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Oh c'mon it ain't as bad as all that. Yeah - it's gonna have all the properties of a casting, or worse properties than a casting if you're sticking with the laser sinter. Which is going to make it jaw-droppingly expensive so let's assume it's a casting. But that means you destructively test one in a hundred or one in fifty and move on. Waste to usable material ratio? If you're casting it, it's got the waste of a casting. If you're sintering it, it's got effectively none - you're fusing powder and the unfused powder goes back in the hopper.

Let's presume we're rollin' HDPE. It's going to cast utterly without drama. Our material costs are entirely related to waste so the less we use the happier we are; we have no dross 'cuz it all goes back in the bin. Let's presume we're rollin' aluminum. Yeah that casting is going to be a bit of a nightmare but we can adjust for that. Either way we're in a much better regime than if we have to 5-axis the bitch or weld it up. Ductile iron? I can heat treat it and shot-peen it. It'll magnaflux like anything else.

Heat sinks on Microsoft Surface Book 2s are laser-sintered 3d-printed aluminum. I know. Crazytown. But they make 'em about 300 at a time in a printing process that takes about 5 hours so... it works.

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Not that one, the other one. That one's fine.

This is a whole lot of nuance whereas four hours ago, you were disdainfully dismissive of any discussion related to JP Morgan and cryptocurrency. Further, an hour ago you agreed with Nouriel Roubini, noted Keynesian hatemonger of crypto, calling this whole discussion "a joke."

You effectively exerted the right to mock anyone who saw a contradiction between JP Morgan Chase's former and current positions, a set of people that, based on my titling, includes myself. Now that you have triangulated to an either/or position of what is/is not "permissioned" you're attempting to resolve the insult by assigning motives to my behavior.

I'm not agreeing with you on this because I believe Jamie Dimon in particular and JP Morgan Chase in general to be bad actors taking advantage of the amplification effect of their position in the market. The whole time JP Morgan has been slagging on crypto they've been a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, for example. My personal opinion is that the financial and research spaces of cryptocurrency and blockchains are exquisitely sensitive to sentiment and my personal experience is that JP Morgan doesn't say what they mean, they say what they benefit from.

is Hyperledger a cryptocurrency? Is SWIFT a blockchain? These are arguments of definition, not intent. The bottom line is that JP Morgan is inconsistent when it is profitable for them to be inconsistent. That's my allegation, that's the allegation of many observers of cryptocurrency, and that's why the two are mentioned together.

In what way does it "have anything to do with crypto?"

In that they're planning extensibility to "all standard blockchain networks."

    The JPM Coin will be issued on Quorum Blockchain and subsequently extended to other platforms. JPM Coin will be operable on all standard Blockchain networks.

If JPM is calling it crypto, and planning on interacting with other crypto, it's crypto.

Full stop.

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I mean sure. It's a $3m plane and four people went to the hospital but good times because beer.

It's just another fucking Markov bot. The beauty of Markov chains is they don't have to understand what the fuck they're chaining - they are generating probabilistic outcomes from noise. That's why they look like speech but are total fucking gibberish:

yet we use this shit to hassle citizens at concerts.

Everyone loves to lose their fucking minds over the flying-car future of chatbots that amusingly generate garbage as if it's somehow better than lorem ipsum and it's not. It's useful for fooling other machines into thinking they're observing a human.

StyleGAN, for example, can't tell the difference between wrinkles and glasses except in the context of "this line continues that line" and "this contrast continues that contrast." It does not have a model for "glasses." It has a model for "face" and can be taught a model for anything else, but that model only looks good when you prune the shit that looks bad:

"All models are wrong, but some are useful." The basic problem here is that the wrongness of the model has been underweighted by every breathless tech journalist in search of overweighting its usefulness and every model is fine so long as you aren't reliant on it working.

They're running our economy right now, by the way. 65% of the trades in the public markets are Markov bots that think Harriet Tubman was "the first woman to cross the US-Mexico border to escape slavery on foot." Yeah - the keywords are in there. Slavery, border, work. But the specifics are garbage.

This was the principle argument Sherry Turkle made in Alone Together: humans will bend over backwards to assign humanity to robots. We so want to pareidolia our way to robot overlords that nine times out of ten we give no fucks if the new god is chickenwire and carpet.

I completely disagree. Jamie Dimon in particular and JP Morgan in general have cast aspersions on blockchain from the very beginning, taking one of the most public stances of all public banks in the space. While the Bank of Japan was busy settling international payments with Thailand via Ripple, Dimon was calling Blockchain a scam. As recently as August he argued that governments would shut down all cryptocurrency. Now he's launching one.

Because they drove the price down

    Dimon later added that the cryptocurrency “will blow up,” according to CNBC. It was also during that appearance that said that he would terminate any trader that he found to be trading bitcoin for being “stupid.”

    In the wake of his speech, some observers, including Bloomberg, noted that bitcoin prices started to fall after Dimon’s remarks.

And then bought the dip.

People, including me, are linking to his comments because he's a two-faced fuckhead abusing his position of power to manipulate markets to his own financial advantage, while calling out cryptocurrency markets as easily manipulatable by people other than Jamie Dimon.

Fight me.

    “What the new OpenAI work has shown is that: yes, you absolutely can build something that really seems to ‘understand’ a lot about the world, just by having it read,” says Jeremy Howard, a researcher who was not involved with OpenAI’s work but has developed similar language modeling programs.


    Prompt: Darth Vader entered the room, cape billowing. “What is the meaning of these… festivities?”


    ”Strange and solemn, now,“ Princess Leia replied. "Will pirates make jokes at Jabba’s birthday cake? Oh, and for a moment, Darth Vader was too full of himself for that ceremony, hence all the mirth.”

    “Did your father suffer there?” Vader roared and growled and turned to gaze up from the balcony.

    But some New Yorkers, being New Yorkers, had trouble accepting that state and city officials had negotiated behind closed doors to give a company headed by the richest man in the world $3 billion in tax breaks and incentives whereas Google required nothing at all.

    And then there was that private helipad.

"Amazon’s NYC Deal Was Extortion Without the Dick Pics"

For the past ten years, real estate prices up and down the West Coast - from San Diego to Vancouver - have been driven by Chinese REITs buying up everything for investment. Below $500k you often find yourself competing with cash offers from foreigners that have no intent of ever living in the place. Large swaths of downtown Long Beach, downtown LA and downtown Vancouver are empty:

These condos and houses were not bought because the Chinese want houses to be empty, they were bought so that they could store their wealth in places the Chinese government couldn't reappropriate it. They were investing. Which means someone needs to buy it for more than they bought it for or else they're losing money.

So. Can... you afford to go toe-to-toe with a Chinese REIT? Because every "housing crisis" story you see is about workers who can't pay what investors want them to.

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