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My father's doctor told him she has old patients, she has fat patients, but she has no old, fat patients.

    Although he changed his birthdate as he aged, claiming that he had reached his 98th year, it is thought that he was around 84 when he died – still an impressive feat in the 16th Century, a time when 50 or 60 years old was considered elderly.

To be fair, the aristocracy lived hella longer. Europe in the Age of Faith was a long litany of peasants that had less-than-even odds of making it to adulthood and Medicis that routinely made it to their 70s and 80s.

    Are we teaching our kids how to manage themselves in this new global world?

Negative, Ghost Rider. It is far easier to predate on the naive than it is on the savvy.

This is a commercial for a company whose livelihood is dependent on Joe IRA thinking he can beat this shit:

That's 10 milliseconds worth of trading of one stock (Merck) on May 16, 2013. But don't get mad, get even, right?

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There's a number of interesting graphs in there, actually. The one that pretty much indicates the youth vote is driven by inspiration (first term Clinton, '92, first term Obama, '08) is one. The one that indicates the female vote under 30 has gone down while the female vote 30-44 has gone up is another.

I'd say the first graph is about engagement. I'd say the second graph is about this:

"won't anybody think of the children?"

I think the situation is going to get more complex and more nuanced as the effect of traditional advertising falls to the wayside under the adoption of less traditional media.

An eTrade commercial is only as effective as its viewers and nobody under 30 watches television anymore. They're also adblock-native. The marketing that reaches them is of a different kind entirely.... and its advertising comes with its own perils.

So glad I offloaded mine at a lot more than that.

It's the "me" generation, not the "us" generation. If you look at demographics, the 'boomers have fucked the 'boomers almost as hard as the rest of us.


When you get into it it's... pretty hand-wavey. But it's an interesting view of history. I sure as fuck wouldn't live by it, any more than I'd be looking forward to a white bull born in Israel or whatever. but Steve Bannon (and therefore Donald Trump) are playing the cards as if not only is a war bigger than WWII inevitable, but the sooner we get it over with the sooner we can return to prosperity.

Amusingly enough, Strauss and Howe argue that the 'boomers are "Prophets" (as opposed to Nomads, Heroes or Artists) and that Prophets are always dicks, blaming them for:

- the Protestant Reformation

- the Puritans

- the Awakening

- Muckraking

on the one hand, Strauss and Howe's model has successfully predicted five of the last seven inflection points (if you ignore, you know, the Civil War). It's history as Kabbalah. On the other hand, Steve Bannon made a goddamn documentary about it so it's worth understanding.


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