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Well, kinda. I'm currently still doing space stuff, but the intent is to eventually break into fusion research. My god, it's so cutthroat, though, because of the almost total lack of funding and the complexity of the problem (edit: you know this). And shhh, don't tell my advisors, they don't like it when I talk about jumping ship into a different plasma regime.

The math is terrible, yes. Much worse for fusion than my schtuff, at least for now, although it's what you make of things, to a degree. I kinda went for some low-hanging fruit, for now. I just want my pedigree, and at this point, I've done all of the research I need, it's just reporting it. Which sucks, I can assure you.

Errrrrr just a quick update. Things are fine! Trump merely misspoke yesterday WARNING: autoplay w/ volume. In another clip, the lights go out after he asserts his trust in the intelligence community. Easily Google-able and hilarious.

As for the two hour private sesh between Trump and Putin, I suppose we're pitting the translator's/translators' commitment to confidentiality and their personal loyalties to Trump/Putin against the severity or significance of what was discussed. The democrats are calling for the American translator to testify under oath.

So just to reiterate (which is not a tactic used to desensitize folks to the absurdity of a lie), things are A-OK.

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I also walk a fine line. :/

am_Unition  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Trump news Dump. Euro Trip Edition

This is a good one from today: Maria Butina, Russian gun rights advocate, charged in U.S. with acting as Russian Federation agent. The autoplay video is pretty good, actually.



Maybe Torshin is next, but it seems like this could be the FBI taking a shot across the bow of the NRA and seeing what moves.

Re: The Timing, perhaps, but I also think this announcement three days before the Prump/Tutin summit in Helsinki was quite intentional.

And apparently there were inklings of this post's headline over a year ago: How Alleged Russian Hacker Teamed Up With Florida GOP Operative

He heard about someone that heard about newly-inflamed racial tensions

I finished reading the title and first sentence, currently lol'ing. Quality #lolbrooks

And, in classic Brooks fashion, comes to quite a strange conclusion:

    If we’re going to do something about this appalling retrogression on race, we probably need to be radical on both ends.


Yep, this is a thing for me too. I’m also a Firefox user.

mk (sorry to bother)

Edit: same with Safari on iOS

I agree that this particular article is a bit too conspiratorial, but I'm at a loss to understand why Trump continues to make demands like having a completely private meeting with Putin, despite undoubtedly understanding that almost half of the country thinks that the Steele dossier could be quite factual. Best case scenario is that he wants to bitch about not having as strong of a chokehold on America as Putin has with Russia, I guess?

Or Trump saying that Russia should rejoin the G7 while shittalking Trudeau and Merkel and starting trade wars with them.

Or Trump telling Putin that his own aides... the best people... are "stupid" for trying to stop him from calling Putin to congratulate him on his election victory.

Or for contradicting Nikki Haley and reneging on further sanctions against Russia via the UN.

That's just a few things recently. Everything points to a single person in the White House contradicting all advice given to him by everyone around him and continually making policy decisions that benefit Russia. Why? Because he has a hard-on for authoritarian dictators? This is weird to say, but I hope that's all it is.

It's still hilarious to me. I can see the script now: Pruitt settles into his tidy little soundproof box and receives a phone call from his most trusted secretary, telling him that they're about to patch through a call from Jesus Christ. He picks up the phone excitedly, but it turns out that it's just another crank call from a comedian to lodge "fuck you" number 27 of the day, which he tallies in Column B. Column A is full of tallies to keep track of how many energy executives called that day to pledge their loyalty. It has one solid-lined tally, but 26 dotted-line tallies, to which he adds a 27th. He smiles and sighs contentedly before unzipping his pants, aaaaaaaand scene.

But anyway, back in reality, this other thing that Pruitt also denied ever happened almost certainly happened:

    Pruitt responded after CNN published a report Tuesday evening that said the EPA head appealed directly to Trump to appoint him to run the Justice Department. The request reportedly came during a meeting in the Oval Office this spring.

    According to CNN, Pruitt argued that if Trump fired Sessions, he could run the Justice Department for 120 days under the Vacancies Reform Act, and then run for office in Oklahoma.

"Mr. Trump... I'll do it. I'll fire Mueller. Not a problem. I'll do it from my soundproof booth, and I just won't come out for a while"

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