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I thought they were possibly replicas until I went back and looked more closely. There's a fuckin' ammo belt going into one of those car-mounted high caliber rigs!

I was also trolling you a little, I know how much you love IPAs :P

Oh for sure. Yeah, I'd give them at least 25 feet instead of the quoted 12, as a courtesy, like a bluetooth connection.

When I torture people, I don't do it on the ground floor, because I uh, I don't want to get noise complaints, you know? So add 10 or 20 vertical feet. Is it maybe even in a basement? Then, what, is she at the same corner of the building as the torture chamber? Yeah man, that phone isn't synching anything.

But it's ok, Kushner's defusing this whole thing as we speak

    The paper said Saudi intelligence agents had realized after he died that the watch was recording and they used his finger print to unlock it, deleting some files, but not all of them. The recordings were subsequently found on his phone, it said.

In case people didn't read the CNN article, the Apple Watch doesn't have the touchID fingerprint feature. Oops.

Sorry 'bl00, I'm blowing you up today. Edit: ya know, figuratively

NSFW alert: titties.

How can you mention a wasteland and trading bottle caps without acknowledging Fallout?

And would I get in trouble if I showed up with a case of these?:

OHHHhh maybe I should start collecting Art Car bottle caps. They just started distributing it in glass bottles.

Holy shit, I wanna go, but by the time I have a garage/money, the event will be well past its prime :(.

Well, the most radical corner of sociology, I guess. Not indicative of the whole, you're correct.

Did you hear about 'Ye's proposal that Trump ditch Airforce 1 in favor of iPlane 1, a hydrogen powered megaplane that would be made by Apple? 'Ye stole the graphics he presented from a student that studied design, although the student had no intention of invoking Apple as the manufacturer or Hydrogen for the energy source.

I really wish I just made all of that up.

    I mean, sociology is rapidly attempting to become a parody of itself but this paper is a catastrophe.

I only shared this in the hopes of getting Hubski to discuss it. Checked out the author's bio page, and found this other recent Atlantic article, What an Audacious Hoax Reveals About Academia:

    The sheer craziness of the papers the authors concocted makes this fact all the more shocking. One of their papers reads like a straightforward riff on the Sokal Hoax. Dismissing “western astronomy” as sexist and imperialist, it makes a case for physics departments to study feminist astrology—or practice interpretative dance—instead...

I did lol. It gets even funnier, actually.

Edit: I want to explicitly state that sociology is absolutely a discipline worth funding, but I would like to see a pronounced change in the culture and methodologies.

I think you made it. Yeah we had somewhere around 100 tornado warnings for Harris county (Houston) on a single day during Harvey. There's already rotation from hurricanes embedded in the atmosphere, so it's not difficult to spawn tornadoes. The good news is that a hurricane has probably never produced a tornado much stronger than an F1, only supercells can do that.

Anyway, I just checked and I'm finally registered to vote. Hopefully you'll have a similar experience.

Did you think it was like one of these:

...except with one of those dildo-piston attachments? Because that's what I meant.

It's for sure the "sick, bro" variant. The guy should patent the thing, if he hasn't already.

It depends on the circumstances, like if they show up themselves vs. if we find an automated probe. A probe is much more likely, thank christ

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