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bunchesoflunches  ·  8 hours ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: September 15, 2021


Was trying really hard to keep my social internet confined to a couple of discord servers, but sometimes you just need a threading comment system in your life, ya know?

The main thing going on here right now is that we somehow threaded the needle and bought a house with modest means during the pandemic. Shit is wild out there. The experience was pretty demoralizing as the price floor slowly floated up to our purchasing level. The plan had been to buy a small home in a nearby town of 10K with a detached shop. There were loads of these in our price range when we realized we were in a position to buy a home. But as the process progressed and prices went up month after month we ended up in a town half that size with no outbuildings.

From a day to day perspective this town is fine. But I've been trying to get into woodworking with hand tools and not having a dedicated space for that is frustrating. The plan right now is to build a low roman style workbench and drag it outside when in use. The mosquitos are all for this, but addressing a few of the drainage issues on the lot was pretty simple and hopefully their population will drop down.

Otherwise, I'm mostly trying to beat back my inner misanthrope. Been a wild five years to live in a red state.

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