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Writer by trade. I makes da words purdy.

My #meetHubski interview is here.

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My real fear is the story nobody is talking about yet: all those assets are going to be bought by someone.

And Sinclair - a truly evil organization that even tops Faux News for epic shittiness - is on a buying spree, and has oodles of cash, and a zealot's mission against liberalism, ecology, and a deep case of xenophobia.

Fuck iHeartradio and ClearChannel to hell.

But Sinclair IS hell. And you know they are angling to buy up a shitload of the airwaves at fire sale prices.

Actually, it looks like blockchain technology could make it happen much sooner.

BlockchainForScience is a good resource on the topic. I'm collaborating with people there on how people's healthcare data could be stored in a blockchain, allowing them to release any of their data to anyone, with varying amounts of anonymization.

I still don't fully understand it at a practical implementation level, but from a higher level the logic makes sense.

goobster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 14, 2018

Wait ... what ...? It's Thursday?


(...looks around the empty bar... the record on the jukebox is over, but the arm won't pick it up, so it's just going skritch. skritch, skritch, skritch... dust motes drift listlessly in the fading light... bartender listlessly wipes a glass, while leaning against the beer cooler...)

I order a Cosmopolitan, just to see what the bartender says.

She snorts, and continues wiping the glass.

I take another look around the room, get up off the bar stool, and wander out into the daylight, with no destination in mind...

goobster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 14, 2018

Except they spit.

It's how they express themselves.

For 10 feet around any iguana roost, you'll see little off-white blobs everywhere. And if that happens to be in the front window of your groovy San Francisco apartment, where the iguana sits in the window all day and spits at passers-by... it gets pretty damn disgusting.

(Not that I have traumatic personal experiences with a friend who had iguanas. In San Francisco. No problem at all. Blech.)

Had to badge this comment. Sorry KB. But this may be the single most important thing anyone under 40 needs to grok NOW.

This one paragraph is so so so so important to understand. It underpins everything in our lives.

Every product. Every market. Every consumer. Every human being on the planet.

Heritage Foundation. Blackwater (or whatever name they are calling themselves to avoid name recognition, nowadays). Some Murdoch-owned property. The Koch Foundation. Goldman Sachs. Any of numerous interlinked policy think-tanks with a deep and abiding hatred for all America stands for...

The list is long and lucrative.

goobster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Another Giant Step

    I think this underestimates the North Korean approach. The past year has been provocation to see what we'd do and from a clear-eyed foreign policy perspective, the answer has been "nothing." North Korea then met with South Korea without any involvement from us - I think that's a new thing under the sun, too.

I've been thinking about this comment all weekend, and I think I know what I don't like about it, and I italicized it.

With Trump's general abdication of all foreign policy positions that the US has lead for the last 50 years, South Korea saw that they were no longer beholden to the US's terms of engagement, and that if anything were going to happen, they had to take the lead.

The Olympics were the perfect opportunity to step out of the US's shadow, and become the Lead Negotiator in driving a new relationship with NK and KJU.

Countries are no longer burdened by worrying about what the US may think about their actions, and how we may interpret their efforts, diplomatically, because our diplomatic corps has been decimated, and Trump has no understanding of the world markets or political scene. He also has no more advisors on staff who have any understanding of the world outside of a narrow, 200-mile wide band, extending from about W 148th in Manhattan in the north, to Norfolk, VA in the south. (Mar a Lago is obviously on an island somewhere in the Caribbean, to these people.)

Trump has effectively eliminated the US's "soft power", world-wide, and SK's direct conciliatory moves towards NK are proof positive of that.

If Clinton were President, this could not have happened. Diplomats would have talked back-channel, and NK would have been consistently shitty about their failure to adhere to the terms of any prior agreements, and the diplomats would have been forced to say, "Sorry. No talks with the Prez, then. You are clearly not interested in reaching a deal, because you have already failed to live up to your previous commitments, so why should we open talks with you again? You are just going to lie again."

And ... wait ... did I just argue that the diplomacy we have practiced ever since the end of WWII is no longer relevant today, and we should just start with a clean slate with all the Bad Actors in the world, and try again with their new management?!?


That would mean I think that - in the long run - Trump did something good.

I'ma gonna have to go sit with that uncomfortable thought for a bit... eeewwwww ....

goobster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 7, 2018

Things have changed, since I posted that.

Most of those changes have been in my head.

First off, a week after changing to the new prismatic-lensed glasses, I accidentally picked up my old glasses and put them on one morning... and it was BLISSFUL.

I felt RELIEF.

That was when I realized that there was a lot of stuff going on in my head that had nothing to do with the actual physical condition of my eyes.

The prismatic lenses in my new glasses were just weird. I realized that I never got used to them, and having my vision be "odd" all the time, was deeply tiring/unsettling.

When I switched back to my old glasses - with the too-weak, too-old prescription - I felt RELIEF. I relaxed. I re-evaluated my ACTUAL ABILITY TO SEE, and didn't think about my initial diagnosis of Keratoconus, and instead... just looked out my actual eyes, at my surroundings, and thought, "hey... that's not so bad."


I went back to my eye doctor and told her how relieving it was to put on my old glasses, and told her about the diagnosis.

She suggested I stick with my old glasses now. Then go see the specialist to get the Keratoconus diagnosis confirmed/denied. Then, see what course of treatment the doc suggests.

At that point - less than 90 days from when I got my new glasses - we can decide how to proceed with my new glasses. Stick with them? Change the prescription? And even possibly change to hard contact lenses. (One possible solution to Keratoconus, that works for some people.)

So yeah.

I still have blurry/weird vision in my right eye. But my left eye has become dominant, so I don't even notice the right eye blur anymore. My old glasses are not the perfect prescription, but they are fine for everyday use.

So I am in a MUCH better place, right now. This holding pattern kinda works for me... for the time being...

... and then backtracked.

I'd post the meme from Casablanca - "I'm shocked, shocked, to see there is gambling going on in here!" - but image linking is such a pain in the ass.

goobster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Another Giant Step

Kim just found a weak-minded, impulsive, and petty man-child. And baited him.

He has managed to, in one deft move, legitimize North Korea, and bring this backward, fucked up country into the elite club of "world leaders".

By poking at Trump's vanity.

NK has wanted this for DECADES.

But other US Presidents were savvy at negotiation, or at least had savvy advisors. There is a reason, after all, that diplomats and embassies exist. They do the base negotiations, and drag the other country around to a reasonable stance on common issues, BEFORE you bring in the executives to sign the final paper.

You don't get to that table without doing the hard work, first.

Unless, of course, you tweet at Trump.

goobster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Another Giant Step

Once again, Trump is easily manipulated by a foreign power into doing something stupid.

NK is not a legitimate country, in any sense of the word. They are artificially propped up by "secret" supply lines of cash and food from China and Russia, who both fear what happens if someone OTHER than the ruling party gets control of NKs weapons.

NK has been DESPERATE for legitimacy. They have been groveling and whimpering for recognition by anyone other than their smuggling contacts.

And now, in one year, they got the biggest superpower on the planet to agree to FACE TO FACE TALKS between their supreme leaders, AND got to pretend they haven't been threatening to kill their southern neighbors for 50 years, and participate as "Korea" at the Olympics!!

This is like that guy hustling his rap CDs on the corner downtown... and David Geffen says, "Hey man, come up to my office. I wanna cut a record with you." Or like the head of the Zetas cartel getting an invite to the White House. They have nothing to offer, and everything to gain from a photo op in the Oval Office shaking Trumplestiltskin's hand.

Trump has, yet again, been manipulated.

Example: Trump and Kim meet. Trump tells him to stop building nuclear weapons. Kim says No.

What then?

Kim has just elevated NK to a world power, with a single word. And there ain't dick Trump can do about it. Because we have wargamed an invasion of North Korea, and we update those projections annually. And it NEVER comes out well for anyone, and the knock-on effects (open conflict between Russia and China - who share a 4000 kilometer border, massive death tolls up and down the Korean peninsula, collateral damage throughout Japan and SE Asia, and potential fatalities up and down the west coast of America, not to mention that Tibet gets their chance to fight China while China is busy with Russia, and a single rogue bullet from that conflict ignites the long-simmering India/Pakistan war that has been brewing for a lifetime now)... Trump has truly stuck his dick in crazy this time, and there is NO exit strategy where we come out on top.

Well yeah. Blood and drama sells ads. We all know that.

But the fig leaf they use is, "informing the public, so they can make their own decisions."

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