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I'm tired of all this winning.

I read a story yesterday from a British website I've never heard of citing an unnamed lawyer that Cambridge Analytica had the leaked Hilary emails a month before they were leaked and by extension so did the Trump campaign. That's too many caveats to post the article but I'm inclined to think it's plausible. I'll post it as a comment

I've been wondering if Elvis Costello ever wrote a straight-up happy song. I'm pretty familiar with his catalog and I can't think of any.

This jaunty little number is actually about a woman with dementia

And what might be his most cynical:

Singing about dancing on Maragaret Thatcher's grave. From the same album as the other song actually.

Nick Lowe sounds pretty sincere when he recorded this:

"Lemme crank up the cynicism:"

Dude's the most savage dorky-looking guy in music. Or at least his image is in higher contrast to his message than you'd expect from a Buddy Holly cosplayer.

I'm not sure PCP was ever a good idea. I've heard plenty of stories about it and none sound like it's a good time. Apparently it was developed as a painkiller, we already had painkillers at the time and it was immediately obvious that it had fucked up side effects

Trump is a bad person who hates immigrants. Source: I follow him on Twitter and have seen him give speeches. He's using factual reporting as examples of attacks against him. And he can do it because his actions are that bad. He's literally unbelievably terrible. He's intentionally eroding trust in the media so he can get away with anything.

I love how thoroughly they've cock blocked themselves. And that they seem to think these jobs are gonna look good on a resume. Depends what you're doing and where you're trying to go after, but still

Sounds like it was written to keep people from playing Farmville with the audio on during sessions

We're through the looking glass here, people.

We're in the gestational name period. We'll get a consensus when there's perspective on what's wrong with the young people and the generational think piece attention turns towards the new generation too young to defend itself

tacocat  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Melania Trump, Agent of Coat Chaos

That liberal conspiracy theory about the coat being intentional interference spilled over from Twitter to my pretty short Facebook friends list and even shorter list of politically engaged liberals. The left is not a hyper competent deep state bent on a byzantine plan for world domination. We can't we come up with a compelling narrative for imaginary machinations by fascists. Like why is the relative incompetence of Democrats not obvious?

No fucking way it's that Tom Arnold.


Totally that Tom Arnold. Surreality is the new reality.

In somewhat related news

Got yourself written out of your eponymous show, you insane amateur troll. I look forward to the spin put on that move

Hooray! It's always great when a mathematical minority is a social majority. Worked out great for South Africa.

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