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I'm a smartphone holdout. I still have the same phone I got, oh... four years ago, and while that is partly due to a lack of money, I'm terrified of getting a smartphone once I do get some money. The behavior the video and author are describing is ubiquitous, and I know that once I get a smartphone, I won't be able to put it down. And I won't be able to live without it.

Thankfully, my friends are usually pretty good about actually socializing when we're together.

Only 1.2% of users use Zen? We can do better than that! Join us in Nirvana, everyone, and relieve yourself of the dukkha that is ranked posts. :P

Beautifully done. The history of the "new media" short snippet service told through "old media" short snippets.

I have been making my own Soylent for a while now, and my recipe has worked well enough. I've also been following the "DIY Soylent" community for a while now, and there are a number of hurdles to jump before something like this becomes a viable source of nutrition. Without going into too much detail, current knowledge of human nutrition is still surprisingly lacking, and having an all-in-one food may not be a viable option. Users who have done blood tests after following a Soylent based diet for a while have gotten concerning results. Users are still experimenting and researching, though. If anyone is interested in this DIY community, it can be found at this address:

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This is an adorable (and well made) website! Although does it appear to be unfinished for anyone else? I get to "Share" page, I think, and nothing happens.

And what does "almost 0 processing fees" mean? How close to zero are we talking? Does it vary?

Interesting name given its context! I'll check it out, as well as the other games. Thanks!

What's this game like/about? I can't seem to find any description on the page.

I'm also an atheist, and I wrote the pope a letter a few weeks ago thanking him for all his recent comments about us. I hope he's as popular among his own demographic as he is with the heathens! :P

It's really fantastic. After the game, they go through a little slideshow explaining exactly what was happening, and why it happens. The art direction is really cute as well. :)

I'm right there with you. I took piano for 10 years as a child, but my mother had to bribe me every year to continue. I definitely preferred to be doing other things. Now, about 7 years after, I'm learning guitar, learning to sing, writing, composing and producing my own music, and actively using my abilities on piano. I'm quite thankful that my mother kept me going, even when I didn't want to.

I took piano lessons for about 10 years as a child. The first five I spent watching my teacher's hands and copying her, rather than reading the music which she thought I was doing. Eventually she caught on, and only then did I start learning the ability to play anything on my own. The first five years were by no means wasted--I learned a lot of physical technique--but I definitely didn't get as much out of those 10 years as I would have liked.

Although, I started at age 8, so maybe I was just a difficult child. :P