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flagamuffin  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Grubski: Gov't Shutdown Edition

hmm well i have been reading about frozen horse blood cubes, which are something they use in siberia to get through the winters. quora mentions toxic levels of iron, which makes sense, but must not be entirely true or everyone in siberia would be dead. some blog i found made reference to horse blood cube eating in the american period of western expansion, which also makes sense, sort of.

more traditionally, animal blood is a delicacy/critical component of a shockingly large number of european dishes, about which someone else probably knows more than me.

note; people really like to ask quora which human pieces are edible. i have also noticed that the highest-rated questions on r/askhistorians are always about sex (and acne). i can only conclude, as usual, that people are really fucking pathetic. imagine having a huge collection of well-read academics who write thousands of words for free on a regular basis, and just mostly wanting to know about incest in ancient china

happy grubski. i had some excellent peanut noodle soup the other day

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