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"However the disease finally got to her and she fell fatally ill. In the Sick Bay as she breathed her last, she was surrounded by Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, and Mr. Scott, all weeping unashamedly at the loss of her beautiful youth and youthful beauty, intelligence, capability and all around niceness. Even to this day her birthday is a national holiday of the Enterprise."

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Fuck dude if you're going to be that anal hit the Valle Grande.

I mean, I used to dig Chaco'n'shit? And it's cool'an'all? but it ain't high. And it's full of depressing bullshit. Fun fact: friends of mine did Peace Corps. Two year bid in Turkmenistan. No flushing toilets, deep in the legit. That was great. Two year bid in Tajikistan. Poverty everywhere, water down the hill. That was great. Then they decided to come closer to home so they signed up for a two year bid in Gallup.

Noped the fuck out in three months, they did. Fuckin' Navajo country be bleak-ass shit, yo.

By all means, see Chaco at some point. But don't drag a goddamn scope there. Take it from a kid who did 100% of his observations in New Mexico - I would not drag a scope anywhere near shiprock ever, for any reason.

Chaco is flat, low and dumb. Also full of alcoholism. If you’re going to New Mexico, go Sapello.

People forget - Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease two years into his second term. His son said he saw it in the '84 debate. There was no 25th Amendment nonsense. We all knew he was an absent-minded conservative jackass and that we were helpless to do anything about it because the Republicans worshipped him like a god.

    Charles did not learn to speak until the age of four nor to walk until eight,[6] and was treated as virtually an infant until he was ten years old. His jaw was so badly deformed (an extreme example of the so-called Habsburg jaw) that he could barely speak or chew. Fearing the frail child would be overtaxed, his caretakers did not force Charles to attend school.

The muthafuckin' king of Spain for 35 goddamn years

The people in power will do whatever is necessary to stay in power. Crazy, senile, dangerously stupid, don't matter - this is the horse they've hitched their wagon to and they'll beat it until long past the point of death.

Having read ten thousand pages of world history at a clip, as well as at least that in increments, the United States of America is pusillanimous compared to any other world power. We ain't noble, we ain't great, but this constant need to pretend that the United States is somehow exceptionally bloodthirsty or despicable only serves to illustrate naïveté.

I'm sure he means well. And from his perspective, he's making the world a better place. After all, it's those scumbag career criminals that are fucking shit up, not the street guys with a habit and the closer we can get to them the better we all are, right?

But this presumes that (1) the street guys have any access to the career criminals (2) there's equivalency between crime and punishment and both assumptions are readily challenged.

I mean, Brian was told that he probably wanted to stop dealing. Brian was making plenty of money dealing, so he wasn't about to stop. So the cartels stopped his ass. He was fully guilty of committing felonies. But he's also dead for buying and selling pocketfuls of the product the coast guard seized cargo-planefuls of. And your buddy would no doubt argue that the goal is to save Brian and punish the guys who cut his head off and threw it in a ditch. But an ecosystem that exists surrounded by punishment and betrayal is necessarily going to get more and more brutal over time.

Whatever you do, don't visit Washington DC. There ain't a street, bridge, park, mall or parking garage not named after some evil fuckin' post-war Republican.

There's a great Frontline that answers all your questions. Unfortunately it hasn't been digitized.

The problem with trading up the chain, simply put, is that law enforcement only knows what criminals tell them. They are not constructing parallel cases. They're not making the roads safer, they're filling their quota of speeding tickets.

Torture doesn't work for the same reason - if you tell me you'll stop pulling my toenails off if I tell you who gave me the IED, I'll stick with the pliers so long as my source scares me more than you. Which means all I need to do is give up someone who scares me less than you do - and there's no downside to iteratively throwing names out there.

Let's say I've got four buddies - Alex, Bob, Chuck, Dave and Elvis. You've got my phone and you know that I call all of them. You're going to throw me down the forever hole unless I give up my dealer, and you suspect it's Alex, Bob, Chuck, Dave or Elvis. I play cards with Alex. Bob occasionally buys weed from me. Chuck's a single dad who hits me up for money. Dave gets me work sometimes as a bricklayer and also loves to share his collection of child porn. Elvis works for the Zetas cartel.

I'm going to give them up in the following order:

1) Chuck because he's a drag on my bottom line

2) Alex because I lose money when I play him, even if it's usually fun

3) Bob, because I'll miss that income

4) Dave, because I'll really mis that income

Never) Elvis, because I don't want my entire family to end up beheaded on the side of the road outside Amarillo

Presume, for the sake of kindness, that the DEA can rule out Chuck and Alex immediately. They are obviously, visibly harmless. Bob? The DEA is going to squeeze Bob, who will give up his own list that also doesn't include Elvis. Each one of the people on his list will be squeezed until eventually someone is stupid enough to flip a supplier. That supplier is then going to play the exact same fucking game. Elvis is doing just fine, the DEA is chasing their tails, and low-level addicts are suddenly drug kingpins because they're all narcing on each other.

Let's add some financial incentive to the pot, shall we? Every single person who gets implicated is also subject to DEA seizure. That means they get to take anything that touches drugs. Did you drive a car with drugs in it? it belongs to the DEA. Did you ride in a friend's car with drugs in it? It belongs to the DEA. Store drugs in your house? It belongs to the DEA. Store drugs in your landlord's house? It belongs to the DEA.

Along with everything in it.

Let's take my buddy Dante. He was addicted to Meth. He got clean for the sake of his life, and for the sake of his son. And then his buddy, who helped him get clean, told him that he needed 2 kilos of coke to make it across town by 5 or the Zetas would kill him. So my buddy Dante got the keys out of a mailbox, got in the car and started it up.

The car? The DEA's. The drugs? The DEA's. Dante's buddy? Trading up the chain, giving up Dante rather than the guys the DEA wanted because Dante couldn't make him show up headless on the side of a freeway outside Amarillo. Dante, of course, had no one to give up so he was charged with trafficking and faced a ten year bid for a first offense. Lost his truck, lost all his musical equipment, is a felon forever.

Well yeah. Shouldn't have gotten in the car. No shit. But if you think policing, public order, the war on drugs or any civil good has been advanced by this travesty of criminal justice you're not only high, you're evil.

And that's what's wrong with it. Dante is real. The seizures are real. The dead on the side of the road outside of Amarillo is my sister's ex-boyfriend. And here's the DEA, getting low-level smurfs to snitch on each other for fun and profit while the Coast Guard siezes 225 tons of coke.

Charlie Sykes has never not been an ass.

He was a qualified leader. He's a war hero and a skull'n'bones man going way back.

But he's also not the guy the Republicans point at when they want absolution for being heinous dicks.

Fuckin' EVERY GODDAMN TIME THEY WRITE SOMETHING LIKE THIS it's about how great things were back when Reagan was in charge.

Hey chumps:

- Reagan banned stem cell research because it was going to lead to babymurder or some shit.

- Reagan ballooned the deficit in an attempt to grind the Soviets into the ground through overspending on bombs and guns.

- Reagan created the modern Middle East by funding the Mujahedeen in general and bin Laden in particular.

- Reagan destroyed the only union that backed him and effectively annihilated the middle class.

But I mean, we could go back further.

- Nixon destroyed any hope of universal healthcare with the invention of HMOs and the managed care industry.

- Goldwater went all in on segregation and unequal access to education and citizenship for minorities.

- Eisenhower/Dulles presided over McCarthyism, armed Saudi Arabia and let the Soviets massacre a nascent Hungarian democracy movement.

- Hoover created the Great Depression.

And now it's 1929. How far back shall we go? We all know you're just going to sit there clinging to Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln while muttering "democrats supported slavery prior to the Civil War" like it fucking matters.

This is called vertical integration and is subject to the Clayton Antitrust Act. Not to say it doesn't happen, not to say it's always illegal, but it's one of those warning signs that, back in the days of fair business practices, made lawyers itchy.

Toys'r'Us lives on because Mattel and Hasbro can't let it die

    In electronics, Best Buy holds the same last-chain-standing mantle after Circuit City and HHGregg disappeared. In books, Borders went belly up, while Barnes & Noble remains. Similarly, KB Toys perished, and Toys "R" Us will likely limp along.

The retailer of last resort, ladies and gentlemen.

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