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Moreover, he's been replacing people he's fired with TV personalities. Kudlow and one of the Fox and Friends have both been offered jobs in the last few days. He's dim enough that he can't see through the bullshit he sees soon TV everyday, which I guess makes sense when you consider that he sits in front of a TV for now how every day than most thinking people do in a week.

Doesn't really matter for purposes of McCabe's lawsuit. It looks bad, and that's all that matters to start issuing subpoenas. Plus Don was all over Twitter for the last few months counting down the days until McCabe gets his pension.

That's gonna look great at discovery. Do these people not consider what has to be made public during the inevitable law suit? Is would be a dream come true if they used this as evidence of a broad propaganda connection between Fox and Trump and/or the RNC, and they used this as grounds to subpoena correspondence going back years.

I think I saw that stormy has a crowd funded legal defense fund. I will likely donate if it becomes clear she needs the money. However, the suit should be thrown out on the grounds that the NDA only paid her $130,000. There's clear law in this area that the punishment sort of has to fit the crime, so the damages could only be like $130,000 + some small punitive amount. This is an attempt to intimidate her that is going to fall flat. He's terrified.

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Lol. That definitely is some long reflection. Maybe I'll get a second career in psychotherapy after the government shuts down science.

In what sense? The whole point of a corporate board is to be the company's fiduciary. No one is suggesting that he be prosecuted, just that he and his counterparts clearly did a horrible job as board members, and that in normal time that might matter.

Well the difference between Putin and Trump is that Putin has way bigger fish to fry than money laundering. He may be a kleptocrat first and foremost, but he's also a KGB alumnus who cares deeply about statecraft. Having Trump in his pocket does way more for him than give him unrestricted access to his billions. It gives him a backstop for when he does shit like the recent chemical weapons attack in UK. Trump is so shallow that the money is all there is. For Putin, the money is just a means to an end. If he loses access to some overseas cash, he has a lot more elsewhere. Big deal.

Not sater, some other dude who's name is escaping me (God there are so many). Trump Inc. podcast did an excellent episode about it recently.

I guess my problem with "leverage" is what's implicit in the word. It suggests that Trump would behave differently were it not for this albatross in his neck. I don't think he would. I think that he is perfectly happy in how he has made his money and will continue to do so, because he can. It could become leverage if he decided to change course, but until then I think it's better to call it cooperative. He's a keptocrat, and apparently a good one.

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The thing about Trumpism that Brooks and his I'll ilk don't understand is that Trump is the Republican that rank and file Republicans have been waiting for since at least Nixon. It's never been about policy. If it was about policy they would all have been voting Democrat. It is now and always has been about race. Full stop. The Brookses and frums and Stephenses of the world are the ones who don't get it, not the average voter. NYT tries so hard to offer a conservative perspective, but they don't realize that there really is only one single conservative perspective and that's aggrievemet and racialism.

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Well it's new testament, so David Brooks' and James Bennett's knowledge of that topic may not be vast.

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