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Don't be offended by my poor English. My French is almost worst.

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    Your English kicks the ever-loving shit out of my French

Of course Klein, that's the curse that come with being part of the cultural master of the world, you don't need other language to get some good entertainment. We are not so lucky

Humm it look like a hopelessness story... that's not how I like my sci-fi.

But I may give it a try. At least Russian usually have an original way to approach written words, in all genre. Thanks for the recommendation

your lack of faith in human ingenuity is disturbing

I write and speak badly in english. But since I read it, since forever, I consider myself a pretty decent reader.

The Colder War, was the first time (since I read the novella shipped with the game Dungeon Master when I was 10), first time, I really doubted my English comprehension. The vocabulary is way above my pay grade

I love Sci-fi. Must be the only genre I like. Except.. beside Frank Herbert, I never found some good sci-fi.

Asimov is good, but with stupid character sometime.

And most of the other, from Dan Simmons to C. Clark , F. Leiber (the one who wrote the same story twice, in 2 trilogy) , Jack Vance, Van vogt (at least, this one is funny for his personal heel face turn ), they all lack constructed clever story.. and as I said, I dont like sci-fi close in the future, like all the cyberpunk sub-genre.

Ok Zelazny, get a pass. He is funny with real original setting.

Herbert> Zelazny> Asimov > Every one else > K.Dick

So thanks for the recommendation. I'll read the summary ....

Ok I just read it on wiki

Now, I remember!!

I read that Book. I should have remember It has the same title in french.

I loved the premise. and was disappointed by the solution. On the grip hand, at the time I read it (if I remember well, I took it in my small local library under the Sacré Coeur.. or my modern library in Strasbourg... or I should check in my bookcase if I bought it)... anyway , at that time, I had no idea of the Fermi paradox.

But imho, it is still a lackluster resolution, so I never read anything else from the guy. That's the problem: when I love the basic mystery, the author better deliver on the resolution, or I get real pissed.

Maybe the 2 others tome are better. Guess I'll never know

thanks for the links.

Crystal Spheres is not that bad. The overuse of portmanteau words get tiring real fast, but the premise (solar system encased in spere) is good. The resolution is a lack luster. At least it got point for giving an happy solution to the Fermi paradox. Unsatisfying happy ending, but at least it is not a gloom unavoidable Great Filter

Because If a read sci-fi, and it talk about Kennedy, and Saddam, it doesn't quite feel like a fiction anymore... But as I said, I dont like all those alternate reality setting (or it's just the use of famous figure that despise me) nothing specific with these one, just personal taste

I like my sci-fi being out there. And I like my James Ellroy books set in the 60' joking about the Kennedy.. I'm a simple mind

    If you launch a nuclear head on Cthulhu, he will come back 15 minutes later, and he will be radioactive

I read it on zebra2 account that the story addressed Fermi paradox. So far I never found Sci-fi addressing my favorite paradox. May be it is not an interesting fictional plot device , or I'm more illiterate than I want to admit.

I had some hard time getting through the beginning : I don't like 20 minutes into the future setting.

And having famous president (and Saddam!) making an appearance, dont help with immersion. At least, we dont see a "Megacomputer with more than 500 Mo of memory!" , that tend to appear in those settings written 20year ago.

My interest raised with the apparition of the alien (because everything is better with alien). It was original to have the Great filter being the inevitable use of alien weapon. But in the end, it's just Nuclear annihilation concept with Bigger sticks

I loved the use of alien world as an last ditch escape. Except it totally contradict the point of the great Filter being finding alien world, and using their tech, if we can fly there and start again.

The use of Cthulhu mythos Name without Lampshading it, sound uninspired, and is a bit off putting.

So, in the end, some Good ideas that dont go well together.. I mean Saddam launching WW3 and Cthulhu over america...

that's the whole article, and it is light indeed.

It was just fun to hear about Watson again, and take a jab at the futurists (kof mk kof kof) out-there

ooli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Rammstein - Deutschland (Official Video)

Some right wing are fan. The group had to make it clear they were on the Left / "democrat" in the song "Links 1,2,3" (means Left)

Are the video and song controversial. Of Course. Heavy metal use provocative imagery.. and speaking german doesnt help their case

But the theme is always about being beaten up (here, or in Sonne) or being a fat looser (Keine Lust) being leashed like dog leaded by a woman, being, slave in a mine for a giant girl, being a self hurting love lusted priest.. etc..

What I try to convey, is that, they are far away from the self aggrandizing dominating male figure the right wing love and portray.

When I was 20, a guy (guitar player guy, who worked in the music industry, So I made the mistake to trust his judgement) made the same assumption as you . He told me Rammstein was a right wing band. So I never listened to it.

It toke me 20 year to discover the band and realize how creative and original, and good they were. I Feel like, I could have enjoyed them for many more years before, without that uneducated assumption

But I guess you dont speak german, so yeah, it must sound bad for you. Real bad.

nobody has time for that, so many hypothesis to test, and so little time, funding and people

ooli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Who Is Left on Hubski?

In fact, he want to hint to a previous victim, not yet discorvered by the police (and the police will think he is hinting his next target)

I wrote a lot of weird stuff in the crime scene So,I'll use one of them later to be revealed as a hint... I'm trusting my future brain .

Yeah 20 days later, I still didnt find the good way to do it. But at least I'm not bothered anymore

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