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i live on coffee and stardust

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A lot of LA Lyft drivers drive new Fusions. Or new Kias. My impression is that they're using the Lyft lease program or whatever that is...

insomniasexx holy

    The attackers used BGP — a key protocol used for routing internet traffic around the world — to reroute traffic to Amazon’s Route 53 service, the largest commercial cloud provider who count major websites such as as customers.

    They re-routed DNS traffic using a man in the middle attack using a server at Equinix in Chicago.

    From there, they served traffic for over two hours.

And a beautiful stage 1 landing!

Successful payload deploy! Wooo

The Sunday Paper was last in regular circulation in 2015 :O

Fell off the wagon of regularity for a couple of years. Hope to keep it up for a while longer this time! for those interested in reading the preprint.

    We use these results and the Evryscope flare rates to model the photochemical effects of NOx atmospheric species generated by particle events from this extreme stellar activity, and show that the repeated flaring is sufficient to reduce the ozone of an Earth-like atmosphere by 90% within five years. We estimate complete depletion occurs within several hundred kyr. The UV light produced by the Evryscope superflare therefore reached the surface with ~100X the intensity required to kill simple UV-hardy microorganisms, suggesting that life would struggle to survive in the areas of Proxima b exposed to these flares.
demure  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Grubski Cha Siu Bao (Mostly)

    I think I'm going to stuff the next batch with ground chicken, miso paste, green onions and pepper.

Then you'd have 鸡包 (chicken bun)! 叉烧包 (cha siu bao) means "bbq pork bun" (but you may already know this)

I should really do it more often! Look for something coming this weekend :)

Can't wait to see what it discovers. Good stuff.

Actually, it'll be TESS on a Block 4 ( :) then to block 5

demure  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 28, 2018

Just got a new-to-me Fuji X100s. Been toying with it over the past few days.

Definitely missing my piano a whole lot recently. Trying to learn a new piece is not impossible, but made rather more difficult without being able to play. Just gotta stretch my brain around it some more.

In short: trying to keep the creative mind busy away from my day gig, which requires a whole different kind of creativity. Work is good. Nearly done with a preliminary design!

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