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Tiger! Tiger! or The Stars My Destination is really an amazing read.

Drylandfish  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski Lets talk Coffee (and tea)

Not a coffee aficionado, being medically prohibited from much caffeine for a very long time. Now I find myself able to enjoy the equivalent of about a cup of coffee a day. I find some popular styles taste like poison. Starbucks tastes scorched to me. So I have no problem with the quick and easy instant solution.

Tea, on the other hand has been a useful and enjoyable beverage. So many beverages we call tea. I like the red (rooibos) for something different with a couple fingers of almond milk. Decaf green tea provably helps me sleep. Likely because of the L-theanine it contains. And now that I can do a bit of caffeine, genmaicha is pretty awesome in the day.

Having been without coffee and now allowed a bit again, I make the following observation; folks able to take advantage of the drug caffeine have a decided productivity advantage over those unable to use it. Don't take that boost for granted. You might not always have it.

Drylandfish  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Dalek Relaxation Tape

Speaking of YouTube relaxation and sleep inducers, I'll often put on an Alan Watts lecture. This has to be one of the most recorded guys of his time. Must be 1000's of them. Well worth listening to while alert I'm sure, but I find I drift off pretty quickly if reclining.

Drylandfish  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: It's Not Over | Bernie Sanders

And Clinton's campaign is certainly responding to this threat. Today, my social media feeds are blanketed with blurbs questioning Sanders participation in the civil rights movement and alleging he dodged military service.

Would certainly never buy a new car. It's an awful investment. If I lived in a decent city or even a walkable village, I might consider not having one at all. To my eye, Uber and it's ilk seem exploitative. Mostly residing in one boondock or another, we prefer to buy gently totalled autos at auction and have them patched up.

I dunno. Here's my favorite absurd perennial candidate:

Interesting if it bears out. Unfortunately it doesn't seem as though the actual study can be viewed - by me anyway.

As a formerly obese person who must devote not insignificant attention to remaining fit, I would like to see more research as to why it is such an uphill effort. Just look at the relapse rates. My body does physiologically want to be obese again.

As to why it might be more difficult now than in past decades... Could be microbiome related. If so microbiome transplants might help. If this proves to be a concrete phenomenon, I'm more inclined to believe it could have more to do with compositional changes to staple foods. Obesogenic compounds might also be a thing.

The bottom line is folks seem to be having a really tough time controlling their weight, losing weight and a positively terrible time keeping lost weight off. The health benefits alone have made it well worth it for me. But there is an investment of time and attention that is honestly out of step with the expectations of the general population. I don't believe most people understand what they are up against when they embark on a significant weight loss that they of course wish to be lasting.

I'm on Diaspora. It seems to be a hard sell to get other folks I know on board.

They even strip the bark from young trees here in winter. Lots more coyotes/hybrids here now too despite it being open season on them year round. And while not the primary problem, everyone I know has had collisions with deer here. There are just too many. They dart out of woods right into traffic. On country roads, attentive and slow driving with your hand on the horn can help. But they often cross busy highways with predictable results.

Thanks for the video! That's a cool glass crock she's using. I've never seen one with a water-lock made of glass. Ours is the german-style ceramic cylinder.

I've quit it for stretches. But here's the thing, we often live in really very remote locations. It maintains some simulacra of connection with friends and family. Which I suppose is also it's function for lots of other folks in more densely populated, but socially cocooned urban/suburban lifestyles.

As much as I hate to say it, it's tough to get along without it. It's unfortunately the most reliable means of contact for a lot of people I know.

Where is the more authentic and privacy enhanced fork of Facebook that I can talk my friends/colleagues into?

We've experimented a lot with various ferments. Usually chop up kimchee and kraut somewhat finer than this. Have not found the bag over the water-lock necessary. Nor the brine quite that concentrated. Probably a matter of taste.

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