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I think a similar case could be made against mainstream capitalist consumer culture. I think that many aspects of modern American culture in reference to race nationalism and sexuality coul be made as well.

Commenting super drunk so I'll shut up while I'm confused.


Yea, sorry, I meant that until I read her wiki just know I thought she was still a serving justice. I knew he had a sister who was a judge and who by all reports was well regarded by almost everybody who appeared before her, I didn't know she had retired.

I thought his sister was still a judge.

I have a few guesses about why I can shut it down and others can't.

First off I spent the extra $10 for Pro.

Second, I tore out everything I possible could and shut off every available option that wasn't necessary for general purpose computing.

I think if you don't close every chink in the armor than you can't disable certain annoying functions.

My wife wanted to watch the Olympics with her friends Hulu TV login on my PC. To do this I needed to turn on Microsoft location services. I couldn't turn it on, the toggle they have for it was unable to be activated. I have some other setting turned off or I uninstalled some other bullshit that it was dependent on. Some of these services have other dependencies that if left on make you unable to disable or enable other services. I didn't build my rig to watch location dependent TV and I don't really care that it won't work.

I suspect that you might not be able to turn off Customer Services if you leave shit like Cortana on.

The only complaint I have with Win 10 is that the screen dimming controls are shit if you aren't on a laptop, otherwise I can't think of anything about it that is especially annoying.

A question I have is how does this guy write for how to geek and can't do something that I and other laymen I know have done?

I don't really understand anything about peoples gripes with windows 10.

Search Customer Experience, turn it off.

You are done.

I haven't had anything unwanted installed on my system after I clamped down all the privacy and other miscellaneous other bullshit settings.

I probably took an hour to make sure my computer was cruft free, sounds like it was worth it.

Community A is winning and it will take all when it's over.

Before long it's just going to be dog coats, succulent's, truffle fries, and artisan ice cream all the way down.

We vote big bond issues for pleasant amenities like parks. No one is the city is supposed to less than an easy walk to a nice park. Taxes go up and the closer you are to a park the higher your home value goes up. The people at the bottom get pushed out as clusters of new businesses emerge to satiate the desires of the new wealthier residents. It starts with a tap room and a coffee shop and ends with a New Seasons (Think Whole Foods if you don't have them around you). Values go up more, more people get moved on.

City B will be gone in ten years.


The Portland station that does it is KBOO an independent locally funded community radio station. They were usually #2 on my dial before I had to get up at 5am every morning. Their morning programming is chat and hideous shit like traditional Irish or American Indian music which doesn't go with the shops flow so I don't listen all that often. They did either a half or full hour prison show with messages.

I listen to a different locally funded radio station now, only on weekends. i know a few of the DJ's and it's a better music mix.

The Detroit show was just the later night DJ on a contemporary urban format station who would read out messages to prisoners.

Many of the messages are hopeful, many are sad they are filled with a lot of love. Nothing like a shout out that a favorite uncle died and we love you and are waiting for you to get out.

The best Human League song.

I know that in Detroit and Portland there are stations that did this. The formats were a little different but it provided a shout outs to incarcerated people.

As an aside I was trying to untangle weather Republicans are ideological or just partisan before I read this piece.

Relatively mainstream republican rhetoric against the FBI sounds more like Huey Newton's Black Panthers than anyone that would slap a blue lives matter sticker on the back of their vehicle.

Balanced budgets haven't been the issue of any importance since they took power.

Roy Moore and Donald Trumps free pass on sexual improriety from a party that claims to want to preserve family values above all is another example.

These were just the three striking examples of republican abandonment of ideology in favor of partisanship.

I don't know where this fits into the discussion exactly but questioning Republican dedication to ideology is where my mind was at today.

I don't know enough actual Republicans anymore to know if they are dumb as stumps or not. I've known smart ones and dumb ones aplenty.

I know a bunch of dim bulb Democrats here in liberal land. You could cherry pick yourself a bushel off any corner, but I guess Portlandia already did that.

The artist hanging at my shop atm is an old black lady working in a black folk art style. there is about 10x the amount of memory and emotion in her work as anything that I've ever had up before. I fucking love it. Other people come in and say that it ok looks like grade school art. I don't give a fuck. Her work is great in my opinion. I'll post some shitty cellphone pics of it tomorrow if I have a chance. Real feeling and memory is not present in most art. Fuck elegance, real emotion is beyond precious. It means more than anything.

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