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Caspus  ·  2560 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Which tech giant would you drop first?

Apart from Facebook, Apple and Microsoft being relatively easy appendages to lose (re: don't use, only pay them for iPhone and no other services, and have a Windows OS) the only two that really feel "vital" in a modern setting are Amazon and Alphabet.

And while I could probably get away without using Amazon (I only buy a handful of things a year using their site, or else buy directly from the company's selling what I'm looking for), the ubiquity of Google is probably the single thing I'd struggle to do without. So much of my work, leisure, etc. has been compartmentalized by the ability to quickly index information that it would require a near-complete reorienting of my ability to gather information in almost all aspects, and that's before taking into account that making that data acquisition more difficult would require additional spending (through textbooks, papers, etc.) and make those pursuits much more expensive in general.

Unless I jump in the way-back machine and go back to my torrenting prepubescent years... which would probably be the more likely solution to that "problem."

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