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I'd say this was great news if I had any faith that those who come after Mugabe would be an better than he is. I wish good luck to the people of Zimbabwe!

I had a situation where a person (not a coustomers and a guy with no intention to become one) was told to leave, refused and was then told to leave forcefully, after which he did the other day. The situation is somewhat bizarre and I don't feel like telling the whole convuluted tale right now.

Anyway he next day someone goes on Google and registers my business as permanently closed. I seem to get more grief from people who aren't coustomers than people that aren't.

Anyway people are assholes. This lady was an asshole and the driver showed a great deal of caution and awareness in a situation that easily could have gone a lot worse.

Most prosecutors default is asshole, her conduct isn't suprising.

You should check out Michael Jackson The Stripped Mix. It a collection of classics with a good deal of the production removed. I think you would like it.

    To me this is a really shallow look at things, though. I mean yes, if we were able to magically hand-waive away all guns we'd probably have fewer mass shootings. But it doesn't automatically follow that we'd have fewer mass murders. (The prime example is that the deadliest U.S. mass murder in a school was committed with dynamite.)

It doesn't automatically follow, you might need to ponder it for a split second. If you meant to suggest something other than getting rid of guns probably wouldn't reduce the chance of mass murder you were so unclear that no one should be faulted for misunderstanding you.

It also goes back to a conversation from a while back where I said that gun owner that don't admit that they are a greater statistical danger of dying by a gun are hypocrites who are denying the evident reality of academic data, and that every gun owner is the safest and wisest gun owner of all time until they aren't. You're position was that you were in no way less safe because you owned a gun. I find that hypocritical.

The only gun legislation I actively support is that all gun sales have go through a rigorous and timely background check. I think I'm the person who doesn't have any dog in the gun legislation fight, I don't own a gun but also believe that the 2nd amendment should allow any citizen to own a gun. I don't believe that you are dispassionate and objective in your views on the subject, I only have my perception of what you've said about it judge your position.

    I'm beginning to think that this mindset isn't actually unusual or unprecedented. We throw out any kind of reason, plan, or ideology in favor of a vague personal loyalty all the time. Moreover, is this really any different from the "I'll always support the Democrat in an election" mentality? The only difference is that now it's applied to a single person rather than a party, but I wonder if maybe that's not actually a meaningful distinction.

This is why I didn't bother commenting on you suggestion that outlawing gun wouldn't reduce the number of mass killings.

cgod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: November 8, 2017

I can't drum a bit, proficient in a few instruments but talentless at drums.

I used to hang out with a few great drummers and noticed some habits that seemed to drive their craft. All three of them would strip their kits down to snare, high hat and kick every few months. The stripped down intervals really seemed to focus their styles and skills. They all spent a time practicing on just snare and high hat as well.

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My kid could watch Robo Cop and not flinch. She is a hard little monster.

She really, really, really wants to watch scarier horror movies. She loves Goosebumps, Beetlejuice and Coraline and knows that there are way scarier things that she would love to consume. For the life of me I can't think of many 'safe' horror movies for her at age 6. We watched Army of Darkness, which she declared was the best movie ever, and Night of the Living Dead. Wish I could think of others that aren't too horrible or sexual, maybe the Dark Crystal, it gave me nightmares as a kid but I think she would eat it up. Personally neither me or the wife are horror fans.

As an aside, I think my kid might watch and hour or two of YouTube a week on average. It's not a big passion of hers.

cgod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Something is Wrong on the Internet

I'm afraid my kid might like some of the weirder shit if she could find it. She's and odd duck.

Mostly she likes to watch videos of kids and animals dancing and a videos made by a pretty slick kid friendly magician. I only casually supervise her YouTube experience. She's probably seen some inappropriate stuff but not terribly inappropriate and kids need to be exposed to some left field shit so that they don't crumple up like tissue the first time they get hit by stiff breeze.

The absolute worst thing she's seen is when I was trying to find a stream of the despicable movie Jumanji for her. It wasn't being streamed on any of the crap we are subscribed too, so I started looking at putlockers. A decidedly XXX rated add came up on one of them. Weeks later she said "Dad, I've been thinking about what that man was doing with his penis". Baaaagghh buuurrrggeee gaaahhh, fuck my life.

I discovered that Trevor Dandy track earlier this year, it's a gem and that album cover is priceless.

Tell me when you'll be around and I'll tell flac.

I can't wait to taste the new branding!

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