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Welcome to Hubski!

I would add:

1. act accordingly.... by successfully impeaching him and possible criminal charges being laid against others.

2. ... and successfully impeaching him with Republican cooperation and possible criminal charges being laid against others.

someguyfromcanada  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: July 19, 2017

That's a big job. I actually enjoy cutting down trees but this was definitely a job for the pros. Good work on the aim. Measure 50 times. Cut once. Good old fashioned dirty work.

I had a good day last fall helping a friend cut the slabs for a table he is building this summer. My first time using a chainsaw mill:

someguyfromcanada  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: July 19, 2017

Of course my life works like this.

I have been trying since March of 2016 to have the City chop down trees on my lake front. They used to do it every other year but not in over 5 years now.

I was first told by the Parks Department that it would be done in May of 2016. It wasn't so I contacted the City Councillor and was assured it would be done by July. It wasn't and was told it had to wait till next year. In March of this year I emailed the Parks Department, the Councillor and the Mayor and was assured it would be done by July. It wasn't.

Contacted them again and told the Mayor a big sob story about my Mother having Alzheimers and that looking at the lake is one of her last pleasures . He probably knows who she is but I reminded him, with links, of the tens of thousands of volunteer hours she has put in for the City (eg. feeding literally thousands of people). He essentially said he did not care and it was not a priority. The Councillor did not respond.

So I hired a private firm to do it even though I expected to be fined $1,000. The crew came today at noon and were done by 2:30. $700. At 3:00, I noticed a City worker out back looking at the trees. I went out and was asked if I knew who did this and admitted it was me. Explained how I was careful as to not damage the trees or the root system so as to not cause any environmental damage.

He advised that he was not satisfied as it should have been taken down lower and wider and so he would send a crew by tomorrow to do a much better job.

Bittersweet. I get the job done; but it cost me $700 to get their attention. Or maybe I saved $300 by not getting fined.

It can be understandably terrifying. Some, like my friend, are also reluctant to wake up as they are afraid they did something wrong. So the doctors advise that you regularly tell them where they are, they were in an accident, are unconscious and did nothing wrong.

Some things you never forget.

I had a friend in a coma for a couple of months and saw him make his first movement; raising his hand and spreading open his fingers. Turns out he was trying to place a $5 bet as he could vaguely perceive the beeping and flashing lights in the hospital room and thought he was in Vegas. After no one took his bet he thought he must be at an LA Kings hockey game.

Next day he spoke his first words: "I have cigarettes in my nose". His breathing tubes. Funny in hindsight but brain injuries are so unpredictable.

someguyfromcanada  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: July 12, 2017

Lots of great stuff to do in DC. I could spend a week in the Smithsonian alone. I don't think you want to any "Presidential" activities at the moment though. :)

If I go for a four hour walk in Toronto or Montreal people think it is a good idea. If I do it in LA they have never heard of anyone doing that before. In Chicago, outside of the north lake shore, people can't believe I survived. In Phoenix, you actually might not survive.

It is so funny. I have known people in Toronto for 20 years and I have no idea whether they have a car or not. I only found out one of my friends had a car after 3 years when we were going to a cottage and she offered to drive. Turns out that all but a couple have them but never use them in the city. <insert shrug ASCII> Love walking around NYC though. Motorbikes are good enough for Asia. Have never considered renting a car in Europe, although I probably should at some point.

Happy Birthday!

I agree unidan is not the rule but there have been many others like him who use sockpuppets that get caught pretty quickly. Happened to a high karma EarthPorn mod who apparently only upvoted himself 4 times.

You simply do not hear about them because they are not reddit famous. I used to be very active in reportthepammers so have seen many fairly sophisticated tricksters and spam/upvote rings that got caught. Coordinated new, no karma accounts are easy to spot. It gets much more complicated than that.

My main account, which I used to mod a couple of defaults and a bunch of others with and that's about it publicly, was banned after I started privately raising shit about the way they were treating employees. Not even vote manipulation. They didn't shadowban me but changed my password on that and a couple of accounts I was using through different IPs (but were obvious sockpuppets). I have never heard of that happening before or since. I didn't mind though; I was just pushing them to see how far they would go instead of quitting quietly. So it can happen to anyone.

Because that will get you banned like Unidan, if they are from your IP or obvious sockpuppets. Vote manipulation is against the rules... if the admins pick up on it, which they might if you are a high karma account. If others do it for you it is still vote manipulation but not sure how would they ever figure it out.

Quick upvotes are huge. /r/CenturyClub and associated reddits for high karma holders make it a hobby of gaming the system. They discuss timing strategies, keywords, follow each other to get quick upvotes, etc. They take karma very seriously. Most of those people are comment karma whores though who just hang out in askreddit/new and shitpost puns and jokes.

Most post karma whores do it through sheer volume. If one in 20 posts sticks that is good enough for them. That is how people like GallowBoob became so popular and now he has so many followers that almost everything he posts gets tons of votes. He only has 4 posts in the last 7 days with less that 1,000 ups and most with far more, up to 100,000+.

My one "top link of the day" was posted at 7 p.m. PST so only had 5 hours to get votes. Bad timing. But is was about the first federal court of appeals decision that taping of police with your cellphone was legal. Very sexy keywords for redditors.

I was discussing this with my sister today and learned something about her experience.

She lived in Jamaica four summers during high school working with a modern dance troupe, specializing in providing a Jamaican interpretation for the style. She then did a BFA in modern dance while touring with the troupe in the summers. Then moved there for several years and was incredibly immersed in the Jamaican arts scene. Knew the Marleys. The Toshs. Dated a member of reggae royalty for years.

When she decided to return to Canada to do an MFA she had a hard time getting an advisor for her proposed thesis on Modern Jamaican Dance. Because she was not born and bred Jamaican. She was accepted by the Jamaicans but not by certain profs who thought she did not have the background to do so in a respectful manner. They preferred that the genre go undocumented. And btw she is not even white.

Maybe even three.

Fox News Channel chief White House correspondent John "J.D." Roberts.

someguyfromcanada  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: June 28, 2017

Eye for an eye makes everyone blind but that is not the essential issue. She knows you are in a place where you need to focus on you and she calls to cry and hyper-ventilate about the situation she created for herself?

Hard facts: Sounds like she either has no idea what you are trying to accomplish for yourself or she does not care. No rational person puts such an extra burden on one who is already carrying plenty of load.

Not if they understand what caring is about anyways. I am not at all saying she is not a good person but perhaps she is oblivious to the fact that she is putting a tremendous burden on you in a time where you need no more.

You can not be good for anyone unless you put yourself first right now. Codependency is not a wise replacement for booze.

I know that sounds harsh and is easy to say from a far but I have been in your shoes and am on your side.

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