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i live on coffee and stardust

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demure  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: A Wee Stroll

have you read the one about the AT? need opinion.

But if it is a big gob of oat goo? Two by two and one oat goo cup is set!

lol. All I got to say.

Yeah, I had tried it and it wasn't working so I submitted it (again). all good now though! :)

Yeah you gotta comb for the stuff now. I only visit occasionally but sometimes that visit surfaces gems like this!

The daily beast is fine, you might want to have a closer look if your phone is compromised.

We will be examining the data coming out of telescopes like Hubble and (when it launches) James Webb for many years to come. The beauty of astrophysics and astronomy is that the data never becomes useless -- there could always be some new discovery that is discovered with the help of, or bolstered by, older data.

Plus, there's Curiosity on Mars, too!

demure  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: April 19, 2017

I've been using italics for headers since #thesundaypaper days.

but bold is cool too :)

demure  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: April 19, 2017


Week and a half left of classes, then a week we call "dead week" around here, and then finals week. The home stretch. We're building mapping software in my CS class for the final project, which is pretty neat. Uses OpenStreetMap XML data and stuff.

Playful work

Rockets! More rockets! Rockets all around! also there's an election tomorrow for leadership in that club so please vote for me in your heads


Sermon from Verve Coffee Roasters. MmmmmmMMmmmMmmmmm.


Feeling good. Tired, but hanging in there. Visiting my girlfriend and other close friends in New England in less than 50 days!

It's sunny outside. Maybe I'll take a walk later.

No worries :) I've got a week and a half of classes left and am definitely feeling a little squeezed. Good luck to ya!

Sarcasm or misread?

    These are the same sensations that many are feeling today, as intelligent machines advance in field after field. Few people will experience the dramatic, head-to-head competition against a machine that I experienced, of course, but the sensation of being challenged, surpassed and possibly replaced by an automaton, or an invisible algorithm, is becoming a standard part of our society.

    Speaking from painful personal experience, I would suggest that this is the wrong frame of reference to approach the issue, and it is having a negative influence when we desperately need more optimism.

    square house --

did you know that this morning you have a quiet passenger

a little winged thing with a proud crest

silhouetted against the view I am

sure you are

looking at?

it sits on your roof, surveying its lands

watching how the fog marches in on the

sleeping city lit with sunrise's

luminous fury

square house thank you for sharing

the morning with me

I wrote this on a hike at sunrise a few weeks ago. No need for stickers :) I have so many :o

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