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You have kids, right? How do you feel about the idea of them playing violent games?

And of course there's the added absurdity that the military pays the NFL for the right to have the NFL "support the troops." Only in America, folks.

Probably one of the "but-Hillary-had-email-she's-just-as-bad" sorts.

The problem is that there are so many layups for democrats, and they can't/won't get that message to potential voters. It's almost laughable how little most of these affected people pay attention to the world (anecdotally, the people I met while teaching at a for-profit shithole (the actual intended use for that word) were not ones who I would describe as 'politically engaged'). I'm no media mogul, but it'd almost be worth just paying Kendall Jenner to run Instagram ads about student debt or voting rights or that fact that we have an illiterate racist who just raised their taxes manning our nuclear arsenal or any of the layups that dems should score. Instead I'm sure they'll stick with "going high". It'll probably work this time.

I was driving by the remnants of Summit Place mall just the other day, and it reminded me of a birthday I had when I was probably 7 or 8. My aunt took me there to buy whatever I wanted from Toys-R-Us, and naturally I picked out a relatively realistic looking bolt action rifle (since my mom never would have allowed that sort of thing). I loved that gun, because it was the most real-looking gun of all kids I'd play shooting games with. But that was it. It was a toy, and a fun toy, but it ended at pretend. I know your brother pretty well, and it doesn't seem to me that any of those GI Joes gave him any predilection toward violence, either.

That trip down memory lane was pretty important, however, because I was driving with my wife, and full disclosure, she's set to give birth to our son within a few days. I revere my childhood experience of playing guns, and I sincerely believe that it helped to make me more curious about the world. I don't for a second think that toys like that are harmful, and yet I seem to be at odds with society on this one. I'm not criticizing, but genuinely curious as to why parents such as yourself (who played with toy soldiers as a child) think that it's a good thing that your kids don't? Is there any reason to think that playing war leads to violence, and that you and I (and all my cousins and childhood friends I played with who also grew up well adjusted) are exceptions?

My instinct is that we've gone way overboard in regulating toy guns. I literally have no data on this, and I don't know the experience of raising kids yet. My only evidence here is growing up. Very interested for your thoughts on this (and of course any other parents out there, especially those of sons).

Oh yeah. And her brother Erik Prince. Lovely group.

Probably most will refuse. That's when Congress has to sue. This also happened in Watergate. The committee subpoenaed the tapes, and Nixon refused to hand them over (claiming executive privilege). Eventually, the Supreme Court forced the administration to comply. One major difference here is that the Court is occupied by GOP sycophants who have no trouble violating their own stated principles in service of the GOP's agenda. Like with Watergate, getting at the truth will depend entirely on enough Republicans turning on him. If the Grassley/Graham questioning of Fusion GPS is any indication, we have a long way to go.

As to your second question, my gut is to not dignify it with an answer. However, it should be pointed out that it is explicitly stated in the Constitution that a member of Congress cannot be arrested when traveling to/from Congress or when in session.

Sadly, this dickhead is from my home state. He's from the west side of the state though, so I claim no kinship with him. Ironically the west side of Michigan is populated by descendants of Dutch people (I'm sure Hoekstra got the job because he's a high up in the Michigan Tulip Festival planning committee or something), but it's hugely conservative. Dutch liberalism didn't keep up on this side of the Atlantic :(

Public hearings. We need public hearings with high ups, and no bullshit excuses about executive privilege. Make them sit there and take the 5th for hours if necessary.

b_b  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 10, 2018

Apparently, the GOP actually expanded medical tax deductions for the next two years, which is a huge departure from their original position that they were going to kill that deduction altogether, so you might get an extra boost. In the new law, any expense greater than 7.5% of your adjusted gross income is now deductible, instead of 10% in the previous law. This returns to 10% after two years.

I like RadioLab. I don't listen every week, but only when I happen to catch it in the car. What they're doing is just presenting some interesting, usually unknown topic, and giving the public a taste. I think that's admirable, but of course it's going to come with simplifications, hype, etc. I forgive them that (and of course sometimes they hit one out of the park, such as in their AUMF episode). That said, that Supreme Court thing they did made me embarrassed for them. I couldn't get through a single episode. Maybe it is for kids, and it's cool if you're trying to get kids to learn up of Marbury v. Madison; lord knows public school isn't going to teach you about how the courts work. But don't bill it as being for anything but kids.

    ...there are probably no audio recordings of Trump et al admitting plainfully their coordination with Russians...

"If it's what you say I love it."

-Don Jr. in response to an email that was prefaced with, "as part of the Russian government's ONGOING EFFORT TO HELP YOUR FATHER..." And still no questions from the GOP members of the committee. How is an email record that different from tapes? The fact that Jr. didn't say, "If it's what you say, I love it, but wait, why if Russia trying to help my dad? That seems odd." is enough evidence that this wasn't an isolated incident. If that was the first he heard of Russia's effort to elect Trump and he didn't react, then he's literally the stupidest person in public life (since the language was so obviously inserted to use against him if necessary). The other explanation is that it was just routine at that point. Either way the evidence is pretty plain, so maybe even tapes of Trump saying things that even the tin foiliest hatted person in the world couldn't have dreamed up will never be enough.

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