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I went to England for the first time earlier this year. It was easier and harder than I thought it would be. The hardest part is having that knee-jerk reaction of which side to stay on. For example, one morning, pre-coffee, with zero people on the road, I turned right instead of left into a roundabout and proceeded out of the roundabout in the right hand lane, just like I would in the US or any left-driving country. It wasn't until I noticed headlights in my lane, far in the distance that I freaked out and realized I was driving on the wrong damn side of the road. Other cars help keep me aware of what I should do, when they weren't around I slipped into old habits fast!

I have friends around me all getting the FitBit and I just don't get it. Who cares how many steps you've taken in a day? To be fair, I never understood pedometers either. Is this really a motivator for fitness?

Based on what I've read in the article, I don't think it's racism. I think it's celebrating another culture, however misguided their perception of the culture may be. I live in Hawaii and the trappings of luaus and hula girl costumes are not culturally accurate almost at all. But I don't think most hawaiians or locals are bothered by it. It's tourist trappings but it's meant in fun.

As a commenter mentioned, what about St. Patricks day? That's a Irish/Catholic holiday, but in the US it's an excuse to get blitzed on green beer, wear "Kiss me I'm Irish" shirts, and eat corned beef with potatoes and cabbage. Is that culturally insensitive? Is it a celebration, even though it is not an accurate representation of either the Irish or Catholic cultures?

The list goes on. I am very familiar with Polynesian history and while the white man has certainly done them wrong in the past, there is a line where people are just going too far with their political correctness.

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What you are already thinking is spot on, and depending on the type of ramen and your tastes, you could add bamboo shoots, fried garlic chips, chopped mushrooms/fungus, bean sprouts, or corn kernels. Or a pat of butter. I've eaten ramen with all of those toppings, plus more things I couldn't identify!

Tell me more about this "The Mind of a Chef" does he give a ramen recipe?

looks good but requires a subscription to read.

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