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I'm a logistics and process flow specialist.

I want to be a programmer and hobbyist multidisciplinary engineer.

I love making things and helping people.

I love listening and talking. Hit me up if you want to talk.

I'm fascinated with automation, innovation, tech, philosophy, history, economics, art, music, cooking, math, motorcycles, the outdoors, and people.

I like everything, basically.

I'm a Network Admin on snoonet IRC, so I'm usually found there 24/7.

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You're not that far off, actually. I consider us similar to a modern take on usenet/NNTP. The UX should be a bit cleaner than those things, but I'm function, similar.

The boss of the Project is Shane Allen, and he works for London Trust Media. (LTM owns a few things, including Private Internet Access, the VPN provider)

The initial targeted userbase is those who are willing to put in effort; content creators and curators especially. beyond that there is no specific target though I suspect with the way our platform is designed will most interest those who believe in free speech and are interested in technology, but we hope to not be limited to that scope.

We host our platform in the US jurisdiction and will police it as such, and anyone running their own node must police theirs according to their local laws.