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cgod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: December 28, 2016

Why don't you tell us a little about yourself?

50,000 watt radio stations in the U.S. and Mexico that used to play early R&B and Jump Blues were very popular in Jamaica.

They loved the Fat's Domino sound.

Plenty of talented musicians on the island didn't have the money for pianos and pianos are hard to lug around. The recreated the sound of the jump blues piano by having the bass player play the left hand and the guitar player playing the right. Bass guitar stomping the down beat and guitar raking on the up.

Very influential Fats Domino song on the island, hell the guitar would be at home on an early ska album.

One of the first domestic Jamacian albums ever produced.

Fats Domino had a huge influence on the development of Rocksteady, which became Ska and then Reggae. Reggae was hugely influential in the development of early Hip Hop and lots of Punk Rock. Of course there are many other influences to all these styles but Fats was a link.

I don't know my Fats that well but I know early Jamaican music passingly well.

cgod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 18, 2017

In my 16 years of living here I've never seen weather like this.

In my wife's forty years of living here she last saw weather like this in 1980.

You've arrived on the tail end of the most ineffective mayor that I've seen misgovern this town.

Charlie Hales can't make or implement a plan for more than five minutes that he doesn't abandon and make a committee to come up with a new plan for six month only to abandon it five minutes after it goes into effect.

But yea, it's kind of stunning.

I know a guy who works on the crews that do street cleanup and they are mismanaged and unprepared. Every one in his department from the people with the shovels to the guys who drive the trucks knows this but management has no idea.

Welcome to the "City That Works!"

What do you do for work? Every once in a while I have a line on something. Mostly I'm not helpful but I've gotten at least one person a dope job in the last year.

You are acting bitter and naive at the same time.

I share your dissatisfaction with Obama but I got over being bitter about two years into his administration. That was about the time I was not longer naive about who he was.

You know full well how Obama feels about whistle blowers.

I don't understand why he commuted Manning's sentence but what ever, I suppose it's one of his feel good moments.

U.S. currently has about 5000 troops in Iraq on average.

I've not seen any mention of it but I'd assume they have that many again of contractors and mercenaries.

I'm not against armed conflict in principle but I don't know if we are doing any good by staying in the region. By saying I don't know I really mean I don't know.

The benefit is ambiguous enough that I'd pull out if it were up to me.

cgod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 18, 2017

Kids in Portland have had 8 or 9 snow days so far this winter. Someone told me that they have only had 17 days of school since Thanksgiving. My kid was out sick for a few days before Christmas break.

The rain started yesterday but it's pouring down on roads that have more than an inch of ice. Thawed ruts with lakes in-between.

I'm over it. Dropping the kid off for a late start in about an hour.

Maybe you should give the article a closer read.

I was just introduced to Trans this year when a favorite customer of mine lent me the album.

I liked it.

I'm not a big Neal Young fan, I like a few songs, he sang good harmony with CSNY, but I've never brought an Young LP to the shop and I haven't played one in years. If I owned Trans I'd spin it at least once a year.

I'm no fan of McCartney as a solo artist but I listen to McCartney II once in a while. It has a lot in common with Trans in that it is his most hated album by many of his most ardent fans, and it included a fair bit of electronic instrument experimentation.


cgod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Real Reason Your City Has No Money

I'm enjoying the sight as well, read three pieces between business.

Look at it this way.

Obama increased the number of Americans with insurance by a little over one half of a percentage point, not exactly sweeping change. A lot of that isn't very affordable or very good coverage but it's a win. It doesn't seem to be the kind of thing that defines a great presidency.

If your measure of the greatness of Obama is that he brought the United States from having just about the worst health care system in the developed world all the way to still having just about the worst health care in the developed world than I guess that's fair.

I don't look upon it as a great success.

It's not why I think he was a terrible president but it doesn't go in his triumph column.

No, it doesn't become a triumph because it would have been awesome if Republicans weren't such big meanies.

There are so many problems with health care. There are so many people that still can't afford the care they need to lead productive comfortable lives even after the current round of reforms. I know so many people who get their kids medical care but won't go to the doctors for their own problems because they really can't afford it, even with insurance.

I think pretending something great happened is a fantasy. Did some people get access to care that they really needed but could never have afforded before? Yes. Is that a good thing? Of course. Does our system work, is it affordable for vast segments of society? Not so much.

And no, I don't fail to understand that more people are insured than were before, or that people can't be denied for existing conditions or that you can keep your kids on your health care for longer. These are all good things but they don't add up to quality health care that is affordable many people. Costs went up 5% last year here. Most the plans that cover the recently insured are getting big hikes this year and some companies are pulling out of the market. Having expensive insurance so that you know your kids will be safe but that you won't use because you just can't afford it doesn't seem all that fantastic in my book.

Each of us has different values and a different perspective. I really don't understand why Obama's health care reform is looked at with such a glow. It's better than nothing but I don't think it's a profound change in a system that needs profound change.

I'm not joking and I don't think my views are dumb.

I'm comfortable with you not agreeing with me, you have your own belifes and values, doesn't make you right or me wrong to value and worry about different things.

Nice knee jerk, doesn't agree with me so it's dumb.

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