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Woohoo! Only slightly sleep-deprived? I'm not going to post my sleep schedule, I will be chastised. And I'm a big boy, so I do my own scolding these days.

We're possibly entering another grand solar minimum. Very little storming/spots, the previous sunspot cycle was a dud, but it's almost over. No one really knows what happens next. Either way, we have been steadily putting more and more satellites up there, and another major coronal mass ejection event could happen any day, even when the sun's looking chill. We know space weather, but not space climate. If we have another Carrington Event sometime soon, I'm worried somebody will think somebody else has plans to use the opportunity for a nuclear strike, and go on the defensive (read: offensive). Regardless of whatever chain of events it sets in motion, we have the potential to see tens to hundreds of billion$ in damaged satellites. Yessir.

Geo is in the outer rad belt, true, but the outer belt is electrons, and the stopping power of several MeV electrons isn't so bad. You could (and probably would) have people living on the thing, underground, but not many, and they should have an evacuation plan that takes less than a day to execute, in the event of a "serious enough" storm. You could kinda control the asteroid's potential, if you needed to, with the ion thrusters, and you could shield the most sensitive electronics using the asteroid's surface geometry (and going sub-surface). As for induced currents from geomagnetic storming, I think you could design for it, but there's no need to run the thing during the rare storm. Strong currents from storming most intensely affect systems above a certain scale size (as I'm sure you know). Cosmic ray degredation of circuitry edit: and people :( might be the biggest problem, no atmosphere. No cosmic showers! Probably not many showers on that hunk of rock at all.

Here's another space-y idea for you to check out: Ballpark estimate how energy would have to be dumped into the Earth's atmosphere (over some span of time) to de-orbit the Iridium satellite constellation (via enhanced drag from more collisions cuz higher density) in a period of 2 hours? In a period of 8 hours? You can assume homogeneous heating of the atmosphere and equilibrium with a magical heating element that we're distributing evenly across all of the atmospheric particles, so still a maxwellian distribution (in the thermosphere). Edit2: I'm thinking it's not exactly maxwellian up there, but whatever, justify some boost in the distribution function/shape. You'll need a couple/few other simplifying assumptions, probably. I think in reality, heating would be quite localized to the auroral regions, and the Iridium satellites are in polar orbit, so they do pass through there. Actually, people get magnetometer data from those guys, AMPERE, and nobody tells anybody else about much of this cool stuff, because I dunno.

This is now a space thread.

Totally agree. Theranos comes to mind.

"Hey subscribers! And if you're new here, welcome to my channel. As you can tell by my username (DyingHeart69), I can't afford a heart transplant, but if you just click here, you can head on over to kickstartmyheart.com and help me out! What'dya say? Think I should live? I know it's not a sanctioned kickstarter, but I didn't have to time to get licensed!! It's gonna stop beating any second now!..."

I'm not taking any more of your money, I'm already using tax dollars in my existing (feeble) attempts to save the world.

If you're talking about giving money to the architecture firm, maybe they won't tell you the same thing.

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Yep. Followed by "...what a waste of metal! How can they justify th... ...ohhhh."

Cool link, thanks.

If only there was an example of an ex-mobster-turned-dictator-of-major-country that Trump has said he really admires... whose first name started with a "V"...

The videos embedded in the article have since been taken down via copyright claim :). Makes you wonder how many people are out there sitting on viral content, unintentionally waiting for current events to make them a martyr.

It's kind of a shame infowars.com is registered to Alex Dipshit, and not just because the phrase "infowars.com" is now memetic artistry, in and of itself. I hope at least one person pukes from reading that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but no one's ever lived through an age when this many pieces of intelligence were so weaponized. Trump's administration and the media's response have really pushed the envelope forward in this department, it's been somewhat of a quantum leap forward. I think the increasing political polarity is a symptom of our inclination to organize into a collective when we're each individually bombarded with more information than any one person can hope to sift through in a lifetime. The polarity has dialed up as the age of information marches on.

"Oh, like needing subsidies or even bailouts from a great American government?"

Trading just north of $50. Crazy. I've been more-kidding-than-not this entire time. If I wasn't poor, I would have bought several hundred ETH a few months ago. Takes money to make money, I guess.

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Not intelligent enough to feign intelligence. You can only put so much makeup on a thing.

It did! And I just F5'd, now the post has been tagged "humor". Yep, that's r/de/.

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He just found out that healthcare is complex several days ago.

My elitist pig friends and I (also elitist pig) still occasionally make jabs at the business major types, and this whole episode hasn't been helping me get over that stereotype. Rumor has it he's a failure in business, at least, so I shouldn't let it reinforce anything.

But yeah, I think people are nailing it when they say that the GOP has become a "party of opposition" that's forgotten how to pass laws. Either that or they're all just sitting on their hands before someone takes Donny away in a straightjacket.

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