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    Shit's fucked when you get to call stupidity "autism" and get away with it.

This is the modus operandi of 4chan: a safe space for people to converse under an alternate set of social mores. Fans of 4chan argue that this is a vital function in an overly restrictive, alienating environment; detractors of 4chan argue that this function normalizes inappropriate behavior outside of 4chan.

hint: the detractors are correct

One need only point at the anti-vax community to give lie to that.

Doing a google image search on "white power hand sign" is the most backandtothelefty collection of pictures I've seen in a long-ass time. It is literally crazier than similar searches for "chemtrails", "HAARP" or "911 inside job."

Needs the TVTropes disclaimer, though. I burned 90 minutes there yesterday.

    One mom who was off her mood drugs making an accusation and your career is over.

Can confirm. Good friend had to give up a career in christian camps because a 13-year-old boy decided it'd be fun to skunk his life. THE KID EVEN RECANTED and he still lost his job and couldn't get rehired anywhere, even out of state. He's a thousand miles away working the physical plant now.

Other friend is the daughter of the middle school science teachers. Couple of my sister's classmates decided they didn't like the mom so they made allegations against the dad because they knew it would stick and maybe they could get 'em both to leave. 18-month investigation, total recantation, early retirement.

I have had women come up to question me

at parks

standing next to a stroller

while I watch my daughter play

because if you're male and anywhere near small children, you're a pedophile.

Stop being an alpha male! Participate in your kids' lives! Take them to the park! Get the stinkeye from every paranoid mother there because what's wrong with you, participating in your kid's life YOU FUCKING PERVERT.

kleinbl00  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Living in the Trump Zone

Counter-hypothesis: We have a president who

- has never governed

- has never shown interest in governing

- has no close friends or associates with any interest or experience in governing

Who is also

- strongly supported by people with no understanding of governing

- primarily understood by his supporters through soundbites and tweets

- entirely driven by money and fame

We have something called the "six foot rule" in Hollywood. It's used by set decorators and propmasters. If something looks real from six feet away, it's good enough to be in-frame on a wide or a master or a 2-shot. You need a hero prop for closeups but for most stuff, crude approximations work.

This is the way most of Hollywood works - from six feet away, it looks like corporations and bureaucracies and functional org charts and all the rest. It's only when you get up in it you see the chumminess and nepotism and passion that drives most things but we're good at faking it.

If you were the on-camera talent - and disinterested talent at that - on a show arranged around you to make you look like a powerful, decisive businessman with global reach and world influence...

...you might get the impression that a one-page tax plan is all you need. After all, they'll shot it in master, they'll shoot it in close-up, they'll shoot some reaction shots, and then they'll edit it into a 10-second beat and go to commercial.

Donald Trump is not being president. He's playing president. And of course - you get weekends off and after every important beat you retire to the green room. Meanwhile you're surrounded by people who make it work because you get one shot at it and once it's done, it's done. He didn't build a cabinet. He invited guest stars to his tv show. And the fact that they have no idea what they're doing either reinforces the fact that he's the smartest person in the room.

And while the rest of us stare, jaws agape, horrified by the craven greed and incompetence, his supporters don't care. Because, you see, they don't know the difference between "being president" and "playing president" either.

I see three possibilities:

1) It was said in jest, or frustration, or exhaustion, and does not actually reflect the viewpoint of a thinking human being.

2) She stone-cold made it up. The whole article has a Jayson Blair/Janet Cooke kinda vibe.

3) There really are people that self-absorbed, and they're the ones most likely to go to an image-centric starfuckerfest promoted largely by instagram personas.

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