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someguyfromcanada  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 18, 2017

Looks amazingly awesome but fuck man.... I don't see any Klein Blue. :)

someguyfromcanada  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 18, 2017

Depends what you use the boots for.

For casual shoes I wear Vans and Converse but usually sandals. Replace them all the time. For dress, I mostly wear c. $3-500 Oxford or Derby style Boss, Cole Haan, Armani and have one pair of D&G. In my experience it is true for shoes that the more expensive ones are far more BIFL. (I have only had 2 pairs of shoes that turned out to be duds and they were both Armani but have no idea where they were made. Thankfully my shoe guy was nice about returning them.)

I only have 2 pairs of "real" winter boots. (I do not wear boots with suits.) I have had both pairs for between 5 and 10 years with no issue. And they were both relatively cheap.

For daily wear in messy, snowy weather I wear the 8-eye Doc Marten 1460 Greasy Booty. I cover up the stitching with black marker. :) Super durable. Easy to clean. Goodyear welt. Easy to replace the soles even though I have never had to. Good for slush and wet but I doubt they are good in really cold weather so....

For days when I am snowmobiling or the like I wear Columbia. Not that exact model but something close. If I had one complaint about those it would be that they are too hot. I usually just wear a pair of dress socks with them.

And both are very reasonably priced IMO.

p.s. That looks like a good reddit. Never heard of it before.

Trans is one of only 2 Neil Young albums I did not repurchase on digital. His next album, the rockabilly Everybody's Rockin, being the other. The 2 albums he was sued over by Geffen for being utterly noncommercial even though Young had complete artistic control. Not sure what the settlement was but Geffen apologized and released 2 more Young albums.

I really liked the previous album re-ac-tor even though it was not well received either. It has a couple of train oriented and very repetitive songs so it was really interesting to read how at the time NY was relating to his son Ben, who has CP, by bonding through their love of model trains. TIL

I have no delusions about that argument making them change their mind. It is too confusing and is usually met by blank stares. But I like to work in the fact that American pensioners are also benefiting. If they continue but are not too angry I ask why they hate old blue-collar people and turn it into a joke, which usually ends it. Maybe, just maybe, they will think about it later but probably not.

Ugh. I get so frustrated every time I have this discussion.

It goes even deeper. If you want blank stares instead of consternation take one more step.

A company's profits go to its shareholders. Who are the shareholders of Toyota? Three of the top ten shareholders of Toyota are American companies. And those companies have diversified, usually institutionalized, ownership just like the Japanese companies who are the main owners of Toyota. It is certain that Americans own shares and partake in the profits of both the American shareholding companies as well as the main Japanese owners. And it is also probable that American auto workers/teachers/police/etc. union pension funds own a piece of all of those entities and so also profit.

It is so complicated. Ownership, ethics, etc. I can't spend an hour on google every time I want to buy an apple.

May not exactly be official music video montages but....

Artist: Aimee Mann

Song: Wise Up

Film: Magnolia

Year: 1999

Artist: Aimee Mann

Song: Save Me

Film: Magnolia

Year: 1999

Team America Montage; 2004

Wikipedia quotes glowing reviews containing the words: amateurish, bubblegum and dinky-sounding.

haha Almost no one but a Canuck would know what you are talking about. Yanks had 6 from Boston U so maybe them as well.

I hate shoot outs. Just let them play.

- - - - - -

Loved the Port Hardy and Dawson essays.

someguyfromcanada  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: California Uber Alles

Here is a video of it being written. Very cool.

So skywriting/typing is done by computer now. Never thought about that but it makes sense.

And.... another reason to post some DK:

Its a quick way out and suicide rates, by gun, go up in cities with higher gun ownership.

This Harvard study confirms that.

Guns do not cause suicide, People cause suicide. I would guess that accessibility for anything correlates with use in many circumstances. So if a gun is handy then it is a quick and easy way out.

She also describes herself as a "wine attorney". I wish I was a wine attorney.

The article says "showing the weapon to a teenage visitor". Not showing him how to use it. Regardless, apparently the kid was handed a loaded weapon inside a home when he either had absolutely no idea how to use it or very certainly did.

One of the problems with everyone insisting on exercising their constitutional rights is that not everyone is qualified to do so wisely.

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