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I've started a Travel Vlog and it would mean a lot if you could subscribe here

Also, I sometimes write articles on the blog:

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Harry Potter is the closest I've ever came to become part of a "fandom". I find it starts really light and fun as any kids book, but it does get a lot more serious and dark towards the end. The contrast in tone is seriously shocking when you re-read the first book after going through the series. But growing up with the books, and having years in between them it was perfect :) Enjoy!

I've only tried the beyond meat at A&W and it just felt... wrong. I don't know what it was, but I had this weird gag-reflex/ nausea. I get the same feeling when I eat any Burger King burger. Tasted gross. I had high hopes :(

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Thanks :) I know it's just a temporary thing, but it still sucks right now. Best of luck to you too with your new interests!

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I find the further I go down the rabbit hole of living kind of an unconventional life, the less people I have around to talk to :(

On one hand, my life has never been as fun or as exiting as it is now. On the other, I’d like to vent and talk about stuff and feel my old friends won’t understand (and have mostly moved away). My newer friends don’t feel that close yet. I’ve just been having a bit of a tough time due to some recent events, and it feels lonely.

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Home from Africa for 5 days now, and it has been crazy busy. And it’s not stopping anytime soon. But I don’t mind. Jet lag makes me feel so productive waking up early! I’ll try to keep it going.

Weather is great, my friends are awesome. I missed my city.

Wow thanks for this reply! I remember doing a little research before doing this video (mostly to reassure my mom t wasn’t dangerous ) and had trouble finding information that was easy to digest. So I might have gotten some details wrong. But I do remember that the heavy particules that have the longer half life could not travel too far with the wind - which is why the 10km zone is the most dangerous one. And that living organisms absorb those particules so you should not eat fish, berries, mushrooms - even if thy are abundant.

It’s actually a bit of a paranoia thing in Ukraine when you buy stuff from the farmers markets. They have been reports of people selling stuff from Chernobyl because it’s so easy to fish/scavenge there. Or maybe it’s all hearsay, who knows...

Nice write up! I was researching how to sneak in there during my time in Ukraine, but I didn’t find anything good enough to give me confidence I could do it.

So we just settled on going with a guided tour for a day. It was a really interesting experience. I was impressed by Duga - it’s a massive radar that to didn’t even know was there. The most impressive man made structure I’ve ever seen. I tried to take pictures, but nothing really captures the scale.

Made a video of my day :)

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Manipulative, but assuming I look the same as I do now I bet I could quietly cry and look distressed next to the train station and someone will offer to buy me the ticket I need.

Strangers are generally willing to help. So maybe just asking will work.

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Our Namibia Roadtrip of over! Saw a bunch of cool animals, realized some unflattering things about someone that was a good friend before, became quite close with the one guy I thought would annoy me the most, visited a Himba tribe that still lives in huts on the border of Angola, petted some Cheetas at a sanctuary... overall a cool experience but not something I burn to re-do. Most people on Safaris are grey haired white people. So it’s not great in terms of meeting new folks. Maybe I’ll do another one when I’m retired.

Tomorrow we fly back home and I can’t wait. I miss my friends. I miss my family. I need to work and earn money. I need some time alone with my boyfriend to sort some stuff out. I need to make a dent in my mega long to do list. I want to build some cool shit for our tiny regional burn in a month :)

Wow that’s really cool! Best of luck on the Kickstarter

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Learned a bunch of history and loved walking around those old abandoned houses!

I’ll post pictures later, Internet is not super cooperative around here.

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We’re going to a neat ghost town in Namibia tomorrow. Internet is pretty spotty, I’m super happy Hubski is so light to load so I have stuff to read :)

But also, I kind of miss home. Can’t wait to be back!

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