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"However the disease finally got to her and she fell fatally ill. In the Sick Bay as she breathed her last, she was surrounded by Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, and Mr. Scott, all weeping unashamedly at the loss of her beautiful youth and youthful beauty, intelligence, capability and all around niceness. Even to this day her birthday is a national holiday of the Enterprise."

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So here's the thing.

US military, civil and commercial use of space is kind of a big wiggly loosey-goosey mess of none-of-your-goddamn-business. Something like 40% of all Space Shuttle payloads were NRO; the whole reason it was as big as it was is because the NRO was tasked with coming up with how big a shuttle would have to be to launch all their payloads, they came up with the biggest goddamn satellite they could think of so that they wouldn't have to put up with fucking space shuttles and NASA called their bluff and that's how we ended up with the Flying School Bus.

You didn't know that because of course you didn't know that because we named the first one the Enterprise because you proles wanted us to Boldly Go drink your goddamn Tang and STFU. But when the Soviets shot it with a goddamn laser everyone was super upset because IT'S A PEACEFUL PROJECT GUYZ

And the last thing anybody wants with this shit is oversight. The NRO would much rather not exist because now that they do, people can point at them and say "budget" whereas before they just ate up something like 60% of NASA and like 40% of the CIA and they had to report to nobody. And AFSOC does a lot of stuff for sure but do you really think it takes twice the population of NASA to track space debris? REALLY? And now that the SpookWatchers have figured out that Zuma probably wasn't lost and is probably a ship monitoring satellite for Customs or the DEA the fact that our nicely compartmentalized government is not compartmentalized AT ALL when it comes to orbital shit sorta makes this whole governmental bureaucracy shit look like the sham it really is

and putting it all under a "space force" is the sort of thing that does nothing but draw attention to all the shady shit that nobody but me, Dwayne Day and a handful of armchair conspiracy theorists even vaguely give a crap about.

Me and maybe 20 other guys watched the budgetary equivalent of a Nimitz aircraft carrier go up from Jalama Beach on its way to peeping on Bin Laden and thats it.

"The Devil you know." A Phoenix from the goddamn ashes. A KH-11 Mod 4, probably the last of its breed, hauled up and spat forth at a cost of eight billion dollars to keep better tabs on one particular Jihadi in Pakistan with a trellis over his head.

You're going to shove that in a budget?

You're going to keep tabs on that?

You're going to get some TPS reports on that shit?

Dream the fuck on. This isn't a "rare" "great reddit comment" this is some asshole attempting to justify Trump's desire to go Pew Pew Pew.

Right. They're totally intending to better manage the categorization of space debris.




Kidding me.

My god Reddit is now awarding 2700 points for "what a great comment."

I disagree with the characterization that this comment is worth reading. It misses the whole point. More when I have a real keyboard.

Screw up enough and you, too, might be played by Jennifer Lawrence.

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And now they're all on The Internet Archive

If it's the company I'm thinking of, I've heard good things.

Not buyin' it.

    College graduates are coming home again in their 20s and 30s, rather than heading to the big cities, reversing the years-long talent exodus.

To live with their parents, because it's tough to make rent driving for Uber.

    A few yards from the giant's size 78 shoes is a construction site where a welcome centre is being built to showcase the town. The hope is that in future people will do more than stop for a selfie.

Ahh, yes. Hope. General Mills sold off the business in 2015.. Which didn't matter much because they sold the cannery off to Seneca Foods years earlier.

    The most visible presence of Green Giant in southern Minnesota is about an hour away in Blue Earth, where civic leaders in 1979 built a 55-foot-tall fiberglass statue of the Jolly Green Giant to greet visitors driving into town from Interstate 90.

So they built the statue in '79 to get tourists, and now things are going to be better because they hope a visitor's center for their 40-year-old statue will get the commerce the statue hasn't gotten them for 40 years.

I've been to Blue Earth. I've got a picture somewhere with that big damn statue. I didn't know it was Blue Earth because I was 11 but even at the ripe old age of 11 that town was an obvious yearning for tourist business in the middle of nowhere. It's the place on I-90 with the tilt-a-whirl where my sister ralphed Chinese food. Why is there a tilt-a-whirl in the middle of rural Minnesota?

Because there's nothing else.

    First Fridays began as a monthly attraction to showcase the city's growing arts scene, and that now brings 10,000 people to the city. The $100m KC Streetcar opened in 2016 and that gave the city a sense of pride and helped to attract millennials.

    A new $323m convention centre with 800 hotel rooms is due to open in 2020. Six years later, this sports-mad city could be hosting World Cup soccer matches. More and more outside money is pouring in, and the city's success is finally getting attention nationwide.

So Kansas City has spent a half billion dollars to attract people.

It is interesting how the BBC thinks population 3,300 Blue Earth MN and population 500k Kansas City have something in common.

    I’d describe the old school as essentialists, comprising people like Karr, for whom a diagnosis of substance use disorder (addiction) is an essential part of one’s identity—an identity that is self-preservative because, remember what happened last time you drank? Why gamble? Demonizing the thing that almost killed you will keep you away from it.

AA is a fear-driven philosophy: you are doomed if you waver in your resolve for the monster will get you. If the monster has gotten others, it is because their resolve wavered. The control of one's destiny is there for the taking so long as you walk the righteous path. If others fall it is because they lack righteousness.

They blame Anthony Bourdain's suicide on his lack of total abstinence because if they pursue total abstinence, they are immune from suicide.

Frickin $600-a-year health insurance for a family of three, that's what.

Talked to an acquaintance yesterday. Maybe 5 years older than me. Small business owner. He and his wife are at $1500 a month with a $10k deductible.

Skunkworks has had a boner for LH2 since the 50s, though. At one point they had 90% of the liquid hydrogen in the world in a Burbank hangar next to I-5.

The X-33 was kind of a Kelly Johnson-era "we can make big things happen" project, only without Kelly Johnson. Never mind that the best Ben Rich ever accomplished was the F-117 (which the Serbians jury-rigged into oblivion with a 30-year-old radar system), Kelly Johnson couldn't make hydrogen tanks work either. Rockwell did, but they accomplished it by going one-time-use and tossing the fuckers over the Atlantic.

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kleinbl00  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Maybe Just Don't Drink Coffee

I may be mistaken but I think the trash brands cut their mix with Robusta, which tastes kind of like hickory-roasted Goodyear.

I've been known to survive on white trash mochas- a pack of Swiss Miss in the cup before you add coffee. But aside from that really, really shitty gig on the mountain it's been a decade and a half since resorting to such depravity.

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