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Mathematician, artist, father, circus performer, musician.

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Yeah, looks fun! And a little dense so it will take me a few days... However, my complaints will certainly mirror those of the refutation Firebrandroaring posted. Numerology is entertaining but fruitless (except in cases when you can use it to exploit others to your own gain!)

Fantastic. Thanks again! veen I never saw your article - really really nice.

Thanks, that's a good short description. I'd like to find a list of concrete examples of why ether will be so important. Do you know of such a list? I'll keep poking around and post a link if I find one.

Go, you!

I'm talking about regular mom and pop folk. They don't "get" bitcoin - they're not looking to shelter earnings.

And yeah cryptokitties are ridiculous, but I find it to be an encouraging development anyways. It's hard to explain to folks the value of ethereum, but when we get a wave of dapps rolling in, this year I hope, ether is going to be hot. Kitties is the first strike. And while I think kitties are a joke, when I showed them to my gf and my son, my gf said right away "We should buy some! These could be really valuable!" And my 17 year old immediately began downloading metamask so he could start the buying process. Luckily hehas no ether, but I did think about putting him in charge of kittie breeding 'cause he lives in this world of online gaming and is damn good at this kind of thing.

I get the same reaction as your cousin's often -- in fact just last night I had a friend say he couldn't afford to buy one ether right now. No matter how many times you say it some people, they think they have to buy ether or btc in whole units.

These low prices on some coins are very encouraging for people just coming in. And if we're interested in quick investments they become interesting to us for this same reason.

I think Ripple is rising fast is because people understand it. They look at Bitcoin and think why? I'll use a credit card. They look at ether and ask if they really need to buy a cryptokitty. Huh. But Ripple is going to be used by banks, to send money fast and save the banks 60% in fees. (As I understand it, a bank need to have an agreement with another banks for transfers between currencies and both need fiat locked up just for transfers. This keeps a lot of banks' money off the table, just for transfers and conversions. Ripple could eliminate this need.) That makes Ripple very understandable to people who have money and so they buy buy buy.

Yeah, there's too many of them, but what will the crash point be and what will the final price bewhen it all settles? 10 cents? $1? $10? I don't even know how to think about it.

I do know I bought some last summer, made a huge return, and sold out most of it week.

Propose! Wow! Congratulations!

As a guy that has failed at so many resolutions, can I recommend that for #1 you tweak it be more concrete? For example: I will practice piano an average of 10 minutes per day, with a minimum 70 minutes for week (to cover when I miss a day).

mike  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Last Jedi Discussion [spoilers]

Love your theory. I'm really hope Ren and Rey aren't siblings and end up being a couple. They're perfect for each other.

mike  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Last Jedi Discussion [spoilers]

I liked the casino side-quest once they got there. Set us up for the ending scene which made a great ending imo. Could have maybe been 15 minutes shorter, but I was not bored once.

Expected the scummy codebreaker to be the actual codebreaker, take off his jacket afterwards and have a tatty flower on his lapel after all.

Wasting Snoke was unexpected and brilliant imo.

Agree that Leia was wonderful. Kept trying to see if they cgi'ed her face anywhere and could not detect it. Wonder what they'll do in the next film, cgi her altogether? I'm betting she has a minimal role in the next film so we're not too distracted with feeling creeped out that that's not really Carrie.

mike  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Last Jedi Discussion [spoilers]

Ha! Just got back from seeing it and checked Hubski first thing, wanting to talk about it, and here's your thread. Thanks johnnyFive!

I clapped after this film. I loved it. Right now I think it's the best of the 9. I need to let it sit a few days to be sure. So much worked wonderfully in this film. I really didn't like 8 much because it was just a remake of 4. But in this one they built lots of connections to Empire Strikes Back without it feeling like they were copying anything.

For example, it started with a Rebel evacuation, but the bomber sequence was new and awesome. It had walkers attacking a base with underarmored rebel ground ships attacking back, but at the end of the film with a fresh feel and oh those beautiful lines in the sand!

The whole "lifting rocks" was wonderful. Flashbacks to the Weird Al song "Yoda". (So, I used the Force I picked up a box. I lifted some rocks)

Kylo killing Snopes was so unexpected -- Snopes was just developing as a very interesting villian and then SLICE! And then I expected Ren and Rey to join forces and NO! I was reeling!

But are Rey's parents nobodies? I don't think so. In Star Wars extended universe Han and Leia have twins. One of them goes to the dark side. And Rey in this film sits in the turret of the Falcon and makes the exact same kind of comment Luke made when he was in the turret for the first time. I think Rey is somehow a Skywalker. But how? She couldn't be Leia's daughter or they both would have known when the met, dontcha think? I still think somehow she and Ren are brother/sister.

Loved how the entire rebellion is reduced to a crew that fits on the Falcon. What a devastation!

Finally, loved the ending with little kid using the force and holding a broom like a light saber.

So good!

Congrats! "Don't quit quitting"!

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