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voat was not mucked up as it was specifically designed as a welcoming place for the most ridiculous reddit rejects and that is what it got. Mission accomplished.

This is the thread I rolled in on:

I believe I am the sole survivor of that shit show. 49 shared and 277 comments about nothing.

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I would love it if I could get isolated tracks for everything I buy. That is the way I try to listen to music (focus on the bass, then the drums, etc.) to so it would make it much easier.

someguyfromcanada  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 15, 2017

Thank you for the offer. I have spent countless hours talking to people (the Alzheimers Society, Community Care, doctors), reading, watching videos, etc. but had never heard of Senior Move Management. I am going to look into that more.

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The levee is about to break and the potential for catastrophe is fairly high.

Today I invoked my Power of Attorney for Property over my mother, who has advanced Alzheimer's disease, and she will not find out until Tuesday when we meet with her banker. It was a group decision with my siblings and her siblings. She is going to be furious, as is her default reaction now whenever she does not get her way. My mother is very smart and the kindest person I have ever met and she now only knows illogical rage.

Alzheimers is not just a memory disease as I thought it was. The most disturbing part is that it changes one's personality. She was a special education teacher and she now calls anyone that disagrees with her stupid. She has never used that word in her life and that is not who she is. I come from a multi-racial family and today she said my sister was a thief because that is how all Chinese people are. Followed that up with saying my sister is not her daughter because she did not give birth to her. My jaw literally fucking dropped. That is so far away from who she really is.

I am not sure how her current situation can be sustainable for much longer. I may have to invoke the Power of Attorney for Personal Care. AKA the nuclear option. The alternatives are either getting her 24/7 in-home help or selling her home and moving her into a place with full-time caregivers (that will accept a dog). She will be violently opposed to either. Ugh.

I am absolutely lost and do not see any possible positive outcome. I hope none of you are ever put in this lose-lose position.

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Ohhh.... that sounds great ... if I can make it. Please let me know the details and I will try to get there.

Congrats on the audition.

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> corrupt government leaders often use their children... to distance themselves from illicit projects. Such an official [puts] a company in the relative’s name which appears to be independent but is controlled by the official.

A patently obviously arrangement that no rational person would believe. Right?

Correct. In a Bowl you make your own trail or follow someone else's line. My biggest worry was unexpectedly skiing into a tree well or off a cliff at low speed, which is actually much more dangerous than at higher speed.

A lot of big resorts now offer a GPS tracker that can tell them exactly where you are and as long as you are in-bounds they should be able to get to you fairly quickly. If that was available then, I probably would have activated it and said I just needed a guide out of there.

From what I recall, it seems that you mostly hike/climb with yourself. Which is good for the soul but inherently dangerous.

I have thought I had more than a 50/50 chance of dying on two occasions. First was coming within yards of a black bear cub on an Algonquin Park trail. Second was off the summit of Whistler in the Flute Bowl at c. 6,500 feet. Got off the lift just as they shut the hill down because of the weather. The strongest wind I have ever felt and a blinding snowstorm with deep powder, no tracks and maybe ten yards visibility. It did not take long before my partner and I stopped and asked each other what the fuck are we going to do. No one around. Neither of us knew the Bowl well and had to go very slow and stick very close together. No possible way ski patrol would have found us if something happened. It was both terrifying and exhilarating. Us alone against nature.

I am almost certain that we were only saved by a group of German/Swiss/Austrians that stopped and let us join them down to the treeline.

Perhaps it was someone that brought the situation to the attention of the higher ups who did not care, so was acting as a whistle blower. But I tend to blame most oopsies on mere "incompetence". I have had confidential info sent to me 3 times (in 2 cases it was detrimental to their client) whose careers would be detrimentally effected if it got out.

Waymo allegedly found out by being inadvertently cc'd in an email from a supplier that disclosed the Uber circuit board design. I would assume that unnamed company signed a contract in which they promised not to disclose such information and obligated them to indemnify, and perhaps defend, Uber for any damages resulting therefrom. I am interested in seeing how they will play into this as well.

I can't imagine the reaction of the email sender when they found out what they had done. Wow.

If you lived in Baltimore! you might have joined Hubski sooner. :) NSFWish

JK I went to 3 reddit meetings and they were all fun. A 4chan gathering; no thanks. Since everything is Anon there, there is no such thing as developing an identity so IMO they all just act like the description of people in this article. Nihilists?

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