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Maybe if we all clap our hands...

The thing that WaPo knows is that this type of headline will spark rage shares on Facebook from the left and right, and that the sweet sound of all the clicks will drown out the screams of their conscience. Silence those lambs, Jeff.

I have a fantasy that Mueller will indict Zuckerberg for collusion with the Russians, and that he will get the shit beat out of him in jail.

I'm not sure I would cal it "chilling" as much as "ignorant". Chilling seems a little alarmist to me. Also, where are the comparative data? I have no idea what college students thought 20 years ago, and without that control, these data are pretty well meaningless. Here's an alternate headline: "New study shows college kids have fragile minds and an ignorance of the Constitution." Not so chilling when you put it that way, is it?

I don't remember exactly how I might have responded to a controversial speaker on campus, but I do know that when I was 18 I was a lot more aggressive in my antipathy toward people with whom I disagreed on topics I thought were meaningful. At 35, I know a lot more people, have a lot more life experience, and have learned more about the law. I hope the same is true for most people who have gone through school, gotten a job, tried to get along and ahead in the world.

The biggest difference today is that everyone feels the need to share their opinion online, and that this has become a kind of proxy for who you are and not simply what you think. My advice to any young person would be to delete all social media profiles and use that time to read real books.

b_b  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Shkreli's voir dire

    And he disrespected the Wu-Tang Clan.
b_b  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How the Democrats won the presidency

Not sure who really won, but the American people sure were the real losers. I've had a distaste for Republicans and a begrudging alliance with Democrats for a long time, but this past year has shown that both are far worse than I ever imagined. Liberals throw hissy fits every time anyone says anything remotely controversial, and they are 100x easier to bait into going into a screaming, blinding rage than the President. And they're just as dumb. As recently as early 2016, Bernie Sanders was giving stump speeches to the effect that low wage, low skill immigration was killing America (and he was cheered and applauded for it--he always clained it was a policy that only the Kochs are pushing for). Now immigrants are so fetishized by the Left that if you say an immigrant (any immigrant) doesn't have a God given natural right to work and live in the US in perpetuity you're basically a slave master. Ann Coulter opens her dumb, irrelevant cunt mouth and the Times has to cover it for like three weeks so that all the Liberals can have a group cry. It's embarrassing. And you can't even call Ann Coulter a dumb, irrelevant. cunt anymore without being a misogynist.

I often feel like the last man on Earth who easily gets along with people regardless of their political stripes. As much as I care about certain policies, I'm under no impression that your preferred marginal tax rates are a character trait. Trump will probably screw over the GOP. That much has seemed obvious from day 1 (or at least from when he told all the Christians how much he loves "two Corinthians"). But that sure as shit doesn't mean anyone won. This is war. There are no winners; only degrees of loser.

And so long as we are stuck with a voting system that weighs geography over population, we're going to have to compromise. And part of compromising is to stop fucking demonizing everyone for everything that you don't agree with. The biggest problem we all face (from my white, male privileged POV) is the environment (climate change, clean and abundant water, etc.). There was a time in America when the environment wasn't such a big partisan question. We can get there again, but not if every time someone says something that someone else could possibly construe as mean we have a temper tantrum. Life is hard. Fuck me, I sound more and more like a Republican every day. 15 year old me might travel into the future to kill me soon. If you don't hear from me, that's probably what happened.

    I have never heard that.

For real? Fitz and Aguirre are, IMO, two of his more traditional narrative films. There are some that are far more difficult to watch (and I say this as someone who has seen almost everything he ever released). The above mentioned Kaspar Hauser, for example, is more classic Herzog - very slow, with an ill defined plot, and super odd characters who behave in ways that are not really in line with everyday experience.

His docs can only be called docs in the loosest sense of the word. They're always partly made up and partly documentary. It's a style that I think is off putting to a lot of people who believe that documentaries should be more journalistic in nature. In the example you cite, Dieter is shown to be obsessed with doors. This is pure fiction, as I understand it.

Herzog is interested in exploring an alternate side of humanity that isn't always explored in traditional film making, and this is why I think he's an acquired taste. Once you get his shtick, or whatever you want to call it, it's a lot easier to make sense of his movies.

Have you seen it? If not, and you're not already familiar with Werner Herzog, it may be difficult. Herzog is one of my favorites, but he's an acquired taste.

Can't believe there's no mention of the movie "The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser"! It's only loosely based on the real thing, however. I suggested that my son be named Kaspar because of it, but was summarily rejected.

Definitely won't watch. I think SM is a joke himself, and his comedy is horrible. I feel like all I've ever seen from him is racial humor where he tries to pretend he's not the bad guy because he's in on the joke or something, but they all boil down to "haha black people steal stuff, lol." The other stuff is non-sequiturs that were funny for like 10 seconds in the late 90s when it was hard to tell what he was up to. What a fucking tool. Full disclosure, I generally judge people by whether they think he's funny.

What a beautiful human. I pretty much owe my career to him. I was studying engineering in undergrad, and I tool intro biology to satisfy a credit. The instructor read a passage from one of Gould's essays, and I thought it was beautiful. I then picked up Full House, which in turn led me to read every single book he published, pick up a minor in biology, and then go into biophysics as a grad career. If it's possible to love a human you've never met by proxy, he's it for me.

b_b  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Why the Nazis Loved America

Amen. There are parallels and differences in the racial injustice of Europe and America, and the self-effacing, self-flagellating American will always over estimate our role in shaping the Nazis. Eugenics wasn't even uniquely American, even if it was formalized here. A lot of the early "scientific" studies that led to the eugenics movement were pioneered in Britain, because British people have thought of themselves as genetically superior for a really long time (and the largely British descended WASPs of America followed in that tradition).

American racialism has always been about what everything in America is about: economics. The economy of the South was based completely on using humans as commodities, and we've never reckoned with that. Nazism was based on Hitler's perverse ideas about "Natural Law", which in his view was being subverted by the Jewish-Communist. Both slavery/Jim Crow (and the other racial laws passed here that affected other groups such as Jews, Chinese, etc.) and the Holocaust are are obviously abhorrent, but I think the parallels are flimsy.

What was it you said last week about blaming the party planner for blocking an exit after Godzilla stomps on the party? Beautiful turn of phrase and also very apt comparison when blaming America for the rise of Nazism. Nazis caused the Holocaust and any attempt to shift blame away from that (even in the context of historic inquiry) is wrong factually and morally. Einsatzgruppen weren't studying the writings of Agassiz when machine gunning pits full of innocent citizens.

Thanks, man! Very thorough

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