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Show me evidence that James Mattis at anytime acted without the best interest of the cooperation at heart or with corrupt motives. Mattis was caught up in the scam like a ton of other people, an unwitting dupe. Mattis wasn't on the board because his brilliant financial skills or his penetrating knowledge of biology, he was brought on board to lobby for government contracts. He tried to do his job as a board member but the product he was sold and which he was selling was an enormous scam, something he found out well after accepting a board position.

Hilary should have flown down in her super suit and prevented casualties during a war right? Something bad happened while she was more directly accountable than Mattis ever was and she should burn at the stake.

Partisan bullshit, if you buy it that's your problem.

This is some Bengazi level bullshit.

Annnnnnndddd heerrrrrsss Jonny (Bolton)!

I think John Bolton will replace McMaster and John Bolton is a fucking insane terror.

Your free not to call bro.

You can call your senator when it's time for the floor vote.

Gina Haspel should be a convicted felon, not a CIA director.

If you are represented by a Senator on the Senatorial Select Committee on Intelligence, and you share my sentiment, call them. Find out how they are going to vote in committee and urge them to vote against. They will conduct a separate investigation on qualification from the one the executive presents them and will either recommend or decline to recommend the nominee.

Almost no one who has been declined a recommendation from their committee has ever gotten through a nomination. It probably isn't likely that they will decline but you never know. John McCain sits on the select committee and maybe he isn't done fucking with Trump. More than a few people who might want to run for President are on the list who might like to poke Trump in the eye. I'll be calling Wyden tomorrow.

Richard Burr, North Carolina, Chairman

Jim Risch, Idaho

Marco Rubio, Florida

Susan Collins, Maine

Roy Blunt, Missouri

James Lankford, Oklahoma

Tom Cotton, Arkansas

John Cornyn, Texas

Mark Warner, Virginia, Vice Chairman

Dianne Feinstein, California,

Ron Wyden, Oregon

Martin Heinrich, New Mexico

Angus King, Maine[11]

Joe Manchin, West Virginia

Kamala Harris, California

John McCain, Arizona

Mitch McConnell, Kentucky

Jack Reed, Rhode Island

Chuck Schumer, New York

I guess I'm narrow minded in that I don't feel comfortable assigning someone I haven't chosen to decide what information I or my family consumes.

cgod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Another Giant Step

I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Maybe it's a REDTIDE!!!

cgod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Facebook says it's mk's birthday. Is it?

A mutual friend confirms that it's Marks birthday.

Happy Birthday Mark!

Don't lie and say your 70 years old.

It's kind of a bummer to realize that you are an unhappy asshole who makes the world a worse place to be. It was also comforting to come to the realization that I was one way but could become another.

I probably took four trips in my first year or two of drug exploration that gave me insight and edged my perspective toward a happier way of living.

I tripped a lot more than that. Most those trips were interesting but not profound. Interacting with friends and lovers often deepens your understanding and strength of your relations. I only take a significant dose about once a year now a days, usually with my wife. I will occasionally pop a single cap or stem for a little perspective change, it's fun, does not impair my ability to be social or functional.

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