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I think 'bl00 has said it before, but this really is the Hanlon's Razor presidency.

Honestly, I don't think that is evidence he's guilty of election interference with the Russians, it's just that he equates special counsel investigations with dirt and bad press. And here we are, with some new dirt, and him pretending to be totally exonerated when it's clear he attempted to obstruct justice on many occasions. We know Barr's view is that a president can't obstruct justice, he was very clear about that in his unsolicited letter/job application to the white house last year. So now Barr is doing exactly what Trump lamented Sessions wasn't - protecting Trump. Obviously, that is not the function of an attorney general, despite Trump et al.'s (very poor) perception of previous relationships between the AG and presidents.

It is my opinion that enough evidence exists to impeach both Trump and Barr, but we all know the motion would only pass the house after a vote along party lines, and would die in the senate. If I had to choose between Dems winning the presidency or the Senate in 2020, I'd probably choose the presidency, but only just.

How is this not clear evidence of obstruction of justice? He asked a legal representative to lie to the special counsel. Maybe his defense strategy will be to claim he's too stupid to know better, but somehow smart enough to run the country.

I've had a conversation where a woman scientist implored me to never forget the struggle of women in science, or even more rarely, a hispanic (male) scientist (even in my neck of the woods!). And she's absolutely right on both accounts. Extrapolating the rarity of brown to black makes for even more appalling statistics, in line with my own experiences.


One of the reasons why she was dismissed was because the number of lines of code she committed to Github was only a small fraction of a male team member's lines of code committed. Regardless of the fact that the worth of a code library and number of lines are only somewhat correlated, it's still an incredibly stupid argument, and it reminds me of this snippet that a musician shared with me way back in the day:

    I thought using loops was cheating, so I programmed my own using samples. I then thought using samples was cheating, so I recorded real drums. I then thought that programming it was cheating, so I learned to play drums for real. I then thought using bought drums was cheating, so I learned to make my own. I then thought using premade skins was cheating, so I killed a goat and skinned it. I then thought that that was cheating too, so I grew my own goat from a baby goat. I also think that is cheating, but I’m not sure where to go from here. I haven’t made any music lately, what with the goat farming and all.

My understanding is that she wrote a lot of the crucial algorithms that stitched the data together into a final composite image (plzdon'tsaypicture x3). That she did science using a code library someone else authored is no surprise to anyone doing science. It's how most scientists operate day in and day out.

I know some brilliant women in my little field, but I don't know of a single black person. It bothers me. And I've met exactly one black female physicist in all my days. But judging by the demographics of some of the classes I TA'd a few years ago, that shouldn't last too long :).

am_Unition  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: LOL no.

Stella seems like the kinda person that flicks lit cigarette butts out of her driver’s side window and then wants you to help her pay the fine for burning down the forest.

I'll consolidate the daily Trump bullshit here:


    President Trump last week urged Kevin McAleenan, whom he was about to name as acting secretary of homeland security, to close the southwestern border despite having just said that he was delaying a decision on the step for a year, according to three people briefed about the conversation.

    It was not clear what Mr. Trump meant by his request or his additional comment to Mr. McAleenan that he would pardon him if he encountered any legal problems as a result of taking the action.

Is directing a public servant to commit a federal crime with the promise of a pardon in the event of conviction an impeachable offense? Asking for a friend.

EDIT: Also, I think the question of dumping immigrants in sanctuary cities is an interesting one, but his motivations behind doing it are, well, deplorable. EDIT2: durrrr, I see it says almost exactly that in the article now, but that was my honest first impression too

am_Unition  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: First Ever Images of a Black Hole

Hah, actually, nobody asked me nothin' this time around. Which was kinda nice.

We do have many confirmations of GR, like the precession of Mercury's perihelion, twin paradox experiments using atomic clocks, required GPS corrections, and so on. But the idea that we shouldn't continually constrain things both experimentally and theoretically is silly. Besides, the space near black holes is such an extreme environment that it's one of the best opportunities to see if GR breaks down.

Of course the first blurry images from something only several microarcseconds wide are gonna match the models. So don't do it? That's like saying we shouldn't take the first steps towards a necessary goal because the first steps are boring (which I disagree with anyway). Too bad, you gotta lay the groundwork for better imaging in the future. And I don't think anyone asking about "the point of it" has even a vague grasp of the technical challenges already overcome by the Event Horizon Telescope team.

Very rarely is only one person in a committed relationship significantly ignorant.

I thought about posting this too but it was just too disillusioning. The guy's a mess, and was rightfully skewered by that interviewer.

"I don't think about things that matter. Here, let me prove it with these ignorant statements."

I'm planning to write a proposal someday for a new propulsion system called "2Dπ", pronounced "tooty pie". It's going to be entirely about farts, but you won't know it until the last sentence and/or diagram.

am_Unition  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Lolbrooks: Twitter edition

Imagine getting payed a 7 figures salary to repost a scatter plot someone else showed you in response to your original tweet

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