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It sounds like one end result is that we're going to accidentally hand some species monopolies by frequently fluctuating the local conditions in a way that only favors a few types of insects. My girlfriend told me just a few days ago she heard about a study that concluded we're likely to see cockroaches (and presumably other species that cohabitate with humans) enjoy a disproportionate advantage in their odds of preservation. Logically, there will be serious repercussions from the loss in biodiversity that ripple up the food chain, even if we preserve the total amount of biomass comprised by insects. And I don't think we're going to manage preserving biomass very well.

Most people seem to have a very poor intuition when it comes to grasping exactly how quickly the climate is changing on a global scale. Yes, it's been this warm before, but not when it was as relatively cold as it was only two or three hundred years ago. Typically, a similar variation of global temperature takes at least several tens of thousands of years to fully manifest.

But 'dem jobs, boi. We're going to create so many jobs to stay alive! Will the number of jobs created be comparable to the number of deaths? 'cuz then it was totally worth it.

rthomas6 Unstable and/or "developing" countries will take a disproportionately large hit. If you're on Hubski, the odds are that your offspring will fare well.

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I wanna play Apex Legends. It's free on PC, you guys should check it out.

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You should go to town if you've got anecdotes, we have almost no French/Quebecois representation here. Bait them!

The only time I've felt ostracized by the French is when I used one of their subways during rush hour with a massive duffel bag, on my way to the airport. To be fair, I took up too much space. Someone farted (big time), perhaps in protest, and I can respect that. The person I was with assured me that the French rip ass on public transport all of the time, but I dunno, maybe that same person was the perpetrator.

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am_Unition  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Trip report - Monts Groulx

Since I had no clue exactly where it was, I google mapped "Monts Groulx" and realized immediately that the area was an impact crater. So cool!

Have you ever watched Letterkenny? I hope their depiction of rural Canada is verbatim, 'cuz I love that show.

The DOJ has just opened a new investigation into their previous handling of Epstein's case, and I imagine this piece played no small part in the decision. Hats off to Julie Brown and the Miami Herald, and props to Ben Sasse(?!) too.

This is gonna turn up some naaaasty misdeeds if even some small sliver of the Herald's reporting is factual.

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“Sending 5k troops into Columbia was the most uninteresting suggestion all meeting, so I had to write it down”

    ...his stupid racist symbolic gesture so he can use it to try to give us four more years of this...

I think you are correct in assuming that every move he makes is geared towards ensuring he's re-elected. If somehow his approval rating held steady during the shutdown, he'd have never re-opened the government. Given that he loses in 2020, he'll be indicted for felony campaign finance violation on January 20th, 2021, only months before the five year statute of limitations expires. "Campaign like your life depends on it" is an apt phrase.

    I guess it would magnify the effect but make a measurable change to the tumbling motion?

Maybe! Same story on the experimental side. It depends on our ability to precisely measure a difference in the brightness profile vs. our ability to precisely measure position. And fit either to decent models.

    Wouldn't ejecta from such impact become at least largely demagnetised by a combination of shock and temperature?

Yeah, most probably. That's a really weird range of parameter space to characterize though. Like what if two of Jupiter's moons eventually slammed together, you could actually end up strongly magnetizing a piece of ejecta if it was cooled below the Curie temperature somewhere near its perijove, if it had juuuuuust the right initial conditions.

    I'm not sure (and can't seem to find conclusive papers/sources) if what we measured on Earth is mostly the original, unchanged field.

I hadn't really thought about that before, but now I'm convinced that the magnetic properties of meteors are typically 99%+ compromised by the time they make meteorite status because of the intense heating during atmospheric entry. But dude, that potentially means that the magnetic flux from meteors with large magnetic moments is somehow put into energizing the plasma sheath surrounding the thing during its "shooting star" phase. The worst part is that I don't think anyone will pay you to study such a phenomenon. :(

Anyone care to speculate on the odds of another stalemate/shutdown in 3 weeks? I'm saying 50-50, mostly because then there's no way I can be wrong.

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I don’t want to die

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