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Yer a d00d. Netflix skews 58% male and 18-35; Amazon skews 60% female and 25-44.

That is literally someone yammering into a GoPro for a portion of an hour.

What'll really freak you out is they're FULL.

I initially felt quite flattered because pretty girls would sit next to me. KB got game. Then I gained and lost a million dollars in cryptocurrency and the construct of class became oh-so-very-much-more obvious and I realized the pretty girls would sit next to me the same way they'd sit next to a cop: a tall white guy in his '40s on the metro is a dude in waistcoat, tails and pince-nez in the East End. Ain't nobody gonna fuck widat 'cuz nobody wants the heat.

The last vignette in Jack Vance's The Dying Earth anthology is about an adventurer who goes to an ancient city to query an oracle:

    Ampridatvir: Ampridatvir is, like Kaiin, an ancient city whose people now dwell in its half-ruins. Although many of the buildings are crumbling, much of its ancient technology is still usable, such as moving walkways and anti-gravity elevators. The city was once a highly advanced civilization where all needs were met by technology and magic, ruled by the wizard Rogol Domedonfors. However, the city fell into decline because of the bickering between two cults, the worshippers of the god Pansiu and the worshippers of the god Cazdal. Before dying, Rogol created two tablets which, when combined, would provide the secrets of his power. He gave one tablet to the leader of each sect.

    The people of Ampridatvir now live under a curse. The worshippers of Pansiu wear green, and cannot see any person wearing grey, while the worshippers of Cazdal wear grey, and cannot see anyone wearing green. As a result, the two sides are completely unaware of one another's existence. In accordance with tradition, glory-seekers dress themselves in red and attempt to retrieve the tablet of the opposing side. Little do they realize that this will make them visible to everyone, and doom them to being killed by invisible attackers. The people rationalize this by assuming that the red-wearers are killed by ghosts.

LA in a nutshell. Find a news crew, wear red.

If by "long form" you mean "someone yammering into a GoPro for an hour" than yeah, they do. If you're talking about "productions that hired a line producer" than no, they don't.

Last I checked, content I mixed had something like 30 million views on Youtube. None of it is over 5 minutes long.

kleinbl00  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good

    "This article presents no evidence that human contact is a luxury good,

That's not true at all. Its first example is from a medicare program that puts a surveillance camera in the house of old people so that they can be monitored by a call center. Its next example is a luxury consultant saying that human interaction is the biggest up-sell he's got.

    In general right now, I’d say the trend is much worse in-person care and not screen-based care at lower prices.

That's a personal observation, not an argument.

    Stay close to family. Say hi to your neighbors. Play with blocks. Go outside. It’s dirt cheap.

Right. But if your internet goes down, you're talking to a machine. If you get an overdraft you didn't earn, you're talking to a machine. If you go to McDonald's, you're ordering from a machine (if not now, soon). If you buy groceries, you're checking out with a machine. And if you're wealthy, it's a lot easier to talk to your neighbors. In LA I live in one of the poorest neighborhoods there is. And I know my neighbors on one side - but the rest of them change out regularly. Up here I live in one of the poorest neighborhoods but it's still vastly wealthier. and I know my neighbors on all sides and have been into their houses. "neighbors" are a thing of wealth - they imply that you've lived there long enough to put down roots and that's hella easier with a mortgage.

    Education trending toward screens is troubling but at the same time it allows for totally custom learning paths for kids that scale better than a teacher.

It does not. It depends entirely on quantification of progress. It extends standardized testing all the way down to standardized learning.

    Most of my education was learning in books, after all.

It was not. Most of his education was from a teacher who told you what to read and discussed what it meant. Textbooks are supplemental materials, not the central core.

    I would also suggest that for most people the issue is not “cost” but “difficulty.”

That, again, is an opinion not a fact. You can buy P90X on Amazon for $140 or Craigslist for $50. You can see a personal trainer for $20-100 a session.

    Screens are easy. You control them, and they’re not as difficult as people.

The argument of human contact as a luxury good is that when you're paying for it, it is no longer difficult. You're controlling the relationship through wealth. It's as simple as the example of McDonald's - order from a kiosk and you don't have any "difficult" contact. Go to Ruth's Chris and you can say "what wine should I drink with this steak?" and someone will bring you two or three samples after giving you an in-depth discussion on the cellar. "Ease" is exactly what's for sale here.

    Interacting with others carries risk. Take the risk!"

This is the author arguing that it is human bravery that is declining, rather than economic equality. The facts are not on his side.

Remember Goa trance? A genre of music that started life as techno, decided it wasn't spacy or fast enough, existed on DAT because vinyl melted and slowly spun itself out of existence about the time Paul Oakenfold did the soundtrack to Swordfish?

I remember Goa trance. I miss Goa trance. I think it's mutherfucking criminal that Skrillex was in Wreck-it Ralph, Daft Punk were in Tr2n and the speed metal of techno crawled into its own navel and died, unmourned and unloved. For a few brief, beautiful years ragas existed at 150bpm and came out of TB303s.

(It's possible I'm day-drinking in response to having to update a 15-year-old Microsoft Live Server-based application over RS232)

Context is key here- if you're profiting off a Vegan image, selling Vegan products and encouraging a Vegan diet all while secretly eating fish then you're guilty of hypocrisy at a minimum.

An interesting analysis. I think it might be colored a bit by the commercial/residential mix; I know the Blue Line, I know the Red Line, I know the Expo Line, I know the Purple Line and I know the Gold Line:

- BLUE LINE - all looks poor. The Blue Line is Thunderdome. I've seen fistfights start multiple times and homeless cussing at each other over who smells worse (they all win on the Blue Line).

- EXPO LINE - theoretically Crenshaw/USC is poor because the people who "live" in Crenshaw/USC are poor but that misses the USC students who maintain a permanent residence at their parents' house. I have friends who dumpster-dive USC at the end of the semester because you'll find skateboards and LCD televisions and refrigerators thrown away by exchange students going back to Singapore and Dubai at the end of the semester.

- PURPLE LINE - Over half of these stops are business districts. The other half are shopping districts. People live there but the representative sample is different.

- RED LINE - Some over-sampling because until Wilshire/Vermont the Purple Line and the Red Line run on the same tracks and use the same stations (I know, right? That one will bite you in the ass when you're sleepy). The rest of it is business districts until it hits North Hollywood, at which point it hits the Orange Line which I guess they don't count because it's buses. I'd be curious as to which is poorer - the Orange Line or the Blue Line. I'll say this: the Blue Line is 98% African Americans while the Orange Line is 98% Mexican nationals.

kleinbl00  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good

All roads lead to Japan

Somewhere on these here Intarwebs I read a compelling argument that the reason Japan has always been at the forefront of automation is that they've had a labor shortage since the early '80s. More than that, they have a demographic tidal wave that will hit before it hits the US or Europe: Japan is getting old, Japan is not having kids, and as the 'boomers of Japan become the senior citizens of Japan, there will be no one to take care of them.

kleinbl00  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: BUTTER EMAILS

That particular subset of ultraliberals hates convention at any cost. Unless it's their guy. I know exactly the type of person you're talking about - they'd rather see the order knocked over than see business as usual continue. That's because "the order" is abstract to them; they live in a place Teddy Roosevelt referred to as "the Socialist Republic of Washington" and where electronic warfare bases and IWW communes share grocery stores.

Politics is a game to so many people and they'll root for the Raiders before they'll root for the Clintons. If the whole world is upset, well, can it really be all bad? I mean, after all, Trump struck down the Trans Pacific Partnership and is fighting for "freedom of speech" at universities!

I've said, effectively, "hold your nose and vote for Clinton" to so many people. And so many people have said, effectively, "I refuse to hold my nose." And if you're a white liberal landlord in North Seattle you can afford to stand on your principles.

    Will there ever be an end to the ripples in the Internet universe caused by Gamergate? We may never know.

From the very get-go, the coders knew that censorship was nearly impossible so they espoused libertarian ideals that made censorship unnecessary.

Then censorship became essential so they espoused libertarian ideals that made censorship useless.

Then the shit hit the fan so they espoused libertarian ideals that made censorship regrettable.

Then people died so they espoused remorse.

History will not judge this era of programmer kindly.

    Mr. Brennan describes himself as a lapsed libertarian with no fixed ideology. But he believes that there is no way to stop the toxic speech that has come to define the site without reshaping the internet more broadly. For that to happen, he says, the internet as a whole needs “to be totally redesigned and re-engineered with more censorship in mind.”

"Well shit I guess the nanny state was right all along," said every fucking apologia these shitstains leak out

kleinbl00  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: BUTTER EMAILS

I would argue it's cognitive dissonance that got us here. You hitch your wagon to the wrong horse, you're going to be reassuring yourself about everything the horse does right and ignoring everything the horse does wrong for as long as humanly possible until your choices are (A) utter catastrophe (B) switching horses and dealing with the recrimination, regret, self-doubt and personal strife that accompanies ignoring everything that has gone wrong since you first made the wrong decision.

That's the way cognitive dissonance works: it's easier to keep being wrong than wrench your brain in the direction of rightness because you'll lose all your friends, you'll lose all your truths, you'll lose your very identity. If you've spent the past 24 months owning the libs, joining the libs is going to be nearly impossible.

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