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Lately it's been Tortilla chips, sliced almonds, and blackberries. In that order.

In general, man, I can put down a ton of pizza if I feel like hating myself for a while.

ButterflyEffect  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Sam Altman: E Pur Si Muove

Where the fuck are the good pizza joints in Seattle. I'll probably hate them regardless, especially since I can't partake in the gyro meat, but still.

I've found one great pizza joint so far and that was in Olympia.

Feeling extremely fortunate to be one of the local few with municipal internet...

ButterflyEffect  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: December 13, 2017

Thanks goobster! Yes, we had the realization that there isn't union among board members as to what, exactly, our mission is. We have a focus as a regional event but have not been clear enough of our communication to the community-at-large that that is what we are, not solely a locally focused event. Problem 1. I'm excited to have these conversations, but very concerned that we won't be able to recover in time to have an event next year. Maybe I can PM some more specific information, if you have interest in talking a bit more on this topic.

Awesome metaphor, I might have to steal that for future use...

ButterflyEffect  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: December 13, 2017

Life Event, Pt. 1

Today's my birthday. I've never been much of a birthday person. For this one, I'm thinking a 16km run, 10 climbing routes, and maybe driving out somewhere to catch a meteor shower. The run will be solo, the climb with some friends, and the meteor shower with who knows. One of those instances where having a partner would be nice, but here we are.

Community Involvement

I'm on the board of local Nonprofit. We've been going for 25 years. We might end up going dark next year due to a lack of funding. What happened? Years of mismanagement both monetarily and people-wise, a lack of board members, and a lack of focus on sustainable fundraising. This year, one of the members had promised at least submitting 5-6 grant applications, with help from some local graduate students. The graduate students did their part, yet the grants were never submitted. I really like this organization and think it's good for the city, but damn. Talk about a situation to find yourself in...

Life Event, Pt. 2

Ran my last race of the year this past weekend. A 25km race out on the peninsula, it was an amazing course with some single track trail interspersed through a great park. Small crowd, extremely friendly crowd which is par for the course for trail running. I went with two friends, who came in 1st and 2nd overall. Somehow I'm friends with some really great runners, who are also really great people. My race got off to a great start, was going to set a personal record for this time and probably place top 15 overall (granted, the field was probably 50 people but I would have taken it!). Until my achilles started to blow up. What an exciting, new issue to have come up!

It was a crushingly disappointing moment, standing there after 15km, feeling great outside of one small area of your body, but knowing that dropping out is the safe option if you want to keep running in the near future. I haven't been that angry in a long, long time. Ended up wandering off into a field and just throwing a lot of my clothing. Working on finishing up my marathon training plan, fitting in climbing and strength workouts, and planning to get a full gait analysis at a place up in Seattle, along with chatting with a "hopeful 2020 Olympian" friend on all this. I'm feeling so much more determined to make 2018 a great running and racing year after this letdown. Maybe that's what resiliency feels like.

Here's a practical question: How do I even move from ETH to USD at this point? Shit's changed a lot since I first moved USD to ETH.

Partly to mostly cloudy in most places around the Puget Sound, down to Rainier, up to parts of the Cascades. At least according to the two sites I've looked at so far.

Peninsula looks fairly clear, so that's where I'll be headed.

Trying to find an area with little cloud cover that night...god dammit Washington...

So, uh, not looking like too bad of a time to cash out, huh?

Were you on wet rocks? I think there are few different kinds of crampons, with different capabilities in those kind of situations. Just have to run through the creek!

    I have, so far, not killed myself snowshoeing. Gothics was probably my closest when I fell in some deep snow on the summit. I also slid into a tree on Big Slide (I was sliding intentionally but got out of control).

Glissading? If yes, glissading is one of those things I really don't have much intention of doing. Read too many instances of where that goes really wrong, really quick, and after hiking over a section of trail where there was 100% the dead body of a guy who died glissading under snow melt earlier this year, nope nope nope.

    The third time, I went down it backwards and did not fall.

Yep! As long as you have some semblance of balance, that makes a ton of sense! Figured you might be one of a handful of people here with experience in this kind of weather and terrain. Ice axes are super badass, and make an amazing crutch if you're getting tired while crossing a snowfield! You're about the first person I've seen recommend trail crampons over the microspikes, why do you prefer them?

You will win if it goes through a lawyer. I had to do that two years ago for a debt that was sold without any communication provided to me prior to seeing a credit hit and call from the collection agency. After sending out some legal requests that situation went away very, very quick.

Debt collection is scum.

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