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cgod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: NEED HELP -- Make a song with TNG.

about one and a half minutes.

I like Robert Ashley and have never listened to this. I'll check it out when I don't have an obnoxious 6 year old interrogating me about the the world's minutiae.

I've got a motley bunch of audio equipment.

A few Dennon Amplifiers because everything I've ever owned from them has worked flawlessly for ever. First component CD player I ever owned was Dennon and it lasted for 30 years of moves and constant use before I gave it away.

My other decent turntable is a 70's Sanyo.

I have a nice set of Paradigm speakers at the shop and total shit speakers hooked up to the TV. I don't watch the TV very often and it's good enough for the wife and kid.

I have few junky garage sale turntables and amps around as backups if anything fails at the shop or at home. I should by a back up coffee brewer for the shop before I hoard old AV equipment but I guess I'm dumb like that.

I feel like you have to spend significant money to get better modern audio equipment than you can get at garage sales or ebay. It's hard to find an affordable 2 channel amp let alone one with a phono preamp. Everything affordable is geared toward video multi channel, which I could care less about.

Lol, it's the Stranger, didn't notice.

Inslee has been all over the place as a rising star, was the 3rd or 4th piece I've seen blowing his trumpet this week and didn't realize.

My buddy just moved back from the Netherlands two months ago after a six month stint.

He thought it was much less racist than the U.S. or Great Britain.

Who knows how much of the undercurrents of the society he couldn't pick up on?

I feel like I don't know or meet as many dumb people as I used to.

Maybe it's because I'm not around as many young people, or because of where I live or maybe I'm less judgmental, defensive or petty.

I do get your point nonetheless.

Wow, how'd ya find them so quick?

Thanks for that.

Just seems like anything Inslee does is news now a days.

They don't even mention that Oregon was doing this under Obama, wait, that's it! It's because it's anti Trump! Never mind that not cooperating with ICE was the moral thing to do the whole time and that this is now news because it's anti-trump. I get it, never mind, I don't know what I was thinking.

Inslee should run for president or something.

Oh yea, the turntable is Technics 1200 that once belonged to ecib. It was packed away for the last two years. The 45 record adapter seems to have gone missing and damn if those things aren't kinda pricy ($20). It's OK because I usually play 45's on this.

Underneath is about 2/3 of my non 45 records. All generas, lots of crap, some fantastic stuff. I have a few crates at the shop, a few crates in another room.

cgod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Ask Hubski: Name your all-star band

I knew when this post first went up that Marvin and James were in my band but just Couldn't fill it out.

The other two guys had to fantastic without being glory hogs. The most important thing in soul music is not stepping on the singer. Filled the last two slots while washing dishes the other day.

Summers and Miles know how to make the rest of a band sound great while still pushing their own personality and sound.

cgod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Reviewing Yeezus in 2016

I always thought that if I studied musicology I'd write about Kanye. His work is so autobiographical. So much of it is all about him but in a different way from all the other autobiographical hip hop.

He is as self-agrandizing as any rapper but he also bears his soul, knows it's despicable and ugly but leaves it there for all to behold.

Rappers have flaunted their antisocialness for a long time but Kanye redefined it. Big L made himself an object of terror, like a dog that should be put down. Kanye has raps that can do little but make the careful listener look at him as a contemptible piece of shit.

And godamn if the man isn't filled to the brim with talent.

Despite his pettyness, his nastyness, his antisocialness his occasional hideous honesty and massive talent make his work unique.

As a body of work, it's a journey through a man's life like no other.

Why does the media fawn over Inslee so much? Non-cooperation with ICE by law enforcement has been a part of Oregon law for a while. Oregon recently expanded it to all governmental employees before Washington.

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