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sounds_sound  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: "Can I Sit Next To You" -Spoon

looking forward to this album. thought their last was so-so. first half better than the back end. both ga ga ga ga ga and transference were near the top of my playcount from the last ten years though. not many bands can do so much with so little.

i think the first song i ever heard from them was 16 years ago now. crazy that 16 years ago is still in the 2000's.

Ordered! Thanks for the tip. Tim's first record was an excellent concept album. His pop sensibilities are sophisticated. I always thought that, with the right machine behind him, he could have (and may still become) a pop star.

I find that when a band becomes successful, their follow up albums tend to sound somewhat over produced - now that they have access to the best studios and producers. With Bowie's work, since the 00's, I could always hear that cold, shiny quality that a professional studio brings, but they were still warm somehow. If feels to me like a lot of care went into the production of his work, all the way up the sound engineering chain.

New Tribe album is excellent.

And I finally cracked open the new Solange. Likely album of the year for me. Which reminds me. Hubski should do a top ten albums of 2016 thread.

Need to get that boy behind a drum set I think.

Just saw Andy Shauf on Friday nite at a place I'd never been to for a show before. I heard from a friend that the venue had terrible sound. I could see that with the type of music she goes out to, EDM type stuff. This music is not that, and Andy had it totally dialed. One of the best sounding concerts I've ever been to actually. The crowd was so into it, you could hear a pin drop in fact. Not typical for a weekend event.

sounds_sound  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Brutalism is back!

Raw concrete never really left. And there's been some nice recent of examples of the new plastic form:

Preston Scott Cohen, Tel Aviv Musuem of Art

Tadao Ando, School of Art, Architecture and Design at the University of Monterrey, Mexico

This watch. Indeed, that's the first that came to mind. Here's another great one.

You look so beautiful and peaceful. You almost look dead.

In other news.

    Seizures of undeclared cash spike at Vancouver International Airport

mk kleinbl00

sounds_sound  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: PsBattle #5: Announcements

woot woot! was hoping to see another entry, that way my win would at least be earned :)

Yeah, I think you're right kb. And like I said to mk, my feeling is that their participation is closer to 25%. That 5% was taken from a dubious BC government study that was done with not enough sampling and in too short of a time frame to get an accurate sense of the market. Ultimately doesn't matter because that only tracks foreign buyers anyway. What is more important is the foreign money, which is more likely funneled into the country through other means and difficult to trace.

    BC started levying a 15% surcharge on foreign sales between last August and this August

It's even crazier than that. The tax went into affect on August 2nd, this year, with very little warning. So while June and July also had a slow down, August had a precipitous, jaw-dropping slow down. But it's not likely that the 510 homes that weren't sold this month falls entirely on the shoulders of foreign buyers. The way I see it is that the foreign buyer has kind of become the monster in the closet in Vancouver. Where even if it exists, the idea of it is more potent and pervasive than the actual thing. That, combined with the fact that the market has become so focused on investment and speculation has made people just stop to wait and see what's going to happen.

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