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Writer by trade. I makes da words purdy.

My #meetHubski interview is here.

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Shooting that scene was an absolute nightmare for the director. Because Aretha never sang a song the same way twice. She was always riffing on the words, and structure, and playing with it.

But they needed her to do it the same way several times in a row, to get the multiple camera angles and shots they needed to make the scene work.

The director, John Landis, would get a shot, and set up for another angle, and then tell her to do it the same way, and she couldn't remember what she'd done in the previous scene. She just sang every song honestly, heart-felt, and completely in the moment. And then later on, when asked to reproduce the same thing, she was at a total loss because she was no longer in THAT moment.

She was a wonderful artist.

Side note:

Back in the 1980's I was in a band with some famous people. We were going into the recording studio, and there was a chance that Aretha was going to come and guest on one of our songs! She was supposed to be in San Francisco (where I lived) for a show, but this was during the era where she was afraid to fly. Unfortunately, the logistics of getting her from NYC to SF for a show was just too much, and her appearance was cancelled.

So we didn't get to record with her.

And since we were kinda nobodys, and it was the mystique of Aretha that got us on the schedule in the recording studio, our time was bumped and given to someone who could pay more for it.

So that band never committed anything to tape. :-(

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Bill Cosby used to have a bit in his stage act, where he demonstrated the different kinds of drunks... they way they walk, the way they hold their glass, the way they talk... it was from the late 1960's or early 1970's.

Fuckin' hilarious.

But Cosby is a Bad Man now, so we can't laugh at his work any more.

So he is, literally, Rajesh Kuthrapali from Big Bang Theory?

I made fun of a teenager for using Facebook the other day.

Or maybe she was in her 20's.

Can't tell from this far away. Anyone between about 13 and 35 is the same age, as far as I'm concerned.

goobster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Burning Man 2018: Who's Going?

Ah. So YOU are the ones at 8:00.

My friends are Black Rock Hardware, and for the first time ever, they aren't at 8:00 and Rod's Road. They are over on the 3:00 side of Center Camp.

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You can also just email She's a friend of mine, and is the Volunteer Coordinator. Tell her Bucky sent you.

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My life continues to be full of weird and wonderful.

On a whim yesterday, my high school girlfriend and I met yesterday afternoon for the first time in 32 years.

I also wound up with the Major League Rugby trophy in the trunk of my car, when I discovered it had been misplaced/forgotten.

I'm working with a group to design a half time show for an upcoming NFL game.

I'm interviewing for new jobs, while my current company works diligently to make a role/career path/payscale that will keep me here.

My kitchen remodel is done. And it both looks and works great.

And I've started writing again. This time, an adaptation of Earth Abides. Sheesh... won't I ever learn?!?

Sooooo... how U doin'?

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    Maybe I'll do something like this someday too...

Remember, this is about participation... a do-ocracy...

All you need to do is make the space, and invite the do-ers to do their thing.

It's kinda amazing what happens when you invite 6 people to come over, have some wine and snacks, and then you present your Big Idea to them.

That's how Maker Faire started. That's how Figment started. That's how every theme camp you've ever heard of, started.

One person got some friends together, and infected them with an idea.

"Maybe I'll do this someday..." is the wrong headspace. "I'm gonna invite X, Y, and Z over, and tell them about my half-baked idea, and show them some web sites and photo galleries, and we're gonna..."

It may not materialize for 10 years. But it won't ever happen if you don't share the ideas with others. So why not do it now?

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I don't go to the Gerlach Regional anymore. I may again in the future (5 years out?), but don't have much interest in it right now.

I kinda did all the Burningman there is to do... I went to the original burns on the beach in SF and in the desert, then came back to the event after a decade away and camped alone on my motorcycle, camped with a theme camp, ran my own theme camp, worked in a service camp, and then was a Burningman employee with commissary, showers, paycheck, free ticket, and early arrival a full week before the event.

So, after something like 15+ years, I feel like I have participated with the event in all the ways I can, and it was getting "normal" for me. There weren't a lot of new experiences, so I felt like I wasn't being fully present in the event, and being a Participant. I had kinda become a Spectator.

My wife and I now go to Otherworld (the Victoria, BC regional), and then participate with local arts events that we and other Burners have created or curated.

Now, with Larry's passing, I think the event will grow/change/morph. I don't want to see the transition happen. I want to go back in 5 years, when the event has been reimagined in the spirit of the last 30 years, and see what it has become. Be a Newbie again. I'm excited for that opportunity!

But for now, I will stick with the local regionals. And revel in the joy of discovery that new burners experience! Their excitement gives me hope for the world.

Fuck it. I'm doing this next time. Great idea. And my house is a great place to entertain a lot of people.

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I know this is just an off-hand comment, but it's not right. There are a gajillion ways he could make money, and by no measure is any of his businesses profitable right now. So they are not Making Money... they may, at some point in the future, and that is the intent. But they aren't.

Anyone can make money. I think Musk is trying to make a Difference.

goobster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: August 8, 2018

You've said it better than I ever could have.

Musk is trying to demonstrate that the entire valuation system for companies is broken.

WalMart is successful because they pay people less than a living wage, and the government picks up the slack.

The entire assets and future of Tesla is not now, and never will be, worth $420 a share. But the idea of Tesla? The goals of Tesla/Musk? I'll buy that shit at $1000 and be pleased as fucking punch to have a tiny a part in it.

I think Musk's whole idea is to destroy Wall Street and the rapacious culture of "profits over people", and force people to weigh the entire benefit/impact of a company and their products and culture, rather than solely basing value on quarterly earnings.

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