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Oh, same! Must've been all from the same thread :)

zonk  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: 2000 days. Thank you all.

Alright, you can stay then :D

zonk  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: 2000 days. Thank you all.

You didn't have to upload a portrait of your face when you registered? Get out!

All I want from this are before and after pictures of your bottom of your feet. That said, best of look! And may you collect a lot of money for your charity!

+1 for JJ from me, too. Very good series, I can see how it's even better than Daredevil for people. I really, really like the villain. He's so awesome and one of the most interesting and original villains I've seen so far. On top of that, he's really well played. The pilot is also really well done, should hook you right away :)

Can't wait for Marvel to progress their Netflix series! Personally, I'm not really excited for the Luke Cage show, but then it's only one more for the Defenders series, which I'm already very hyped about (without reading any comics). So let's see how this holds up to the awesome Season 1!

zonk  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Post your favorite "world music"

As a German I basically have an endless stream of music to share, but nothing really stands out spontaneously that's worth sharing here... but I'm sure I'm just not digging deep enough right now. Only one thing came right to my mind, our wedding song. It's from a band called Silbermond (and obviously very, very cheesy, so I will spare you from any lyrics :D)

Another Silbermond song. I don't think you don't need to understand German to get chills from her voice:


Her voice is exceptionally good! And she's also very, very good live.

I listen to very little German music, especially in German. Since I'm a native, it can reach deeper in my heart, but it has to be really, really well done for that with a lot of feeling (and mostly cheesy).

Listening to YouTube stuff right now, to find something else worth sharing.

Remembering German punk bands!

One of my favorite songs from an authentic German punk band WIZO (Lyrics)

Also, everyone who has the slightest idea of music in Germany should probably know Die Toten Hosen (Lyrics). Great good mood song! But they also have a lot of very good older stuff.

This is one of their most recent songs. But basically every German knows them and they have a very good reputation.

Another one of my top 2015 tracks (synth pop) (in English, though, but a German artist that was casted in a show and won the Eurovision Song Contest):

Honorable mention goes to Blind Guardian.. not really representing German music, but one of my favorite German band :)

If anyone wants to explore more:

German ballads:

This one also contains some classics:

Well, there are surely a looooot of good songs missing as well as a lot of mandatory classics, but I think I got quite a good collection there to give you some intro to the German music. If you have specific genre requests, I can see what I can do :)

Huh?! What happened to him?

On my automatically get and probably watch list for 2016 so far:

- The Legend of Tarzan

- Zootopia trailer looked funny

- Batman vs Superman

- Star Wars Rogue One

- Hateful Eight

- Suicide Squad

- Deadpool

- The new Ghostbusters

- The Revenant

- Finding Dory

- The Jungle Book

- Lion sounded interesting

- Various Marvel / DC things that come out

- On my list is also How To Train Your Dragon 3, which is apparently now 2018 instead of 16 :( Incredibles 2 is even 2019 now...

I haven't looked thoroughly for anything major.. it's just what I collected in a list while I thought of them

Edit: Forgot "Hail, Caesar!" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows" since the trailer looked promising

Interesting question! I just reflected on my year (music wise) and there was a loooot of variety and many different things of different genres. Here are my top 10 albums from 2015 according to my account:

1. Porter Robinson - Worlds [Electro / USA]

2. Purity - Ring Another Eternity [Synthpop / Canada]

3. K.I.Z. - Hurra die Welt geht unter [Hiphop / Germany]

4. Ratatat - Magnifique [Electro, experimental rock / USA]

5. Spor - Caligo [DNB / UK]

6. Lena - Crystal Sky [Synthpop / Germany]

7. alt-J - An Awesome Wave [indie rock / UK]

8. The Wombats - Glitterbug (Deluxe Edition) [indie rock / UK]

9. CHVRCHES - Every Open Eye [Synthpop / UK]

10. CHVRCHES - The Bones of What You Believe [Synthpop / UK]

Interesting list, nothing is really old! Somehow I either didn't listen to much stuff in the first half of the year or I didn't like most of it :D

The pattern of genres also continues like this, up to place 30 it's just a mix of indie rock, synthpop and electro with the occassional hiphop thrown in!

Fun fact: the record for most listened song in 2015 have 2 Porter Robinson songs from the before mentioned album, each having 17 plays. I guess I like my diversity :) Everything under place 26 has less than 10 plays throughout the year.

Gotta check out some of the stuff you guys posted later at home, but Sufjan is also in the top 30 :)

Obviously it's all speculation and it's too early to tell yet, but I have a feeling that this will not really benefit the poor people. I saw a comment from Finnish guy (who knows how right/legit he was) and he said if you got a lot of benefits, you will be having less when the new rule is active and I can see how this happens.

In Germany you also get a certain amount of money if you're too poor, but on top of that you get unemployment money (if you worked before), you get benefits for school trips for your children, vouchers for school books, they pay you a flat, and much more, and if you add all that up, I don't know if a certain amount will make up for that even if it looks like a lot at first.

How to circumvent or even prevent that, I don't know, but I think it might not be the solution we're looking for, maybe it might make the situation for the lower class even worse, depending on what gets cut on the other ends. Only time will tell...

zonk  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski, how do you budget ?

Oooh, the deductable tag is a really great idea. I will totally steal that for my YNAB habbits. It supports some coloring/flags you can set. I'm gonna go ahead later and define one for deductable. So smart! Thanks.

(I should also define one for money I expect to get back, actually. And another shade of this color for "debts collected". This way I can also see if anyone hasn't paid their debts yet.)

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