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I really love riot's videos whenever they put them out. From the Road to the Cup video from just a while ago to the Mac Client Beta Video and the Clash of Fates video they have always been fantastic, and a pleasure to watch.

1. I'm honestly going to music free in this scenario. I'm bad at cooking in the first place, and I need every bit of focus I have to make sure I don't burn something.

2. It's a house party, so some pop would be on. Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, things like that.

3. Silence. I'm not huge into music so in a moment like that, I prefer silence.

4. Usually the walk clears my mind more than the music, but something with a nice guitar riff, and lyrics I don't even have to think about would be nice, so maybe some Rammstein.

I've actually gone through several during my time at school. First I played Viola for a year before switching schools, and ending up playing the Clarinet for a few years, until I moved, and didn't have music in school anymore. Since then, I actually learned some classical guitar, but never really got very good at it.

While I agree there are risks, the chance of any accident is not huge, and even if there is an accident, the chances of it being a huge accident are almost nonexistent. The thing is that fossiil fuels also have their own risks, espeically oil spills. Besides, their emmissions contribute global climate change.

Point being, personally I feel that the best way to deal with increasing energy needs is to increase our nuclear capacity instead of using more fossil fuels, until such a time that fully renewable energy is feasible.

I do like the the idea of a decentralized grid of renewables, but again the problem is that not all places have access to the same renewables. In a place like Finland during the winter, there is really nothing except the wind, and how do you get electricity when the wind stops blowing?

Yup, and then I got to the last few stages where there were so many enemies and bullets that trying to move did nothing, and I died every time...

You've said it very nicely. Being new, I am still very confused half the time, and very pleased half the time, still figuring out how everything works here. But even though I am a bit confused, it's a positive kind of confusion. I know this site has lots of cool things and awesome people, so I will definitely be sticking around!

I would also have loved to see Gambit stick around for a few more games. I also have a feeling SKTT1 will take the cup this year, Royal Club did not really impress me with their teamfights.

I was hoping Fnatic would make it to finals, but unfortunately not. Right now, I'm hoping Faker goes and makes some amazing plays.

I remember trying that, but it was on a crappy school laptop which couldn't handle it properly (Think intel atom and integrated graphics) So it was actually easy, because everything ran so slow.

I'm in EUNE, just having gotten Gold! Elise skin for me! I do follow the pro scene somewhat, especially now since World Finals are tomorrow! IGN is the same as my Hubski name, TheAceofDiamonds. I've moved lanes alot over time, from top to marksman to finally now mid, really enjoying Orianna, Kassadin, and Zed.

League of Legends. Having just gotten into gold league in ranked, and with the world finals coming up, I've been getting extremely hyped up about it.

Well, from what I remeber there are two main options. Firstly, like you mentioned, simply storing it underground in properly sealed caskets. Done properly, this should pose minimal risk. Secondly, there is the possibility that if Breeder reactors come back into favor, the waste can simply be mostly taken care of by using it as fuel for the reactor.

And I believe the main reason for not directly moving to renewables is that without a integrated power grid over a large area (think at least Europe size" and a very large amount of renewables, there is not enough power to consistently supply baseline power.

Then again, I am not an expert, so I might be wrong.

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