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Chances are, we'll get along.


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I'm thinking I'm going to do it.

I'll still be paying loans off for about a decade. But getting a master's will definitely increase my income through connections to higher paying gigs, ultimately decreasing the amount of time I'll be paying off loans.

The loan I could get for these two years would be an interest-free one from a friend.

What's your field and what unusual avenues did a Master's open?

    It was incredibly beneficial on a personal level and developed my practice quite a lot in a short amount of time

That's what I'm looking for. Jazz Composition is a part of the program and that's something I really want to delve into even further. I write for a sextet and have [an album](thesextet.bandcamp.com) out of my writing/arranging. I know there's more that I can learn to deepen my understanding in order express myself more thoroughly.

I'm also interested in the fact that it'd be a great networking opportunity. "You're network is your net worth."

She's very supportive of the whole situation, but I haven't asked her that specifically. Our friendship spans 11 years resulting in a very strong bond. I'll talk with her about this today, thanks for providing the consideration!

will check out later, quick glimpse looks fruitful

If not at school I'd continue to play around town and work on music on my own. I currently gig about 4/5 nights a week.

Yeah it is a really good price tag. I'm just hesitant about adding more debt. I currently have a day job that I work two days a week that I could keep up once the school year begins. I'm also married and my wife has a salary job teaching at a Montessori school.

Danke Papa Hubski

I was overdue :)

thanks brother :)

Amazing, thank you very much!

I think it's safe to say Moving On is my favorite tune I've written so far.

Hell yeah :)

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