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Mathematician, artist, father, circus performer, musician.

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Disclaimer: I am a centrist, but in my country (Norway) a centrist is considered very very liberal by US standards.

Are you disputing the data or the conclusions? (Or just reacting the data and conclusions?) What in particular is shit about it?

EDIT: All right, I need to edit my response in response to the edit of your response.

A "smear" piece? I don't think so. What they write about matches closely with my experience. My father is a conservative and probably one of the smartest persons you'll ever meet. And yet, last time I met him we were in a room with all of his friends, all conservatives, and I was treated to such nuggets as: "There is not one thing that Obama accomplished these last 8 years" (lots of agreement to that in the room). My father saying "I couldn't vote for Hillary, she's dishonest." (Oh. My. God.) And later in a discussion of gun control he's citing Chicago as an example of how gun control has the opposite effect. It took me 5 minutes of reading up on the Chicago problem to be able to articulate the problem with Chicago, and I was accused of just reading liberal propaganda, to which I needed to respond that I had read a variety of sources, because to find the truth you need to look at all sides and examine all data. This fell on deaf ears -- the argument did not fit with his preconceived notions and he was unwilling to consider other data. Nope, just look at Chicago. Gun control is bad. (This is also a guy who has never owned a gun or experienced anything about guns.)

Did I mention he is one of the smartest guys I know? His conservatism makes him stupid, and I find it very sad. This article goes into detail about where this kind of mindset comes from. And yes, it backs it with DATA. It claims that conservatives will ignore this data. So if you want to just sit there and say it's a smear campaign against conservatives and ignore the data, you're fitting pretty well into the very picture they're painting. Maybe it's a trap?

Hey rd95, I love you man, but you need to read the article before you start slamming the title. It is actually thoughtful and interesting and backs its assertions with data.

A good one! George is a good friend of mine. mk, steve and I visited him a few years with his daughter, Vi. Great guy.

Saw the trailer. No aliens. No leveling up.

Yeah, looks fun! And a little dense so it will take me a few days... However, my complaints will certainly mirror those of the refutation Firebrandroaring posted. Numerology is entertaining but fruitless (except in cases when you can use it to exploit others to your own gain!)

Fantastic. Thanks again! veen I never saw your article - really really nice.

Thanks, that's a good short description. I'd like to find a list of concrete examples of why ether will be so important. Do you know of such a list? I'll keep poking around and post a link if I find one.

Go, you!

I'm talking about regular mom and pop folk. They don't "get" bitcoin - they're not looking to shelter earnings.

And yeah cryptokitties are ridiculous, but I find it to be an encouraging development anyways. It's hard to explain to folks the value of ethereum, but when we get a wave of dapps rolling in, this year I hope, ether is going to be hot. Kitties is the first strike. And while I think kitties are a joke, when I showed them to my gf and my son, my gf said right away "We should buy some! These could be really valuable!" And my 17 year old immediately began downloading metamask so he could start the buying process. Luckily hehas no ether, but I did think about putting him in charge of kittie breeding 'cause he lives in this world of online gaming and is damn good at this kind of thing.

I get the same reaction as your cousin's often -- in fact just last night I had a friend say he couldn't afford to buy one ether right now. No matter how many times you say it some people, they think they have to buy ether or btc in whole units.

These low prices on some coins are very encouraging for people just coming in. And if we're interested in quick investments they become interesting to us for this same reason.

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