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sounds like a political response for killing Kim Jong Nam. If i remember correctly, he did have some political ties to China, and they may have been keeping him around just in case Kim Jong Un went pear-shaped.

It's more real than I'm comfortable with, unfortunately. I definitely wouldn't put it past some state governors, either.

Kent State Massacre

to be fair, that's just precedent for the NG being used as a violent force, not necessarily being used to en masse deport illegal, but tax paying, immigrants.

Bands I have been in:

1.)Jack's Dead

2.)Better Left Anonymous

3.)The Screaming Apples

4.)Saffron St. James and the Infirmary (currently in this one)

Band name I want to use at some point: The Erstwhiles.

Band name I think is funny - Lunatics on Pogo Sticks. Good for Ska, maybe?

it's for a Artist's Certificate. It's post-grad, I guess you could say? not a grad degree.

The music of Charles Ives. It is NOT my usual cup of tea, even though I have a pretty big ear for lots of different kinds of music.

But I had to listen to Charles Ives' Concord Sonata for a music history course, and it grew on me like a fungus.

I also love his Violin Sonatas. Hilary Hahn did a great version a few years ago.

I am always up for more fucking litcat. I share with my literary friends.

coffeesp00ns  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 8, 2017

I'm auditioning for an Artist's diploma in Early music in Toronto. The audition date is on the 21st. I am intensely stressed about this.

Also, auditioning when you've been living with one name but legally have another is weird. It really points out your trans...ness. Like, even my email doesn't match with my legal name so it's weird, everything requires extra explanation. Name on programmes from gigs doesn't match legal name? must explain. Make sure your references know which name to use. Endless.

The stress has been killing my mental health, too. I mean, of course - it's very human for that to happen. I've been in a very low period and I'm slowly starting to crawl my way out of it, but I also have to hedge my expectations because I think i'm gonna have to be extra mentally kind to myself for the next... 2 weeks? And of course my inevitable failure afterwards.

I heard an interview with him on CBC's As It Happens a few weeks ago. He basically said "Of course I'll be found guilty. Putin owns everyone. Judge, prosecutor, defence, everyone."

He knew he'd be found guilty - and this is the second time that this has happened to him. Same charges and everything: I guess embezzlement is easy to make stick and is bad for the reputation.

    You say 'We didn't ignore him, we reacted to offensive things and took steps to minimize our contact with offensive things which is not ignoring him.'

Actually, what I'm saying is that we took steps that prevented not just us, but other people from seeing his content, specifically. That's the difference.

    That's exactly my point. We ignored the troll, stopped engaging with him and he went away.

But that's not all that happens when we use those functions. By the coding on this site, if enough people take those actions that person's links stop appearing on the blank front page. We didn't just ignore the troll. We specifically took actions that would also prevent that person's work from being seen by people who are new or unregistered users on this site.

    I read the article, and it doesn't satisfy. 'Punching Nazis' will not stop Drumpf from getting re-elected in 2020, and in fact, may lead directly to it.

and Ignoring them will lead to... what, exactly? There's never been purely peaceful protest that did anything. Even Ghandi's non violence and civil disobedience movement had elements of extreme violence being perpetrated around it - violent protester-police clashes, the INA.

Y'know, I had a huge response written, and I was all fired up, because the experience Jones had is functionally identical to the experience of anyone who is not a white man on the internet. She didn't have to feed the trolls - She was a black woman who was in a movie they didn't like on principle alone and that was enough. Whether she fought back or not, the result is the same, so one might as well fight back.

But then I realized - I'm not even sure you really read the article, because you're doing exactly what Serano (and Karl Popper before her, in 1949) argues is the wrong way to treat these people.

I read the article that you posted. I wish that its idea of "just ignore them and they will go away" was a viable strategy that worked, but it's never panned out to be true in any situation I've seen, and Popper, who was writing as a Viennese Jew who was on the ground as the NSDAP was consolidating power, also seems to agree that it doesn't work either. These people aren't just trolls, and they aren't on the internet where one can commit hate speech with impunity.

Serano herself speaks from experience, and I speak from my own. Perhaps you remember Grendel? We tried to ignore him so he would go away, but it wasn't enough. We basically voted, by the use of Hush, mute, and other functions, and made it so that he no longer had a useable platform. We judged that his intolerant speech was not to be allowed in our community. We had to make the site basically unusable for him. There are now new user tools that exist specifically because of his presence here - that's the opposite of "ignoring".

anyways, whatever.

    How do you doxx a public personality anyway?

The same way you Doxx anyone else, really.

- you post their Drivers License and passport on a hacked version of that person's website. This actually happened in this situation.

- You post their private home address

- You post their private phone number

- you post their private email

- you post their real name If they perform under a pseudonym (like many hollywood actors do because of weird name rules or because they want to distance themselves from famous family)

I can't specifically comment on that situation. However I hope you don't disregard this article just because you disagree with Serano's reading of the situation.

Frankly the more i've been reading up the Jones/Yiannopoulos situation, the more I am inclined to believe that if Yiannopoulos didn't incite the doxxing, he definitely fanned the flames and made the situation worse on purpose. Then again, He believes that people like myself are worthy of derision So I don't really care to believe in the better angels of his nature.

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