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The end is near O.O

I was wondering how long it will take until something like this shows up.

A common discussion topic in our group is the future of scientific publishing. My boss, who profited a lot from the current system, believes that things should continue this way, with a "story driven format". As in, you do experiments after experiments in your lab until you have a "story" to tell. And then you package all those data to make a nice story and publish it as such.

I think that this approach will die out. It is inefficient and a lot of stuff is cherry-picked to fit your current beliefs. What happens, you get only part of the data, part of the "actual story". Things that do not fit your argument, or even contradict it, are swept under the rug or simply ignored. A better approach, in my opinion, would be a "by experiment" approach. You basically plan an experiment based on previous data, declare that you are doing it, do the experiment, and publish the results. Rinse and repeat. At the end,you can write a story, if you like. It will serve scientific communication, but not your experts and colleages. They know whats happening anyway.

His main argument against such an approach is that we would flood the scientific world with tidbits of information that is incoherent. We need to put things into a story for people to remember and process it.

True, people need that. Not computers with powerful algorithms.

I am kinda stocked and scared about this.

Didn't expect to see the Kangaroo here... It is following me

An arabic rap band that covers old arabic poems? heck yes!

Here is one from Nizar Qabbani, a poem that is known for his feminist view. In this poem however, he critisizes the stangnant arabic world.

I went through something similar with electro-swing and basically never listen to it anymore.

But, sometimes, I check out some of the lesser known artists to see what they produced. Like Odjbox for example

He for example had a record a few years ago with instrumental bits. I guess he is evolving, ,changing?

I liked this one from him

Maybe demiurrrge will like it

Amazing video. I always read that it is being used in the guts of some pipelines I am using but I never really understood why. This makes much more sense now! Thank you :)

If you ask me, this is the solution that I want the most.

If you ask everybody else, this is the worst solution.

The problem with this solution is that it requires both sides to shed their narrativs COMPLETELY.

No jewish state (no jewish majority), no return of refugees etc.

It is a very idealistic solution. But not possible, I think.

Or what makes you think it is?

I have no clue what this plan looks like. But I expect it not to be anything towards a federation or a one-state solution.

Been thinking about the Federation Plan today and I am liking it.

All of this combined with the first rocket attack from the Gaza strip for a long time. This time, it hit a small kibbutz just 1km away from my (arabic) home town north of tel aviv.

Hamas is saynig that they did not do the attack. But now we are heading towards another full blown attack on Gaza, and it just started.

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Name: Cumol

Location: Heidelberg, Germany

Age: 29

Current preoccupation: PhD in Neuroscience, in my last year. At crossroads to the next step. I am liking programming, a lot.

Cumol  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 6, 2019

Hey! Sadly, I am not... But you you want some suggestions on stuff to do, beyond the Taglit propaganda tour, let me know :)

Apart from that, I have a lot of friends in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem if you are up for party or meeting some burners!

Damn those poppy catchy beats in the norwegian song

I haven't followed the Israeli selection that well but one of my favorite artists is competing and from what I heard she is rocking it.

Her version of Karma Police is probably the best I have heard :D (filmed in old Jaffa)

After watching the Palestine Unerground Boiler Rool Documentary I was shocked the I only knew the israeli/palestinian part of the story (and music). I went deep into the featured artists from Ramallah and found some interesting and lovely gems!

This one is by Makimakkuk and its beautiful

There are also some interesting hip hop artists and beat makers. This guy, Al Nather, did a great job with this beat!

Cumol  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 9, 2019

galen I will be in Freiburg on the 19th with some friends. Wanna join?

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