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Creativity  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: October 18, 2017

I just registered for the Cebu Marathon in the Philippines. It's in three months (14th January). I don't really run that often, but this a way to commit and have a goal. We will see how it goes!

I've been living in a hostel for a month and a half now in Taipei. It still feels good, I don't regret my choice. The location is really nice with great restaurants near it from all over the world (lebanese, russian, german, mexican, italien) and a lot of asian food (chinese-taiwanese, japanese, korean). University is close, it's cheap, and a lot of my new friends are living close by.

I'm going to South Korea for six days tomorrow ! Looking forward to that :)

I don't have any money in the stock market, but I get the feeling that it will pop in 2018. I wonder if crypto will increase as a consequence. I believe so, but who knows.

3 days ago : https://www.businessinsider.nl/goldman-sachs-thinks-were-heading-into-a-bear-market-2017-10/?international=true&r=US

    Goldman Sachs has circulated a fascinating but scary research note to clients suggesting that the probability of stocks entering a bear market in the next 24 months currently stands at about 88%

5 months ago : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/big-picture-ray-dalio/

    Big picture, the near term looks good and the longer term looks scary. That is because:

       - The economy is now at or near its best, and we see no major economic risks on the horizon for the next year or two,

    - There are significant long-term problems (e.g., high debt and non-debt obligations, limited abilities by central banks to stimulate, etc.) that are likely to create a squeeze,

    - Social and political conflicts are near their worst for the last number of decades, and

    - Conflicts get worse when economies worsen.

Two days ago: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-16/a-crazy-stock-market-is-punishing-sellers

    “Two rockets flew over the land mass of Japan and nothing happened,” says Mark Connors, Credit Suisse’s global head of risk advisory. “There were no calls. That’s absolutely crazy.”

Try to make a stop at Crater Lake ; it's an amazing sight !

Creativity  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: August 30, 2017

After a month and a half backpacking through south-east Asia (Indonesia, Singapour, Vietnam), I arrived safely yesterday in Taipei, Taiwan, where I will start my exchange semester on September 8th. It will be my last semester of university, before going back to France and start looking for a job or an internship !

I hope it's going to be fun. So far the food in Taipei seems to be really great.

I'm still looking for an apartment ; I'm wondering if staying in a hostel for 4 months is doable -- on one side you have your private room and can invite people easily to your place, on the other you get to meet more people, save money when traveling (don't have to pay double accommodations, you save money because renting a place or living in a hostel is about the same price) and have a better shower/stuffs -- you can also change neighborhood if you want to.

Crazy. Saw an article on Techcrunch about your company on my facebook news feed.

Big brother is watching me or you guys did a great PR campaign.

Wow, congratulations to the team !

If you find yourself with some spare time, I would love to read about your experience there.

Doing a 2-day bizhackaton on the blockchain. I'm learning a bit about all this.

Creativity  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 24, 2017

Going to Iceland tomorrow, I hope it's going to be as awesome as it looks like.

“Per @TreyYingst, Bannon, Mike Dubke, Sarah Sanders and Spicer walked into cabinet room just now. They did not look happy.”

“Can now hear yelling coming from room where officials are.”

“Sarah H. Sanders told reporters she didn’t know anything about yelling.”

“WH comms staffers just put the TVs on super loud after we could hear yelling coming from room w/ Bannon, Spicer, Sanders”

It was foreseeable: the polls indicated between 24 and 25%, and you could feel that France was divided between voting against Le Pen or not voting at all.

I mean, according to a poll post-election, 43% voted for Macron to block Le Pen. They do not adhere to his project. It's good news in the sense that we do not have Le Pen. Project-wise, it all depends where you stands. I believe there are some good ideas in his projects, as there are bad ones. I didn't vote for him in the first round but did in the second.

That's why the legislative election that will take place in a month will be really important to see if there is going to be any change.

Fun tidbits about Macron :

- he's 39 years old (youngest of the G20) ;

- was unknown three years ago ;

- was an investment banker at Rothschild for 2 years ;

- married his teacher who is 25 years older than him.

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