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I often don't know what I'm talking about.

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rezzeJ  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 29, 2017

They say stereotypes exist for a reason, and as a British person my teeth fucking suck. I've got to get a load of fillings, go teetotal on all unnecessary sugar, and use a toothpaste with 5x the amount of fluoride in. That's what I get for being a stoner who didn't look after his teeth when I was an undergrad. I thought I'd been doing alright with my dental hygiene since then but obviously not. Oh well, at least we have the NHS so it wont be too much money.

I've been having mixed feelings about my music lately. I've tracked about 450 hours work on it since October last after I made a resolution to be more discipline. I've undoubtedly made a lot of progress but it's hard sometimes doing this shit in isolation. I know I can't expect the people around me to ever be as passionate about what I'm creating as I am myself. That's just not realistic. But now I'm finally starting to achieve compositions that touch on my 'inner ideal' of how I want my music to be and people barely seem to show anything above a vague appreciation. Meanwhile, this generic, badly produced piece of Drum & Bass I made in a week 7 years ago has 250,000 views. Oh well, I'll keep ploughing on I. Maybe I just haven't found my audience yet. The more likely conclusion is that I'm just not good enough yet.

I'm still working away on my album and I've just finished the second track. The mixdown was a bit of pain so I kind of just abandoned it eventually. Hopefully it sounds alright.

Link here as Hubski can't embed private soundcloud uploads.

    E) Whatever passes for techno music these days

I know this was said as part of a jest, but I love a good bit of techno so I can't help but offer some suggestions:

Objekt - CLK Recovery

Kangding Ray - These Are my Rivers

Function - Disaffected

I came across this proggy jazz fusion band called 'Nova Collective' on Bandcamp. They are incredible, one of my favourite discoveries of the last few months.

Ah damn, that sucks. I think I'm going to go for a pair of Beyerdynamics next.

I still use a pair of the old M50s daily that I bought around Christmas 2010. And it's not like I've taken that great care of them. Absolute troopers.

Though they are starting to show their age now. All the covering on the headband has fallen off and I recently broke a little bit of plastic which ensures the cup stays in place when up against the resistance of your head. I had to tape that up so now left side no longer folds. I guess I dropped them one too many times. I'll probably try to get another 6-12 months out of them.

    Assuming auto-correct got the best of you, turning Mansoor into Moor.

Actually, it was just me being an idiot and not checking what I wrote. Fixed.

Madness of Many is fantastic. It's more complex and has less big riff led tracks, but as a result has lot more depth. It's become my favourite of theirs. I hope you enjoy it!

    I was going to suggest just this. I think this is the same core group as Periphery except no vocals, if memory serves.

Not quite, at least not now. Matt Halpern & Misha Mansoor of Periphery did some work on the debut album. But apart from that, I believe AAL are completely separate, member wise:

Tosin Abasi - Guitar

Javier Reyes - Guitar

Matt Garstka - Drums

On the subject of prog metal, have you listened to Animals as Leaders? They've been up their with my most listened steadily for the last year or so.

    I think of the biggest problems with anonymous apps is the lack of reputation / consequences. I have always believed that anyone can be an absolute troll or a bully or whatever when presented with the right circumstances. Those circumstances tend to apply to far more people when you advertise yourself as an anonymous app.

There was a link to an article posted on /r/philosophy today entitled "Social Networking and Ethics" that has a section about Anonymity versus Commitment. It shares similar sentiments to the ones your express here.

    Dreyfus suggests that what online engagements intrinsically lack is exposure to risk, and without risk, Dreyfus tells us, there can be no true meaning or commitment found in the electronic domain. Instead, we are drawn to online social environments precisely because they allow us to play with notions of identity, commitment and meaning, without risking the irrevocable consequences that ground real identities and relationships. As Dreyfus puts it:

    …the Net frees people to develop new and exciting selves. The person living in the aesthetic sphere of existence would surely agree, but according to Kierkegaard, “As a result of knowing and being everything possible, one is in contradiction with oneself” (Present Age, 68). When he is speaking from the point of view of the next higher sphere of existence, Kierkegaard tells us that the self requires not “variableness and brilliancy,” but “firmness, balance, and steadiness” (Dreyfus 2004, 75)

    While Dreyfus acknowledges that unconditional commitment and acceptance of risk are not excluded in principle by online sociality, he insists that “anyone using the Net who was led to risk his or her real identity in the real world would have to act against the grain of what attracted him or her to the Net in the first place” (2004, 78).

    I wonder why partners will sit on their phones instead of enjoying the moment. There's checking the phone, and then there's foregoing proper interaction in favour of the phone.

Perhaps they subconsciously feel anxious about being insignificant in their social circles if they don't constantly keep up to date. Or the significance they feel get from being connected offers a respite from the insignificance they feel around the mountains that tower over them.

From the Peak District to The Rockies, I don't think I've ever felt insignificance if the face of awesome scenery. There's every chance I didn't get that far, instead stupefied by the beauty like in the second stanza of lil's contribution. I thought back to The Rockies when I read these lines in Orlando by Virginia Woolf:

"The English disease, a love of Nature, was inborn in her, and here, where Nature was so much larger and more powerful than in England, she fell into its hands as she had never done before."

I love the flow from the infinite to the finite in this, and then the contrasts in the last stanza.

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