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Carcassonne is super fun! I like to play with the variant that everyone has a "hand" of 3 tiles and you draw one at the end of your turn. That way you have more options (for increased strategy) and you can think about your turn ahead of time.

Is that one still a Target exclusive? I think it was when it came out, but not sure at this point. It might also be worth checking out the Dice Tower's 12 Kids' Games of Christmas video. It's somewhat geared towards dexterity games, but there are some good other ones there too.

The only odd thing about the draw was that Carlsen didnt play on until move 38 or 39. Carlsen knows that he's a strong favourite in the tiebreaker. All he had to do was draw all the games in the classical time control. Carlsen was playing black. He had a strong position, but nothing obviously winning. Why take a chance on things going awry in the classical when you're an 80%+ favourite in the tiebreaker? He knew Caruana would be highly pressured to draw if he offered. The draw wasn't good for chess, but it was good for Carlsen.

I think that the first time you have sex is likely to be an awkward fumbling affair no matter how old you are.

Wait, I must have missed something. Hubski has tiered userbases now?

Usually just shared common areas (kitchen, living room etc.) although the walls between bedrooms aren't usually very thick.

Heh, I thought about that joke too. My reaction when he mentioned his "gift" was to laugh, because I honestly thought he was joking (not about being able to read people, but about it being a "gift").

I talked to a guy on the subway once who was convinced that he was given a gift from God that let him know what people are like inside after spending 15 minutes with them. Yeah, I also read people. Sometimes it doesn't even take me 15 minutes.

illu45  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: November 7, 2018

    We have a lot of space and no people so... welcome!

This is only true outside of major city-centres, though. If you want to live in Vancouver or Toronto, for instance, you'll need to be prepared to spend a lot of housing.

The podcast version is a pretty good listen. Nothing particularly surprising, but the forensic accounting is pretty neat, IMO.


Video game violence continues to be a topic of debate, for better and worse. Recent studies continue to show that it's possible that violent video games have some impact on the brain and/or body, although most recent studies also suggest that playing violent video games doesn't have much of an impact on real-world behaviour. As the article says, Bushman is still last-authoring studies about video game violence. Most of the studies with Bushman's name on them suggest links between violent video games and aggression. Quite a few have had errata published about them. That's obviously concerning, although not being a cognitive science person, I have no idea how standard (or non-standard) errata are in that field. FWIW, Bushman isn't the only one whose name comes up in studies that link violent video games to aggression.

Measuring things like "aggression" will always involve some level of subjectivity. How you define "aggression" can have a significant impact on your findings. Is it increased cortisol levels? Where people aim if asked to shoot a gun with rubber bullets? What words people choose if asked to complete a story? Each of these offers an incomplete picture of aggression, at best, and pretty much any good study on this topic suggests that more work needs to be done.

Fair enough

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