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I keep re-writing a response to this, but I'll just go with: I appreciate that you don't let people off easy. I needed that.

I spent the morning watching the eclipse on Mrs. Jenkins' deck. We were watching on lawn chairs at the end of the cul-de-sac, and she invited us over to watch with her. I met 2 of her 10 children, we talked about soap and where they were in 1979 for the last eclipse. She made me some coffee, and we talked about Cooper.

She told me that having one more dog around doesn't change much - that as long as he's not in the yard when she's gardening near us (6 am - 8 am), she doesn't mind at all. And plus, she thinks he's cute.

After that, I went on a walk with Cooper. I introduced him to everyone on our block. This was also the first time I met most of them. Most of them said they hadn't noticed there was a new dog, and the ones that did notice said he was fine.

Finished up dog proofing the yard. He's been running around all morning, only a few barks. Seems plum tuckered out now.

Believe me, every concern you have is one I've had ten times over. But I'm dealing with whatever immediate problems I can, and everyone in my house is happy. We're not a perfect home for him, but we're better than what he had, and now that the yard is ready, he's getting the exercise he needs.

Thanks for looking out. I mean it.

The only music I've heard this week has been children's music at the preschool. Specifically, from an album by this band:

The Laurie Berkner Band - 5 Days Old

I think I like it? It's no Rafi.

How many times did I hear "Let it Go" this week? 10.

It makes it better that I automatically add the A$AP Ferg parts from this mashup everytime I hear the song.

Thank you, Dala!

The Kong is a godsend, and I love the idea of hiding the treats around the house! He really likes digging, so I'm thinking of building a little sandpit for him in the yard and hiding treats and chewtoys in it. Luckily, my landlords are incredible, and they've been helping me re-fit our yard to be more dog friendly for him. Pretty soon, I'm going to feel comfortable leaving him in the yard when I'm home.

Thank you so much, I really truly appreciate it.

He is such a good boy, especially for a rescue - he doesn't beg for scraps, he's housebroken, and he's good with people (and yes, gorgeous - expect more pics in this week's pubski!). I'm happy that he just has dog aggression - it's a much more manageable issue than him hating people.

Re: thing nine - I've been stopping by the local pet store every day since I got him, and I've found them to be incredibly helpful and reassuring. They offer free classes on training once a week, and I plan on going to just about all of them.

flac  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski, what's your killer smoothie?

I make one smoothie. I make it almost every morning. I make it well, I make it consistently.

I've been spending a year or so figuring out how to make the best kale smoothie I can - how to break down the kale well, how to balance out the flavors. I find that the two most important flavors to add to the kale are sweetness and a citric component.

So, here's how I do it. This is all done with a Nutribullet because it's what I've got, not sure what the actual measurements are, I just do it all visually.


1. Grab you some kale. It should be cold. If possible, it should be de-stemmed, though I don't consider that essential. Grab enough to fill the large nutribullet container halfway, loosely packed. Add water to cover the kale.

2. Blend this for about a minute. This is the part where you just beat the shit out of the kale to get it to your desired consistency - for me, the smoother and more finely processed, the better.

Optional step: sometimes I add almonds to this. I do it at this point, and blend like a motherfucker. Nothing worse in a smoothie than choking on grainy almond meal.

3. Add the remaining components: 1 frozen banana, preferably halfed. 2-3 large frozen strawberries - I don't like to add much more than this, but I do like the tartness that they add. 5 or 6 frozen pineapple chunks - this is the essential part. I find pineapple to be the ideal citric fruit to balance out the kale. If you're going to skip any part of this recipe, make it the strawberry. The banana and pineapple are, IMO, essential.

4. Add some water and blend. The amount of water added is up to taste - I like smoothies with a bit of thickness to them, but still easily drinkable.


Optional changes: swap kale out for spinach, though I find this to make the smoothie too...frothy. I'm also a slow drinker, and I find that there is more separation between the solid/liquid components with spinach, leading to me just drinking some solid leaves.

Add almond milk instead of water. I don't love the taste of this personally, and would add more pineapple to counteract the added basic taste.

flac  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: August 16, 2017

Starting as a paid employee at pre-k this week, about 2 weeks earlier than I expected. This frees up a little money in my budget for this month, which means two things: more money spent on getting the Etsy started, and more importantly: I am now looking for a puppy. Going to check some shelters this weekend with my partner.


Speaking of Etsy:

Bought a kid's dress shirt pattern yesterday, so anyone with fancy kids can have a cute animal shirt soon too ;) Probably going to be $30 for those.


Going to my first open mic of the past 3 months tonight. This will be the second time I've played in public in Portland. I somewhat suspect it will go better this time...

flac  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: August 16, 2017

I just about shat my pants when I saw this, because Wednesday this week is my first day of work and I would already be about 2 hours late for it if it were Wednesday.

Every few weeks, I keep re-reading the first 5 pages of 1Q84 (which, as an aside, I have always pronounced as kyew-teen-eighty-four, which seems to be wrong?). I've read the whole book once before, and I want to re-read it, but it's just so much book.

The book that I last finished of his was Wild Sheep Chase, and the book that I started reading on my plane ride back here was Kafka on the Shore. In all honestly, I probably won't finish it until the next time I travel.

I've had a kindle Paperwhite for about 3 years. I use it for one thing, which is reading through my massive amount of pirated Discworld/Haruki Murakami books while traveling. All I want it to be able to do is carry a shit ton of books, and allow me to read them for a long time. The e-ink display is very visible and its low energy impact lets me use it for a ton of time. I like it a lot for this specific task.

I think the problem that I will always have with Kindles (or any e-reader, for that matter), is that there is no good way for me to share a copy - specifically, my copy - of a well loved book with a friend. Reading is and has always been a largely social activity for me, in that I get more joy out of discussing a book with a friend who has read it than simply reading it on my own. I love sharing an unknown book with a friend, especially if they really enjoy it. E-readers tend to actively discourage that, if not sterilize the process.

I like having to explain why my copy of Invisible Cities has bite marks on it, or talking about which short stories I have dog-eared in Palm of the Hand Stories. My copy of Emerson's collected works is at least 50% underlined/highlighted at this point, and I wouldn't want to read it any other way.

I think that there is so much about e-readers that is better - on paper, at least. If I viewed reading as a more isolated activity, I think I would like it more.

flac  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: August 9, 2017

Sewing shit

Some shirts I made last week. This is the first time I've done any sewing in about 3 months.

One of my favorite shirts I've ever made. Really well executed and lovely design.

Pretty fine lines, kind of hard to see the print - it's umbrellas and rain. Been wanting to make this one since when it actually rained here.

b-b-b-branding! Bought these labels in December and have never used them.


When I was back on the east coast this past week, I met a friend's fiance - a woodworker who has made enough to afford a downpayment on a house just through selling things on Etsy. I talked with her all night about logistics and how to dip my toes into selling clothes online, and I think I am finally going to give this a shot. I have no work the next 3 weeks until preschool starts, and I have the fabric to make about 10 shirts. I think I'm going to make those, work on putting together a passable site, and see how those 10 shirts sell. I'll be timing myself throughout this process just to get a better idea of how long specific tasks take me, and figure out whether it's best to do tasks in bulk, or make an entire shirt at once.

If it seems like it's worth the time and energy, I'll start spending about 10 hours a week (or more, but that should be about 3 well done shirts a week) working on clothes to sell - I don't see it as a main job anytime in the forseeable future, but it could be a solid source of additional funds.

Speaking of which, the price that I am thinking of starting at for shirts is $40 for a basic short sleeve shirt (like the bee shirt above). For an additional $5, you can get one/two pockets, or a Mandarin collar (as seen in the umbrella shirt). For an additional $10, you can make it long sleeved (though I honestly may not consider this as an option for now, just because the shirts I am pre-making for sale will all be short sleeved). I would like to eventually move the base price higher so that I can consistently afford higher quality fabric, but $40 seems reasonable to me for now.

Keep an eye out, hoping to have the Etsy live by the end of the month.

flac  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: August 2, 2017

Waylaid in Cincinnati, hopefully ending up back in CT tonight.

Made two shirts this week, but I don't feel like downloading the imgur app to my phone, so they'll be up later. Quite happy with both of them, and glad to be sewing again. First time in about 3 months.

flac  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: July 26, 2017

I send my regrets for you having to hang out in my home state! (There are, admittedly, some nice parts, particularly along the coast).

Where in CT are you? Any chance you'lll be there in a week? I'm heading back for a visit on Aug. 2nd.

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