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The 1.0 burger was the same price as a beef burger at the SpaceX grill. I liked the taste enough to consistently order the Impossible Burger.

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Tomorrow morning's my last final for the semester.

Winter brings skiing in Tahoe and a semi-impromptu friend-seeing tour that will take me to Boston, NYC, DC, and LA...

A bean maker makes a mean baker. Have means, buy beans.

A bean baker baking beans means well; break beans, break not the bean baker.

Ah. I don't subscribe to the WSJ, so I first had to get to the article in order to try things.


Last resort: use a user-agent add-on to your browser to pretend to be GoogleBot, and then print to PDF. suboptimal? you betcha.

edit: printing to PDF doesn't preserve the pretty graphs.

My guess is that WSJ exposes the whole article to the crawler that Outline is running (and other crawlers as well) so that they can have high SEO / discoverability. However, that can be exploited to get the article from out behind the paywall. Sometimes they catch on ( used to be a reliable way to do this but it's no more, eg

Psst there's a secret passageway through the paywall:

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This is wonderful.


am_Unition is spot-on. Vandenberg launches typically are for sun-synchronous polar orbits, so they launch south/southeast along the coast but over the ocean.

There's tons of 'range safety' work that goes on with these launches. There's an envelope that the rocket is approved to fly within on its way from the ground to space. Most flight termination systems are controlled by hand--a radio signal can be sent by mission control to remote-explode the rocket if it's deemed that its a risk to something on the ground. SpaceX is unique at the moment (as far as I know) in having an automated termination system that passes control of that termination decision to the rocket. You can read more here.

(as an aside, this photo was taken 300+ miles away from the launch site!)

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