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Don't be offended by my poor English. My French is almost worst.

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Thanks, I hope you'll keep it updated. I just started watching some Kaiju, and like them, so I'm counting on you to make me discover new one

I wish to have your rating on all previous movie at the end, so I can decide which one to watch first

Yeah it is hard to watch.. I listen to it all the time since 1 week, but cant force myself to watch the video in its entirety. It just destroy the gravitas of the song

Do piano - Again I love the concept of a poem with the rime in the first syllable

ok it make sense. ETF are ridden with toxic asset...

Thanks for the explanation.. still dont know how I can benefit from it

So he is saying ETFs (still ignoring non long-equity-ETF, but I get it volume-wise) should increase volatility.

That is an easy proposition to test: did high caps stock (GOOG and co) volatility statistically increased (compared to low cap) since the raise of ETF?. Or their Drop-down (higher to lower price difference) range statistically increased (if we believe the ETF-effect only happen in a panicky market)

   (If the 2008-short-dude believe that, he did the math. And If I had way more than my puny 10k invested in stocks, and still remembered how to do a proper F-test, I'll check GOOG vol/ Market Vol , for 5 years before 2008, then GOOG Vol /Market Vol, the 5 years before 2019, and if I found a statistically meaningful increase, I'll start worrying)  

My bet is on No: volatility ( even the bear marked volatility) didn't change for those stocks

As the article said : I have ETF shorting the index, Shorting with a x5 leveraged, I have ETF on gold, oil, bonds, whatever I can think of, all less correlated to equity than any active fund.

Probably those ETF trade for far less volume than S&P's ETF but I dont get how The 1st dude (the 2008 short guy) can pretend their is a systematic risk with ETF when he only address the (legitimate) risk of

    "self-reinforcing feedback loop"
of equity's ETF and ignore the ton of others ETF which counter the feedback.

If he only mean we have an irrational equity bull market because of ETF (which are mostly S&P related, volume wise), then he got a point. But it's not "passive is a bublle" it must say "passive is creating the bubble'"and active or passive, you'd better stay away of that artificial bull market

Ok it says equity ETF are bad because the long equity bias might come crashing down !

Which make little sense to worry about . If the market crash down, every active fund are fucked too. May be their beta is a little less correlated to the market than ETF, but we're talking peanuts

I never heard of wayfer, and reading this I though it was the Ikea of US... Reading your comment, I have to agree with kleinbloo: Making an "analysis" of a brand must be just another way of advertising

ooli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The bounty of the tech industry

Human are great at exploiting value

Nobles made thousand of gold coin at using forced farm labor. Cheap price for military protection

Coton industry made million at exploiting slave labor. Slavery is barely a nuisance

Coal industry made million at exploiting child labor

Modern industries made million at using cheap labor force

Data mining company make billion at using user input

Progress is so nice anyway. I mean, look at all the thing we can buy

The guys is right: Privacy theft is objectively a small price to pay to buy the new phone delivered in 24h. And to see pic of my friend's cats freely.

BUT... I wonder why he list google as provider of all Knowledge in the world instead of Wikipedia

And youtube as entertainment Paradise instead of reddit, or the thousand of personal page you could find (once)

And why he define progress by stuff being free, and not about improvement of health, justice, equity. May be google, or fb didn't help so much on that front (I mean, beside the nice virtue-signaling doodle of the day)

Or the guy is perhaps a tad biased on its priorities? I realy dont care for my privacy if it's for more Wikipedia around and less of google or amazon. I guess I'm biased too

L'été indien by Boney Nem

From the french original

Adapted itself from the real original albratros - Africa

then Lez Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra adapted the french version to indian Summer which make me shiver

Then adapted in german under "September wind"

I dont even like that song


My new favorite is Pirate Jenny song from the 3 penny opera by Shilpa Ray, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

Cover of Nina simone

Itself adapted from the original in german with Lotte Lenya

  Also love all Bossa Nova cover Like this one . It's a style on itself, they cover everything from Gun's n'Roses to Adele to Drake, Bob marley, etc

Foie gras force feed a duck until it get liver cancer, then eat the liver.. a crime on so many level

Most delicious food ever, as long you don't think too much how it is done

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