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Boy oh boy, I cannot finish a goddamn thing these days. I am currently in the process of re-recording my entire folk album on a 4 track cassette recorder because I can't stand how polished the digital recording is becoming. This is the album I want, this is the album I've got. Someone also called my folk music "indie rock" and I haven't really been able to work on it since. I am a ridiculous and really temperamental person sometimes.

I'm just so fucking exhausted. I don't want to work a full time job and then come home and feel like I'm doing work mixing. It's really hard for me to find the joy in working on this album anymore.


Here are songs from two other things I can't bring myself to finish! These two are from my no-wave/dance-punk Dr. Bronner's project, "Dilute! Dilute! OK!", which uses only phrases from the soap bottle for lyrics.

(ignore the last 40 seconds or so, it's going to be a fade into another song at some point).

And here's a pop-ish song.

Indeed I did! I only think of Adult Mom as Steph, not sure who else they play with these days.

Oh hey, I'm friends with Adult Mom! We were in most of the same classes, same major in college (Anthropology). Cool cat. A bit "extra", as the kids say.

flac  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Unerased: Counting Transgender Lives

Congratulations! You've shown that you care enough about human life that you started a homicide statistic with "lol"! You definitely seem like you do give your time supplying food to the homeless, or volunteering on a suicide hotline, and don't just use the excuse of "this isn't an issue that directly affects me" to avoid actually helping anybody not related to you by blood.

I'm sorry that not enough trans people are dying to warrant your empathy - let's hope it stays that way.

Tell me, how are you fighting the Opioid epidemic in America? What are some concrete steps I, as a citizen, can take to stop the deaths of 33,000 of my peers? I certainly don't know anyone who is addicted to prescription pills, so by your reasoning I have no reason to care about it - that's just not something which affects me. I do know a young trans woman who was beaten to within an inch of her life in an alley, but hey, my number's smaller than yours, I should care about your thing instead - fuck her statistically insignificant life!

See, here's the thing about proportions: they tend to point to something larger than themselves. If you actually did give your time to helping the homeless, you would find that between 10-20 of those 50 people might be gay or trans (and before you have a chance - I know I linked to a liberal rag and you are going to debate the numbers, I don't particularly have the energy to find better sources) - a number which is disproportionately high. Or if you actually spent your time with opium addicts, you would find that, again, a disproportionately high amount of them are gay or trans. And do I even have to tell you how many gay and trans people would be calling you on that suicide hotline?

I get it, you don't know any trans people, but some of us do. Some of us may even want to start a family with the trans man they've been dating for 5 years - a thing that becomes significantly harder if he's dead. I completely agree that there is a finite amount of energy that we can all channel to causes that we deem to be important - I just hope that you're channeling yours towards something bigger than complaining about people mourning the dead.

EDIT: I'm sorry that this is pretty aggressive, I don't mean it as a personal attack - in all seriousness, I have no doubts that you are a good person, and I get where you are coming from. This is just an issue that hits really close to home.

flac  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 22, 2017

It's really cool, but frankly there are a few too many strings for my comfort... knocked it down to a healthy 9 strings instead of 4, and have it tuned in DADGAD. Cool stuff.

Balalaikas are pretty sweet, my BF's dad had one for a while because he loves Dr. Zhivago

flac  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 22, 2017

Sweet, I'm free the 31st and 1st all day, and nighttime on the 2nd if you want to meet up some time.

flac  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: My Buddy's 5 song Demo - It's Good

Shoutouts to the extended tuning sequence midway through, giving you that real raw shit

flac  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 22, 2017

In a minor funk. I've started working 6 days a week in hopes to save up enough money to move out into an apartment with my boyfriend soon. The work itself is good, but it's a big ol' bummer to not have the energy to work on music in the free time I have now.

On the plus side, I traded in an old drum machine to the local music store for a Bandurria and some other knick knacks, and the store owner gave me a free electric guitar because she saw me messing around with some of the cheap ones in the store. It's been a while since I've torn down a guitar to completely remake it, so this should be a fun side project. It's a shitty Strat clone that's in desperate need of some fret work, new pickups, and a fun paint job.

EDIT: PS, ButterflyEffect, still planning on coming to Portland at the end of the month?

Mmm, got it. The MPK has no MIDI cable output - you'd have to run it through a computer first to get it into a volca. Currently looking for a keyboard to play my Keys with too, hope one of us can find a decent one!

One's mine, one's my BF's brother's.

For the price, I'd say it's pretty hard to beat - but only if you think you would use the pads. The keys are a bit too light for my taste, but they suffice for what I need. I primarily use the keyboard part for writing synth melodies and putting in some chords here and there.

I have basically an MPC style sampling setup in Reaper that I control with the pads on this, I can send you some info on how to set it up if you're interested. I use the pads for all my "live" drums to give a bit more of an organic feel.

I never use the knobs or the arpeggio function, but they seem to work fine.

The joystick-style mod wheel takes some getting used to, but I like it a lot.

galen, if you like "un-cleaned" stations then you are in for a goddamn treat with mine.

Behold, the shithole.

O! gaze upon the standing desk made from some dresser drawers; the scarves duct taped to a chimney; the comically small screen of my computer; the electric guitar that its owner left here when he moved out and has yet to retrieve.

Behold! the island of misfit keys - the odds, the ends. The room's aesthetic: in a word, rugs. In a second word, bikes.

So untuned, so unheated. Truly a return to the elements.

I like the sentiment a lot, but this kind of read like a long-form political cartoon to me for some reason.

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