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At one point I had three cars and two parking permits, but then I'm a deviant.

I was also cautioned by the police about curbstoning, so there's that.

    For example, Americans used to move a lot to seize opportunities and transform their lives. But the rate of Americans who are migrating across state lines has plummeted by 51 percent from the levels of the 1950s and 1960s.

It's almost as if Republicans have been pushing homeownership as if it were some sort of investment rather than a potential anchor to hang around your neck when you need to move to where the work is.

    Americans used to be entrepreneurial, but there has been a decline in start-ups as a share of all business activity over the last generation.

It's almost as if the credit crackdown against small businesses and bankruptcies had an impact on the availability of credit.

    Americans tell themselves the old job-for-life model is over. But in fact Americans are switching jobs less than a generation ago, not more. The job reallocation rate — which measures employment turnover — is down by more than a quarter since 1990.

It's almost as if people recognize that the steady paycheck they enjoy is in constant peril and jeopardy. Hey, David - know any statistics like that?

    For every one American man aged 25 to 55 looking for work, there are three who have dropped out of the labor force. If Americans were working at the same rates they were when this century started, over 10 million more people would have jobs.

Thanks, bud!

b_b's lolbrooks tag is one of my favorites.

Yeah. grab the audio channel and apply an LUFS auto-rider to it.

I no speaky HTML5. I assume this is a script that would detect an ad by its element and then knock the playback volume down by 50%? That definitely puts you at the mercy of Youtube throwing up a "by the way this is a commercial" flag in the stream.

On the other hand, writing a Chrome plugin or the like that grabs the audio stream and knocks the playback volume down proportionally based on excursions from LKFS would make you 100% content independent.

No standards at all for internet video.

Know what I used for loudness before the CALM act?

Know what I use for loudness post-CALM act?

Do you... think these guys know what all that green shit means?

Devac - Youtube doesn't change the volume. They don't actually change anything. It's that the advertisers know they can get your attention by running higher loudness. That's why they did it for decades. You being annoyed doesn't matter; they have your attention and any study you care to point to will demonstrate that "awareness" matters and "annoyance" is transitory. You'll remember that jingle long past the point where you remember you hate it.

Even under CALM you can still tweak it, just not as much. You're a math nerd, D. Here's how LKFS is calculated. Broadcast level was originally a function of fitting maximum intelligibility in a signal that had to be broadcast dozens or hundreds of miles; Internet level is a function of not clipping it if you don't it to sound bad but that's too technically advanced for most people anyway so fukkit.

By the way, this ad reduction isn't about you, the watcher. It's about the guys paying for the ads.

Not common knowledge, but the way everybody counts "views" is different and what everybody charges is different. A Youtube video counts as a "play" if it autoplays for so much as a second, for example. Meanwhile, the amount Google gets to charge per ad goes down every year because frankly, advertisers are sick of their shit. So P&G, and probably everybody else soon, has decided they're no longer paying Google and Facebook and anybody else unless they fucking adhere to metrics that aren't crazy bullshit.

    The organization consists of more than 650 media and technology companies that are responsible for selling, delivering and optimizing digital advertising or marketing campaigns. The IAB’s members account for 86 percent of online advertising in the United States.

so hard not to go Godwin on this...

    /b/ was always the shitpost containment board.

The raison d'etre of the article is that the shitposts are not only uncontained, but that they're fully malignant to democracy. Whether you like Trump for the lulz or because he destabilizes Western democracy enough for you to seize Poland doesn't matter - you get to seize Poland.

    4chan, and all the chan boards serve a purpose.

And again - the purpose they serve internally has been superseded by the effects they have caused externally. You can warn people to stay way from the Chans in loud, steady tones... but they're fucking up democracy now. When someone calls you a cuck in a WeHo bar there's no avoiding it anymore.

"Wealth - any income that is at least one hundred dollars more a year than the income of one's wife's sister's husband." - HL Mencken

Assume you're a basement-dwelling /b/tard. Assume your high school rival is a coder for Google. From a comparative wealth standpoint it is just as effective to destroy all employment prospects for coders everywhere as it is for you to find a killer gig writing in Ruby.

That is what the article is about.


    It must be pointed out that only particulate iodine was reported. When detectable, gaseous iodine is usually dominant and can be estimated to be 3 to 5 times higher than the fraction of particulate iodine.


    By far, the most efficient and effective mode for applying biological weapons is creation of an aerosol cloud. Such a cloud is made up of microscopic particles and is therefore invisible. It can be produced in several ways, all of which involve either an explosion (a bomb or a bomb within a missile) or spraying (usually involving a special nozzle on a spray tank). The effectiveness of the cloud is determined by numerous factors, such as the amount of agent that survives the explosion or spraying, and the wind and weather conditions. The primary result of an effective cloud is simultaneous infections among all those who were exposed to a sufficiently dense portion of the cloud. In addition, agents that can survive for a long time in the environment will eventually settle, contaminating the ground, buildings, water and food sources, and so on. In some cases, these sediments can form another dangerous aerosol cloud if they are disturbed.

If I wanted to, say, determine whether or not I could give Western Europe the flu on election day, I can think of worse ways than spraying a carefully metered amount of Iodine 131 up in the North Sea and waiting for somebody to give me a handy dispersion map like this.

The black areas aren't necessarily places with no iodine. They are places where there are no Ring of 5 members, therefore the detection might not have been measured. Thus, the WC-135 flights.

Ohhh, Padewan.

This is the same list flac linked to. The study was done in '89 and was apparently researched based on what they had down at the Home Depot that week. To no one's surprise, orchids aren't that great at filtering air but everything else pretty much is.

The one time I didn't have plants was when a heroin addict moved into the house and stole my shit. And my roommates stopped paying for heat.

Actually I don't have plants now but I've got a 40sqft green wall and enough yard that I had to chip 8 bags worth last weekend. and I'm thinking of setting up a damn terrarium because that's the kind of idiot I am.

That list reads like a who's who of fashionable late '80s houseplants. It's awesome.

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