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Interesting. I had not heard that the artist still owns the Bull. I would assume that he did not waive his moral rights in the loan agreement so it seems to me that he has a plausible basis to make a claim.

As State Street has essentially admitted as much, it also seems like there may be a solid argument that SHE does distort, mutilate, or modify the Bull in a way that prejudices the author's honor or reputation. under the Visual Artists Rights Act. I have not read the claim but I guess it is against the NYC department that granted them the permit to place it there which might force them to cancel that permit, if it is not expired by that time.

But even if he wins, State Street has still pulled off a huge marketing coup.

Black History Month

-Frederick Douglass is alive

Sexual Assault Awareness

-O'Reilly did nothing wrong


-Hitler didn't gas anyone


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I had a cat that would also get in the shower with me every morning! And he really loved ice cubes.

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You are right but IIRC AA argued in those cases that it was not a religious group because the modern drafting a the 12 Statements (?) had moved away from the original wording to be inclusive to atheists. In the Toronto case they didn't even bother to pretend that was the case.

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There is a group of truly agnostic AA meetings in my area.

AA was initially welcoming but delisted them from their meetings directory 3 years ago, apparently making them much harder to find.

So "AAA" sued AA under the Human Rights Act claiming that they were discriminated against on the basis of creed. AA's defence was, get this, that they were exempt as a religious group who could restrict participation to the faithful.

A court did not decide on the merits of whether AA is a religious group as a settlement was mediated, but in the end AAA is listed again.

The WH claims that "Bannon was put on the council... to guide and keep watch over then-national security adviser Michael Flynn".

Why would they choose someone with no national security experience to guide someone with much more experience? Why would they appoint Flynn if he needed an overseer?

That is such a weak excuse for the fact that a doofus got called out by the big boys.

I love PBS in general but Nature is one of my favs. I love wolverines and badgers because they are insanely determined.

How about in your experience? You tell your doctor you are trans, they understand they have no idea what they are doing.... then easily refer you to a trans specific doctor that is available in a reasonable amount of time?

On a Frivolous Friday note: what do you think about Caitlyn Jenner? On one hand, she is a very high-visibility person who has been widely respected for decades as a world class athlete. On the other, after their association with the Kardashian attention whores I can not shake the suspicion that it is all just a publicity stunt.

How difficult is it to find trans specific healthcare?

One of the receptionist's area in the doctor's office my mom goes to is plastered with LGBT posters, etc. and it seemed to me like many of their clients might have been trans. Then recently I noticed the doc helped open a Trans Care Clinic that has 21 people working there. So even in that fairly small town it would seem to be pretty well covered. Which surprised me.

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The B-52 had landing gear that could counteract the cross-wind by swiveling 20 degrees on landing.

voat was not mucked up as it was specifically designed as a welcoming place for the most ridiculous reddit rejects and that is what it got. Mission accomplished.

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