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Neoliberalism has been the dominant economic ideology and championed by US presidents for more than 30 years

So films streams in a few hours. If people don't see this I might try a different day.

Shout-outs are borked. They're working on it. I've just kept doing it cause sometimes they seem to work. Other times, not.

The Man With A Movie Camera (Dziga Vertov)

City Lights (Charlie Chaplin)

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (F.W. Murnau)

Blah. There's a tie, and I don't know which one to pick because I want to see all three of them. Gonna do the tie breaker but if shout outs don't work, I'll just pick at random.

I just don't buy it.

I'm definitely in Sanders' corner, and I am not a fan of Hillary at all. But this article didn't really allay any fears I have about Sanders' ability to win the general election.

I think the big difference between Sanders and other Democratic candidates is that while the others have been called socialist, Sanders explicitly identifies as one. I disagree with the author. The Cold War mentality is still alive and strong in the United States even if it has weakened relative to that time period. All Trump has to do is keep repeating that Sanders is a socialist, and I think he'd win. Half of Sanders' own party doesn't agree with him economically, conservatives will view him as the devil, and I think independents will be mostly turned off by the socialist rhetoric as well. Plus, I think Sanders will struggle to attract hispanic and black voters, even though I think he really shouldn't.

I wish that wasn't the case, but that's what I believe.

Meanwhile, Trump's candidacy is gaining, but I still think his nomination would be a sign for how weak the Republican party is right now on the national stage than a sign for how strong a candidate he is.

He's doing well in the Republican primary, but I think that's a different beast than the general election. Trump can't be stopped now, but that's because the Republican primaries include the demographics that will find the most appeal from Trump. For one, I think Clinton would do better with the aforementioned hispanic and black voters as well as women in general. And I think Clinton would keep the moderates and independents as well. I also really don't see many Sanders supporters voting third party if Trump has a chance, and I really don't see most voting for Trump.

This all depends on Clinton remaining scandal free, however. And I haven't exactly been paying a ton of attention lately so I might be completely off-base.

Trump has the celebrity of Reagan, but he's not nearly as clean a candidate. I really can't see him winning, and if he does, well, I'll just have to sit back and watch the trainwreck.

Well one, Metropolis is the shit.

And two, holy crap that looks and sounds so awesome.

More activity now at least. Got a lot of good recommendations.

Silent films can be hard so it's understandable. We're not used to absolutely no sound.

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