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Breakfast is over

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The more liberal branches of media have unquestionably exaggerated certain narratives and put their spin on DJ Trump's entire political career. But really, there's no need. I can think of at least several dozen factual pieces of information regarding Trump that should speak volumes to anyone paying attention.

Edit: As an example, let's do the article host to this comments section. OK, I'm not sure I agree with the headline, I have no way of truly knowing whether or not he actually reads these executive orders and understands them. But I can certainly observe that appointing Steve Bannon, the former head of a very controversial (and intentionally inflammatory, in my opinion) media platform (Breitbart), to a key position on the National Security Council is not typical behavior for presidents, at least of late. Bannon has repeatedly broadcast his notion of an impending, imminent war with China, a current ally. We're just getting started here, but already, there should be enough red flags for an impartial observer to grow more than a little uneasy.

A big hunk of this nation, fed an increasingly large diet of alarmist TV-based news/entertainment ever since 9/11, has become increasingly intolerant of Islam and anyone resembling "islamists", which typically includes Hindi Indians, but not Islamic Indonesians.

I would also argue that most people cheering on Trump's economic policies have no grasp of economics (or history), but that issue pales in comparison to the potential damages of dialed-up racial tension.

My family gatherings consist overwhelming of folks like your brother. Just don't fall for the racist paranoia. People are overwhelmingly good, everywhere in the world. Maybe easily fooled, lately, though.

totally agree, but funding

Don't get too excited. At that distance, there's about one-to-one odds that each planet is tidally locked to the sun, so one side only ever sees day, and the other, night. Maybe there'd be some hospitable areas near the terminator line, but the temperature gradient alone would induce some very stiff winds. And that's if there's an atmosphere, we haven't even broached the problem of a global magnetic field and any solar variability.

Could they harbor life? Maybe, but don't paint these worlds as humanity's next colonization target, that's naive on umpteen different levels.

If any of that's in the press release, sorry.

People like these "clients" are why I'm alone in a dark room with a computer right now

Never buy lilies, do you hear me? Never. You'll either be out one cat or one thousand dollars.

I'm not on edge why would I be on edge??????

Sorry. Yeah, I agree that the more likely reason is nuclear wastepile exhaust wafted up into the stratosphere, and we got "lucky". Fingers crossed.

I don't think that's an SJW thing to say at all, there are some very dark things passing through /b/. I'm just worried that if /b/ were disbanded, a wrath of least-common-denominator types would be unleashed onto the rest of the internet for at least a few weeks. People.. who... (gasp I don't know if I.... gulp if I can do it..) ...people who call /b/ their home.

4chan was a great lesson for me into 1. the power of images, 2. how anonymity can serve as a window into the thoughts of others (and they had some bad fuckin' thoughts) 3. the intrigue of the guarantee of "temporariness" (each thread having a finite lifespan, even though archiving typically happened to the most significant stuff) and 4. the power of DDoS, among other things.

Maybe hubski will get an image board someday that could get shut down just a few days later, who knows?

Sorry, I'll retract some of what I said. There are some rough spots (affect vs. effect, phrasing, ranting, etc.), but this caught my mind's eye:

    My private school and private college education was the deviation from the norm. My chances were better than the majority of people my age. Yet here I was stone broke. All I owned (and still own) is my college debt. So it wasn’t a surprise there were a teeming mass of people out there who knew with fatalistic certainty that there was no way out. Why not then retreat into your parents’ basements? And instead of despairing over trying and failing, celebrate not-trying? Celebrate retreating into the fantasy worlds of the computer. Steer into the skid — Pepe style. Own it. And why wouldn’t they retreat to a place like 4chan? To let their resentment and failures curdle into something solid?

I think we're starting to see what a huge influx of devalued college degrees and student loan debt is going to do to the young collective psyche. Ho boy.

Just let it roll off of your back as best you can.

I'm sitting around a campfire, and one of my friends starts up, "so you're a physics guy, don't you think that the Earth could be hollow?". I offered to give him a list of reasons why 99.999% of scientists don't believe that particular theory, but he genuinely wasn't interested. He started attacking the "framework in which our scientific theories were entrenched". Like, it's cool that you're trying to poke holes in shit, but you're not going to get anywhere without "stooping" to stand on the shoulders of the giants that came before us, as they say. I guess anti-science-establishment-ism would make more sense to me if the technologies governing our daily lives weren't progressing primarily due to scientific research. It's a really weird disconnect some people have.

I skimmed through it and decided someone should clean it up, because it's a pretty interesting story. Once again, good journalism and 4chan know-how seem mutually exclusive.

Math metallllllll:

dem polyrhythms

I hear you (haaa).

When I'm looking through data, it's like piecing together a crime scene, but I'm not Dafoe in Boondock Saints. I need an isolation tank.

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