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As with every time trickle down economics is invoked, this is little more than a long-term tax cut for the rich, pushed through because it's also a short-term tax cut for the everyman .

How do you know that the people you shed aren't interesting?

    They're pushing pretty hard to get you to care, for sure.

For sure. I mean, I think they have to. Their price point is pretty much on par with Champagne, which has had put in a lot of money and energy into marketing itself as the cream of the crop of sparkling wine (though, to be fair, methode champagnoise is significantly more time- and labour-instensive than most other methods of producing sparkling wine, though Champagne isn't the only place that uses it).

    And there's some damn fine wine grown in Yakima, which is Rehh-hedNECK.

Haha, yeah. It's always kind of funny to see the contrast between the oenologists/marketing people and the people who actually look after the vineyards. People who make wine (even in Champagne and Burgundy) are farmers at the end of the day.

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