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I can't do movie theaters anymore, but I'm pumped to hear Hollywood put something good out. This is nickels and dimes on the production budget though, only $34 million. Guess that's all Wright really needed here.

Also, one of my good friends said Dunkirk blew his mind. Sounds like this summer's movie drought is finally over.

Eh, I'll try to keep the feed clear of additional Trump fodder, everybody's probably seen all this crap anyway:

As far as I'm concerned, Trump confirmed the report with his tweet about the leak. When you're gonna go up against the deep state, you should probably make sure you or your appointees and family members aren't involved in questionably legal dealings that they then feel the need to lie about under oath.

Since you've still got one foot left after shooting yourself in the other by confirming a rumor, Trump then tweets about his "complete" power to pardon, presumably in response to whispers that he had been exploring the issue with his team of lawyers.

What's interesting to me is that published rumors and allegations against Trump seem to have a confidence interval of ~95%. So far, there's been one debunked CNN story and the typical left-wing extremist nonsense. But for a large hunk of the country to lose faith in respected journalism institutions (WaPo, NY Times) simply because they're either told to, or don't like the implications of the reported news does not bode well for the next election cycle.

Hey StillWaters, I was creepin' on you a bit. Think I should look for a postdoc in Sweden or Norway?

Kasowitz is taking a few steps back. Probably not of his own will.

So many headlines today. Something big likely coming down the pipes.

Edit: Spicey's out

It reminded me of ^that^, which was readily found when searching Hubski for "mealworm scooter".

am_Unition  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Odd radio waves from a nearby star

It would really suck to have an exact conjunction between an interesting deep space object and one of the closest stars.

No... well, maybe. But I advise against distributing golf clubs to inmates. Especially wealthy billionaire types.

Trump campaign paid lawyer now representing son $50,000 in June

blahblahblah timeline, knew it was coming, etc.

My favorite takeaway from the Reuters article is that Trump is using supposedly grassroots campaign donations to finance his record-breaking number of lawsuits. C'mon, this is "evil mastermind" levels of performance artistry. Friendly reminder: you can golf-clap with handcuffs on.

    What's your take on the findings so far with Jupiter?

Currently, I don't have time to put together any insight more thorough than what you could find by googling. I'll be looking at all that stuff in about a year or so from now, but until then, my singular focus is publishing my own papers.

SoooOO0oOoO0o... did you ever sell your soul to a graduate school?

That is indeed what happened. Lockheed made the spacecraft, but stern looks are pretty cool, don't let me keep you from giving some out.

I take it you don't work on the pre-launch side of things, then. The QA and red tape have grown into a bureaucratic nightmare, and although Juno is only one example, I'd wager that the return on the investment into all the additional oversight is right around nothing. I'm so glad to be done with that phase of my project (MMS).

Is this geeking out? Do we tag kleinbl00 yet?

edit: lol, I can't say that. thread dead.

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