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The pessimist in me thinks this is all posturing designed to give NoKo a bit more leverage when they sit down with Trump & co.

This "war" hasn't been terribly active lately. Are they going to even slightly open up the DMZ for people to cross between countries? I doubt it.

Speaking of which, the news just broke: CIA Director Pompeo met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over Easter weekend

am_Unition  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski, I have a language question

I have just seen it used in the wild!

"The üge."

I remember, it was midnight, and August 22nd was turning into August 23rd. I was just rolling back into H-town from Tennessee, where I saw the total solar eclipse. I checked and saw a 100% chance of rain sustained for over 72 hours, beginning in a couple of days. I lol'd. I told my friends in the car "Wow, I've never seen these forecast models completely break before! Hilarious, someone's code has a bug."

Then I got home, I think I listened to music for an hour or so before I remembered to check the forecast again. That was when I saw that there was a storm developing over the Yucatan peninsula that everyone agreed would head this way and just hang out about with its eye about 100 miles southwest of here for several days. That night, I made a facebook post warning everyone, I think it got about 6 likes.

So I guess I'm not really impressed with these people who just translate NOAA or European forecasts into words. It's cool, they give it a voice, but I feel like they're just rehashing other people's work into a weatherman blog. I guess that's a form of work, but I've never been terribly impressed. But I do respect that they (at least used to) make an effort to respond to people's comments and especially questions.

At least the article concedes that meteorology is all about pattern recognition. So much of my understanding of space weather is based on checking all the various plots on every day for over a decade, now.

IMHO, the real heroes are the people programming the models. And they're almost always the most reclusive people you'll ever meet.

I think she decided "no".

I totally feel you, and I apologize for stoking your fury.

Just stay safe, man.

My favorite song over-dub is Tomi Lahren's verbal diarrhea.

My favorite SuperDeluxe upload of all time is Vic Berger's State of the Union edit. I'm hoping that Vic is just taking a little break from his craft and not stopping altogether, it's been awhile since he made something.

Sense made: 0. Par for the infowars course.

Perhaps most scary is that Trump has ever interacted with him. It still brings a tear to my own eye to see anyone turn on Trump, regardless of how batshit crazy they are.

am_Unition  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What's the best weather app?

Gah, the ad animations crash the radar animations. I might spring for the ad-free, paid version, it’s probably worth it. Best weather service and app, hands down.

Poe's Law has become increasingly annoying for anyone trying to understand politics in the last few years.

All it would have taken me was one quick google search, but no, I couldn’t even do that.

    What's a "kakistocracy"? Must be something that Islamic Communists oppose, like American values and patriotism.

    - Rep. Steven Smith (R)

What a moron. One google search, with 5 seconds of reading. He couldn't even do that.

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