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So I had that automation project for a while, while I was real hype about but don’t expect anyone to remember.

That got handed off to a senior manager because over six months it became rapidly apparent the level of automation that senior-senior management wanted us to effect was way beyond my level of influence, aka: I can’t make managers invest time they don’t have and I can’t order around my peers and next-level-up associates on how to do their work.

That snr manager and I had a relatively-okay-as-far-as-it-goes-considering-it-was-a three hour long meeting to hand off the automation project. He used to work in IT. I’m confident he can handle this better than I can. I’m happy to hand it off.

One thing he said to me, which was confidential but also imho as a ‘millennial’ completely on point, was “I think our department will have to shift from being transactional auditors, to basically technical managers who oversee scripting and backend automation testing. And I don’t frankly know who’s ready for that.”

I’m good at my job. I’m pretty fucking good for 28, at least. But I know most of what I’m good at I’m also smart enough to really efficently and accurately automate. I’m talking gap reports and targeting high risk populations to pinpoint errors, stuff you could never do with a random and manually reviewed population.

But like there’s only so many reports I can ever make before I cover most of everything,

I gotta learn how to write reporting and read scripting, man, I just don’t see any other option.

Yea I’ve read this comment so many times and I just don’t see how the first part leads to the second part at all.

Curse me it’s the originality

I'm so fucking lucky

That being said, and being thankful for, having been lucky up til now doesn't mean I'm going to stay that way for any guaranteed amount of future time. Although I don't necessarily follow the same chain expressed here elsewhere, I do think a lot about automation and worry what it will do to the job landscape. Especially my job landscape.

I need to start getting some IT/CS certifications.

Also I'm staying living right where I am here, a magical place where you can catch a movie in a theater with reserved recliner seats and a bar for $6 if it's a matinee. My friend from DC was mindblown by the lower COL here when she visited. I'll take it.

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Yeah, kind of, I’ll PM you. If you’re on FB theres a group I can add you to

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Taco I am doing a cat 30/30 for July.

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I really appreciated this comment series as I found it personally informative, and also polite and well-mannered (all attributes on all sides)

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Lemon on practically everything, tbh, amirite?

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If ya girl don’t ask for lemon with her butter when she orders her unlimited crabs, trust me: ya girl ain’t gonna know how to treat you right, either.

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i figured, that is why i clarified

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