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History is exactly that.

Did you just come to troll? Doesn't seem like your style.

Do you still think voter fruad is a problem that can only be solved by the disenfranchisement of colored people?

cgod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Lawns Are an Ecological Disaster

I've used a rotary push mower.

They are fine if it's a smaller lawn.

cgod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Lawns Are an Ecological Disaster

I never water, nor do most my neighbors.

I've never fertalized.

Brown lawns aren't frowned on around here.

I've got a lot of clover in my lawn, not intentional but I'm fine with it.

cgod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What do you think of this jacket?

This jacket screams player character!

cgod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 16, 2018

I've made a bunch of good trades for coffee in the last week or so.

I traded two different guys for records. Several interesting albums, some 45's about $100 worth in all.

A lady who works at a weed warehouse traded me 36 high power edibles, a mix of 50/50 and 100% THC. They will last me months as long as the wife doesn't get into them too hard. She is way too generous a trader. She starts insisting to pay about half way into the trade value.

I got an arborist to cut down the base of a tree which I've cut down 90% of but the remaining 10% is too thick for my tiny electric chainsaw.

I love trades.

I get Tom Wolfe and Thomas Wolfe mixed up.

I love Thomas Wolfe's Look Homeward Angel and have almost purchased Tom Wolfe books in my confusion.

I didn't make it through the Electric Kool-aid Acid Test.

A simply unacceptable number of "drug" sniffing dogs are really just handler pleasing probable cause machines. They can tell when their handler wants them to alert and a dogs desire to please it's master is hardwired way deeper than any drug detection training.

I'll just throw these few post out there for anyone's perusal. I often like this guys legal writing. I'm sure there are better breakdowns on drug sniffing dogs but his blog was where I started to pay attention to what bullshit drug pups were.

Most stations broadcast from the same local tower. Maybe the tower went down knowcking all of them out at the same time?

Not poisitive that TV is the same as raidio but I know raidio towers are usually centerally located.

Some of it's pretty good.

In the end I don't think I'd listen to it more than a one or two times.

Reminds me of Explosions in the Sky (I think that's the name of the band). Reasonably good music but for some reason it doesn't have legs for me, maybe not enough hooks to stick.

I find Japanese music frustrating. I like any number of bands but digging any deeper than the handful of stuff I know is hard. I end up looking up band members and seeing what other bands they were in. I guess I should start trolling english speaking blogs about Japanese music until I find the guy who shares my sense of taste.

I'd read it.

I've head and seen so many different tales of addiction and recovery, no two are the same.

cgod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Batdance

I had no memory of this but I don't think I'll forget it again soon.

This album is killing me. I've listened to it on a number of sound systems and I'm normally not snotty about this kind of thing but it's a lot more enjoyable on pristine vinyl with great speakers than as a high quality digital copy played on anything else. Maybe the vinyl copy I've been lent is a really great remaster?

Don't know anything about this band but I'll be digging out more from them. It really makes me want to fight.

White folks killing it afro beat style with one of Fela's kids and friends.

Sounds good on the shop sound system at painfully loud volumes.

Heard this track on dope mix tapes for years, what a fucking photo. Estonian soul music? Sure, I guess, it's cool.

If you like post punk or No Wave you'll probably love this gem of an album. 9 out of 10 Joy Division fans agree that it's at least decent.

Since I'm spamming the shit out of 'share some music' this week, here's what my kid has listened to waaayyy too many times for me to possibly enjoy it anymore. Freaky little kid I've made myself... "Daddy, Daddy, play me the disturbing song again!"

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