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I started on a small comic strip idea that is just me and a cat that can talk. It's a weird premise because I'm allergic to most breeds of cats. I had a dream about it and in some regard it just feels right. I would probably need an artist, but that's too far into the future for me to see right now. I figured at some point I'll pick up enough drawing to do it myself.

The big thing I wanted to highlight was a piece I worked on and off on in my last year of college, and have revisited this week. It's a small piece of memoir of the morning we found out my uncle died. It's still pretty rough, but I'm not 100% sure how to post it on here. (Any hints?)

That piece actually stemmed another piece I'm currently working on that centers around my deep connection to sound. I figured I would focus on specific sounds in my life that have had profound effects on me as a person. I'm figuring focusing on three key scenes in my life. Right now that roughly translates to the first I heard my father weep, one of the times I heard the woman I love laugh, and the last sound is still in contention. This piece is still in the early stages, and really kind of personal. If you wanted a small piece just PM me, and I can send you a piece of it.

War  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: /quit: X-COM 2

Playing Nioh right now when I have the time.

Yea Brett Ratner is going to blame Rotten Tomatoes for the steaming pile of shit that Batman V Superman was? Hmmm.

In all honesty I have never seen anyone use the Rotten Tomatoes score in the way the author is defining it. Most people that would invoke the RT score usually don't care as long as there is a tomato and not a green splat next to the name. Shit some people just go by the audience scores, which have even less meaning. I don't blame RT for any of that though.

War  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: New Kendrick Lamar! "The Heart Part 4"

No I was more focused on the best of the best bit with diss tracks being an aspect of that discussion. I don't disagree that this track isn't just about an expression of who the best is in the game, there is definitely more to it. I guess I didn't express the more general meaning of my post. Not specifically Kendrick in this song, but rap in general recently. This was spurred by the intro to this song being about his greatness lol.

Not a huge surprise. The bill was a huge mistake, and I doubt any republican (who wanted to keep their job) would have voted for it anyway. Anything that makes the republican party look bad is a win though I guess.

War  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: New Kendrick Lamar! "The Heart Part 4"

I feel like rap is spending way too much time talking about who the best of the best is. You've seen this serious increase in diss tracks and this rapper talking about so and so. Lyrically it's all very stylish, and diss track are still few and far between. I just want this discussion of who is the greatest to end really. In my eyes there isn't anyone that could possibly be the best at something so rabidly subjective. Maybe that's just me though, and I guess in some regard the challenge of competition drives creativity.

I did like the track though, and I'm interested to see what Kendrick does this time around.

I doubt anything significant will change with the profile pages, I doubt people will even notice or care enough about them. I mean at this point didn't the CEO of Reddit come out and openly modify posts on Reddit. People were mad for a few weeks then it was business as usual. I don't see this being any worse.

War  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Netflix's Iron Fist is so awful . . .

I got through half of the second episode before shutting it off. I was mostly bored, and I was never really a fan of the iron fist anyway.

War  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Netflix's Iron Fist is so awful . . .

Hilarious piece of work. Definitely recommend it for a good laugh.

The troupe is pretty prevalent in almost every mainstream anime of the starving protagonist. I personally don't enjoy it, but at least there is enough in this anime for it to kind of make sense. They have a massive ship, two smaller ships, and literally no other crew piloting the ship. I just don't know what it takes maintaining a ship of that size from the salary of two bounty hunters (which isn't really two as they hunt the same bounties), and just not knowing enough about bounty hunting. Now I say this in comparison to other anime I've watched before, this is so far the most plausible scenario I've seen created.

No real way to tell what economics look like. Beef might be a luxury item not worth spending the money on. They may actually have the money for these things, but refrain from purchasing it at the cost of getting caught in open space with no fuel.

Neither am I to be honest, I don't know enough about Japanese culture to answer the question really. I only know that perspective can inextricably change how we view everything, future included. To give an example we've talked about before in a previous thread unrelated to sci-fi. Godzilla and the entire structure of the kaiju culture pretty much arose from the fear of nuclear warfare. That is a perspective Japanese culture holds almost on their own, being the only nation a nuke has been used on in a war-time capacity. While it's definitely apparent that Japan over the years has developed a strong westernized culture, its hard to say if their science fiction looks like our own. What they fear in their day-to-day lives, or see as worthy of development varies.

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