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Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

Don't take me too seriously.

If Hubski becomes a 'safe space' I quit.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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OftenBen  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 22, 2017

The week is churning along nicely, despite a bad body day on monday. Weekend plans

Friday - Dinner with friends, this is their first time meeting my new R.P.S. and I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

Saturday - Seeing Big Gigantic, my friends brother is opening for them. During the day I think we're going to the Grand Rapids Public Museum to see their King Tut Exhibit

Additional Big Gigantic because it's good music.

OftenBen  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 22, 2017

He really rocks that tie.

I have been talking with some friends from Delhi about this. They all love Trump, he's wildly popular in India.

Corporate entities take action primarily as a function of how advantageous that action is to the profit/survival of the company. More at 11.

Important quotes (to me)

    Getting to a clean, productive media supply chain is the level playing field we all want and need

    we can find a way to track and verify media accurately,” Pritchard added. “The days of giving digital a pass are over – it’s time to grow up. It’s time for action.”

Is corporate speak for 'We're not getting enough return on our investment, somebody is getting richer off of our advertising than we are, fuck them.'

I will not lose one iota of sleep if P&Gs profits only increase marginally instead of geometrically.

The 'Ghosts are real' bit is tricky. Depending on how you phrase the question, I'm sure you could get tons of people to admit they believe in supernatural entities as part of their religious beliefs. When does that cross over into 'conspiracy' thinking?

Where I went to high school the process looked like this.

If you could pay the $300 for the course, you could start drivers training when you were 15 and 9 months (Somewhere around there). If you could then pay an additional $100-200 (Depending on how many times you had to take the driving test) when you turned 16, you could take the second part of drivers training and the state exam that gave you your license.

It's not a ton of money, but the little additional bits add up. You need a certain number of hours driving with a parent to take the second class and those hours could be difficult to get if both parents work, if you only have one vehicle that your parents don't want to risk in the hands of a new driver.

No single obstacle looks particularly imposing, but when you're broke enough, every molehill can look like a mountain.

OftenBen  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski, Where Do You Buy Art?

The last time I consciously purchased art it was a watercolor of a bear that I got for $5 from a garage sale.

What was the initial investment?

Now why can't we do this to US executives?

Fine and dandy.

I don't think those reasons are reasonable, based on what I have learned of the man, his stated goals and stated means of achieving those goals.

Edit, for Q's sake. The SPLC cites his tweeting of a drawing of Muhammad as a reason to list him as an anti-muslim extremist.

They also accuse Ayaan Hirsi Ali of lying about experiencing religiously decreed female genital mutilation.

So, in this instance, fuck the SPLC.

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