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I am a web designer who enjoys the shit out of his internet addiction. I also run the literary journal lit.cat, the Alaskan food truck website savory.af, and work under the name thefuture.design. PM me for nudes.

it's me- your favorite foo'

The mister wee (to the woo)

checkin that day old pubski

cause my wheel ain't blue

yo i don't do haiku

i ain't no vernacular jew

if syllables make you happy

i'll give you something to chew

rhymes make the ultimate roux

a hearty poetry stew

i put haikus on litcat to show

they're arbitrary spew

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The name is very silly but the production of this music just melts me:

    I advice you to separate your operating system drive from this file drive, which allows you to do clean installs whenever you want and have everything file where you left it.

TIL I'm an idiot. I can't stop cackling and cringing at this, this would have saved me so much time and stress over my life.

I read the book and the manga, and the manga I like because things are just a lot less threatening in comic book form.

Fuck, I just donated GTD after reading the magic of tidying up. Weirdly enough, this actually makes me want to commit to reading it again. I read GTD when I was a freshman in college, and I remember that my big takeaway was to reduce tasks to their under 2 minute essence- I even tried a system out with a physical tray with notecards because my digital solutions for GTD weren't really working for me. I didn't really give GTD my 100% shot, it didn't feel very applicable to me when I was in college and everything was intrinsically interesting to me.


An aside, because it just occurred to me that there is a common theme to the self-help books I like and tend to embrace:

I tend to choose embrace philosophies that can be potentially self-serving in the moment, all the while glossing over maintenance. (Simple Rules)[https://www.amazon.com/Simple-Rules-Thrive-Complex-World/dp/0544705203] is probably the most egregious example, because I break and selectively forget and make up new rules all the time in my head, and no amount of leaving post-it-notes around can change that.


But shit, I'm doing the OS thing right now.

I have two programs for saving bits of writing, Tomboy Notes (I found a windows version) and Zim, both of which catalogue writing in a similar way, and the reason I have both is because, yeah, I didn't want to properly organize the first one.

Fun easter egg: I've been formatting poetry on lit.cat as h2 headings as a duct tape and popicles solution to text lines being spaced far apart from each other. In my head this means that all the poetry is screaming at Google but all I think its doing is confusing people who read with screen readers.

My only experience with experience with linux was to distrohop to see the differences between them. It was finals week and my procrastination took me through Ubuntu, Mint, Bodhi, and Crunchbang, and I'm sure the MD5 checksum is something I've seen while installing these things. I never really got it.

I learned how to drive manual last week, and I was surprised at how many things I've taken for granted driving automatic. I have an idealized romanticism with driving manual and just wanted to take it on. Is this similar to why you would check for a collision that according to this is likely never going to happen to you?

Using shortcuts is something I haven't thought of at all, but it's elegant! There are times when I can't decide where something should go, and there have been times when I've looked for something in multiple places.

I'm unsure what you mean by having a script to check for directories, do you have to recheck the organizational structure of your directory?

I know webflow uses shopify's liquid system for its code. Pretty much, I have a theme system for Lit.cat where articles reference another database of articles to get their themes. I've only customized the css of existing WordPress themes, I have no idea how it'd go to create your own element reference system.

This thread is making my mouth water. I want to get into smoothies now.

WordPress would be a free option for the journal, I believe. It's not a bad option, it would just be a lot more work and learning, although someone has suggested that if I could figure out how to transfer it to WordPress it would make a really unique theme. I don't know where I'd start with it.

On the journal itself. The video was the fun part to me, I didn't consult my editors for it, and this makes me a shitty boss. But this is what makes it a therapeutic project. I enjoy coming up with dumb ideas and executing them without anyone giving feedback.

weewooweewoo  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: August 16, 2017

Terrible, lol. I killed all the energy in the room,probably never doing deadpan again. I'm going to go back to the drawing board again.

It would!

Hm. I have another thought. I just did the The Joy of Tidying Up recently, and I made myself a reading corner by putting a curved chair and a blanket (should probably be a rug) on the floor- and one thing I've noticed is that I really haven't used it since I've first made it- I read on my bed already. Instead, the chair ended up a natural place for clothes to go to, because for some unconscious reason I just preferred it to hanging my clothes up on my wall hooks. This is on the floor, and not on a bunk, and if you already have a couch, I doubt you'll make the transition either without consciously reminding yourself to.

I didn't register that you were thinking about growing mushrooms. Fucking hell, do that. You should make that space your hobby space. Like a train set or something.

This entire website turns me on so much

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