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If you lived in Baltimore! you might have joined Hubski sooner. :) NSFWish

JK I went to 3 reddit meetings and they were all fun. A 4chan gathering; no thanks. Since everything is Anon there, there is no such thing as developing an identity so IMO they all just act like the description of people in this article. Nihilists?

Groucho Marx: You're one of the best umpires in baseball. I'd say that you don't miss more than five out of six.

Hopefully we will be seeing a doc about him on PBS soon.


OMFG. 41.3 now. My one top link of the day got something like 2,300.

FWIW In what was apparently a fairly entertaining trial (for everyone but the judge), an LA jury determined their was no copyright infringement.

1. Aimless, unhappy child with low self-esteem, looking to fill a void with some sense of purpose. Classic description of a person that adopts a radical ideology. ISIS/AQ/whatever soldiers are not the principled, committed ideologues some would have us believe but are mostly, as intelligence analysts describe them, just "little losers".

2. In regards to the Becky situation, this reminds me of my (white) Dad's situation growing up. He and his brother were almost exclusively raised by a by their black housekeeper. Even my Grandmother would admit that Hanna was more of a mother than she ever was. G'Ma also did not like black people, except for every one she knew because they were obviously not like the rest. For some reason I even have a niece named Hanna. It took a lot of courage for Shepard to approach Becky and a lot of love for her to put his actions aside.

To be fair, I was likely typing an edit to my comment while you were typing.

And I had forgotten about that "incident".

And now, of course, without disclosing evidence, he claims that many attendees were paid agitators from out of district. who were "brought in". I don't doubt that some people may have been out of district, but that is a huge fuck you to many of his constituents.

“That’s not what the average Utahn is like.” He forgets that Trump was the popular vote loser there. 45% voted for him and I am not sure how that happened since Trump is religiously ignorant/intolerant and was not supported by Mormon Romney (and then made a very public/non-pious display of humiliating him).

I would try it but doubt I would like it. Maybe behind a locked door in the privacy of my own home. I do not even like 3D movies or wearing headphones in public.

I am no Steve Mann.

That guy has been dedicated to living his life through wearable computing for decades. I used to see him walking around campus and people went out of their way to get out of his way.

Can you link to a source that he was forced to leave by an armed intruder please? I have not heard about that.

My understanding is that the event was opened and Milo took the stage. People were there to listen and he spoke. Outside, a socialist protester was shot by a Milo, Trump and NRA supporter who claimed on FB that he was punched and his MAGA hat was stolen an entire hour before he shot someone. And he has not been charged. Yet.

I am not convinced that the shooter was even really there to listen as, like may others, he could have spent that time inside the hall instead of outside protesting and posting to FB about being assaulted and asking Milos for a new MAGA hat.

I am also pretty sure there was no governmental restriction on MY's right to speak. He spoke. He chose to end it at the time of his choosing. No governmental authority prevented or forced that. If the "tough guy" instigator can not handle the consequences when he intentionally foments the foreseeable backlash (for the sole purpose of attention whoring IMO) , he has no one to blame but himself. He is a "tough guy" that likes to play the victim.

Fair point. Just because something has not happened does not necessarily mean it won't.

At the same time, some things that have never happened will also never happen.

But saying "I can not foresee an advancement in technology" is very different than "I can not foresee everyone agreeing with the same subjective values". Slavery is one such subjective value that was never, is still not and may never be universally agreed upon.

There will never be a consensus. It's whatever the shifting Supreme Court says it is. If you have the money to get that far. As Justice Potter said in a 1964 decision defining obscenity, "I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it..."

I call it the "I know it when I feel it" test. That is as specific as many of these things can get.

You would think that something as simple as exposing organised animal abuse would be a no-brainer as protected speech. But it isn't.

On another level, it is what local law enforcement says it is, unless you have the money to fight back. Even making a Facebook post denigrating an ex-husband/cop for something silly or liking that post can get you arrested.

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