advantage out of it? They're the ones who give no fucks about international opinion.

Devil's advocacy - some choad in the Netherlands was never going to sue anybody in Ethiopia for making injera. He wanted to be able to sue other white people for being other white people making injera. You'd like your patent office to be knowledgeable to go "dude they've been making this in Ethiopia for four thousand years" but patent offices aren't omniscient.

So here's the question - you're a white guy. You discover the wonders of Injera. You want to sell it in the Netherlands - what can you do to protect yourself so that Aldi doesn't swoop in and sell a knockoff of your product after you've blown your life savings and four years getting the word out? Or do we argue that white people aren't allowed to make Ethiopian tortillas? 'cuz we've done that, too.

What if you're Ethiopian? Do you get to sue Aldi for stealing your cuisine after you've spent your life savings building a reputation?

I have no answers here. It's stupid to give patents to people who didn't invent shit. But the marketplace is so tilted towards the giants that it's a fuckin' miracle if Aldi and Starbuck's don't end up making the lion's share of the money all the time every time.

As far as Starbuck's, their cultural appropriation is sometimes hilarious.

kleinbl00  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: June 12, 2019

Proof that you have been there.

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