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I've only gotten through a couple more so far.

Invasion of Astro-Monster was definitely more of the silly campy monster movie I was expecting from this franchise...I loved it!

I'm having a hard time finding a free copy of Ebirah, Horror of the Deep and Son of Godzilla, so I may have to abandon my original plan of going through every movie in order. I'm probably going to skip ahead and check out Godzilla (2014), I'm still the most excited for that one.

psychoticmilkman  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are you scared of?

For real. I recently got made a manager so I have to be in charge of people. Plus I speak to clients regularly now about their accounts, greet and welcome clients... it gets exhausting.

I crave the company of only one person all the time.

Luckily I'm about to head out on a 2 week vacation with her. Very ready for that.

psychoticmilkman  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are you scared of?


Meeting new people is terrifying. I never know what to say and often get flustered.

I can be comfortable in a group of people as long as it's like 5 people or less. And as long as I know them decently well. Introduce someone to the group I've never met and I pretty much shut down. If I end up in a crowd I'm constantly on edge and get increasingly anxious the longer I'm there.

I'm currently planning a party I'm helping host where a hundred or so people are invited. It goes against everything I've ever felt my whole life...so kinda really stressed right now.

I'm definitely a "start a the beginning" kinda guy. So I started with the original Godzilla. And... you're right. It'a a very well made.

I guess I was expecting it to be even more campy than it is. It was fun. Godzilla came off a little silly, but I was still invested in most of the characters and their drama.

A good movie that I'll probably start recommending to people. Good enough I jumped right into Godzilla Raids Again.

Which...I think I probably liked better that the first. I was way more invested in the human characters in this film. It had an even more silly monster for Godzilla to fight, and possibly because it was just a shorter movie. The first was great, but did drag a little in a few places.

And, because I didn't have work today, I also watched King Kong VS Godzilla. This one I was a little excited for, because I love me some King Kong. However, not a super great portrayal of Kong. His movements kept distracting me, like, very obviously just a person in a particularly ugly gorilla suit. I disliked most of the human characters in this one, which is not a bad thing, I was still very invested in their story, just negatively.

I did still enjoy the 3rd Godzilla movie, but my biggest issue was actually the color.

So i'm kind of obsessed with black and white things, and I loved a lot of the cinematography of the first two movies, and that mostly had do to with the fact that it was black and white. I think a lot of early color movies and television ignored lighting that could have provided good depth. And by "ignored lighting" I mean, everything was lit as brightly as possible so the colors would show through and everything just kind of looked flat. Plus the actually flat backdrops, model miniatures and monster costumes just looked more fake.

In all the films I found the fight scenes pretty fascinating. In modern film, if there is a monster/giant or generally massive moving object, it's movements are generally slowed, which gives the sense of mass and weight behind huge monsters. All three of the first Godzilla movies have sections in the middle of fight scenes that have been sped up slightly. I don't think this ruined anything, but I found it interesting as we don't seen that type of effect for those types of scenes anymore.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first encounters with Godzilla. Tomorrow is Mothra!

Also, wtf, the 2014 Godzilla was directed by Gareth Edwards and has Bryan Cranston in it?! How did I miss that? That one I REALLY want to watch, but I'm considering going through the other 26 films that come before it.


I currently have access to, what I believe is, every Godzilla movie ever made. And I've seen exactly none of them.

This may be the motivation I needed to finally dive in.

I tend to name pets after television or movie characters. Currently have a cat named Radar and two rats named Frasier and Niles.

So, I Just watched episode 1.

I have seen multiple trailers for this over the last few months and for some reason I thought this was a movie, not a tv show.

For background:

I have seen maybe 3 seasons worth of various Star Trek episodes across all the shows, and seen 5 or 6 of the films. I am admittedly a die hard Star Wars fan, but enjoy Star Trek when I come across it.

I have never really cared for Seth MacFarlane. Family Guy is mildly funny, sometimes, and Ted was a horrible movie.

There were a few jokes that I found funny. A lot I felt were stretched too long. Very obvious Seth MacFarlane writing, which I guess would be more tolerable if you're into that.

The overall plot is actually kindof fine. No overly complicated setup to get the episodic story going, a reasonable explanation for weekly adventures. A simple believable conflict between the main characters.

But I didn't like the main characters. Two supporting character's bromance was more exciting than just about any other interaction.

The CGI was fine, for a sci fi tv show, not amazing. The action was obviously mocking early Star Trek action scenes, so...meh.

Oh, and Seth's character is kinda racist against an alien and totally ignorant of basic knowledge of species of those he works with. Which may have just been a dumb way to introduce the audience to the characters of alien species, but I didn't like it.

Halfway through I got kinda bored and started multitasking.

I will not probably not watch any further episodes. I expect if you enjoy Seth MacFarlane, you'll enjoy this, seems to be another classic (maybe slightly toned down) MacFarlane project.

An amazing episode. And dozens of excellent performances from Justin Roiland.

I'm excited for more from the Citadel. But I also find it interesting they've created another main story villain and I'm still waiting for Tammy and Phoenixperson to show up.

Oh, wow. I had forgotten this existed. I knew someone who was obsessed with how bad it was, but I never knew it went for so long and had such a mysterious origin. I had only read a couple chapters. I'm afraid to read more.

Thanks for the response. It's all very fascinating.


Link to the blog if anyone else wants to get there quick.

Any chance mk or thenewgreen or ecib could respond to one of the comments on the article?

    They can bank them....but every other indication they talk about is either in current violation of FDA regs or simply does not exist as in this sentence ..."Forever Labs has also proposed its own clinical trial to take your stem cells and give them to your older cells." Plus, if they are using the Arthrex Angel device as shown in the picture....they aren't collecting enough stem cells to even matter unless they culture expand them....also forbidden in the USA by the FDA...

I know very little about this or the comment's accusations, but I'm happy for you guys and this all seems very interesting.

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