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Oh, you mean like the stuff they trade on Wall Street, right?

Yeah, sorry. (I mean, I know you're head webdesigner for them, for sure)

Part of the problem is that I'm visiting the page to check whether or not the heat index is below 100F yet. I've gotta move away from this place.

Is there some unwritten rule that decrees any website receiving praise must change its current interface to something inferior within several weeks' time?

I can't even get wunderground's fucking temperature/wind/heat index graphic to load anymore. The forecast graphs I used most often are now several "tabs" over. If I am being punished for using ad-blocking software, please, in the name of god, just tell me.


The article's comments section has become a haven of anti-Islamic sentiments. Sometimes, I can understand when a coherent sentiment hijacks a comments section, but I'm pretty confused this time.

Oh god damnit. I'm sorry man.

As far north as you are, it shouldn't be too hard to see some more aurorae within a few years, if you make it a priority. Maybe tomorrow night.

Aced quals, btw. Getting drunk

OMFG bro. It's here earlier than anyone thought. And the magnetic field is the most ideal for producing aurora that I've ever seen! Start driving out of the city. Like, now. I'll let you know if the conditions change, but I was worried I'd overhyped this, and it looks like I didn't. If the solar wind conditions hold like they are right now, this will be one for the record books.

Let me know what you do! Tonight is the night.

Likelihood of natural disaster induced recession?

Every boy scout that's ever potato gun'd knows his way around PVC, but not all plastics are created equal. Polyethylene is hella common, but I doubt that it's solely an issue of composition. For example, the toxicity of airborne nanoparticles to the lungs is largely a function of surface area to volume ratios (across all materials). And just because it comes into contact with plastic pipes doesn't mean we're guaranteed to have the water significantly leeching anything from them. It's a complicated thing.

Like the article says, what concerns me most is the apparent lack of basic research on the effects of directly ingesting it ourselves, the lack of characterizing sources, what it can transport, blah blah blah. We know it's already in our food supply, but the idea that it hasn't seriously been considered for testing and regulation in our water is kinda not ideal. No, it ain't lead. Yes, I'm annoyingly anti-complacency. And who would have guessed, the guy doing research wants more research, right? I totally get that there are some undertones of paranoia, but whatevs. There are bigger problems in the world right now, but we probably shouldn't completely shelve this one.

Yuge CME confirmed. I'll walk back on my earlier words, the best viewing will probably be on Friday evening for us in the 'states.

ACE data from Lagrange point 1 says that the CME from Monday's flare hasn't even arrived there yet, and you'll need at least two hours after it hits ACE to see aurora. Tonight won't be bad viewing, but Friday will be spectacular. Friday's aurora may actually be too far south of you, still dunno about that B-field direction, but this CME about to hit should give us an idea. I guarantee that there are some folks in the spaceweather modeling and forecasting communities working around the clock right now. Besides me, I mean (quals tomorrow, lol).

Not yet.

My gut says wee morning hours of Friday, right before we'll rotate into daylight. Hopefully it's a big enough event to maintain the aurora until the sun sets. I think there's a very good chance that it will be, but I'm waiting to hear whether or not the magnetic field is oriented in the correct direction to give us maximum action. We may not know for sure until it hits Lagrange point 1, less than an hour upstream of us.

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