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Good on the IOC. With that being said, this decision does put the stature of the olympic games at risk in certain sports. Does a gold medal in figure skating/biathlon/speed skating mean that the winner is the best in the world if no Russian athletes were present at the competition? Or are competitions like the World Figure Skating Championship going to become more prestigious in those sports than the Olympic games?

Not all of them are.

    By and large, alt-right men don’t seem to be forcing these traditional gender roles on the women of their movement—the alt-right women are doing it themselves. The women share a profound disdain for the feminist movement, and are eager to claim the supportive, behind-the-scenes roles.

    As for female empowerment, there’s nothing that has made me feel more empowered in my life than supporting and being supported by a strong man,” Claudia Davenport, an alt-right activist, said in an interview with The Economist. “I think that men and women are better off when we stop fighting nature and allow our distinct identities to shine through.”

Most alt-right groups are predominantly male, but we should be careful in assuming that there are no women who support their views or that biological determinism is a viewpoint only held by men.

    “Today, 98 percent of the videos we remove for violent extremism are flagged by our machine-learning algorithms,” Wojcicki wrote. “Our advances in machine learning let us now take down nearly 70 percent of violent extremist content within eight hours of upload and nearly half of it in two hours and we continue to accelerate that speed,” she added.

Like most big tech companies these days, YT/Google is primarily interested in automation (in this case of content flagging). It'd be interesting to know if the new staff will be flagging content manually (doubtful), reviewing content that has already been flagged by their algorithms (mos likely) or refining their automated flagging algorithms (also possible).

illu45  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are you playing?

I had to give up on RL when I realized that it just made me too salty. I started doing more IRL sports instead (which also make me salty sometimes, though not nearly to the same extent).

It has been a bit eerily warm up in the East, although I can't say I'm particularly keen on cold weather arriving any earlier than i has to.

illu45  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski, Where Do You Buy Art?

You can look at their instagram site. There are a lot of feet. It's mostly just photos of ballerinas doing ballet poses in different locations. I usually prefer ones that are more focused on a landscape or urban scene.

illu45  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski, Where Do You Buy Art?

Most recently I've bought prints from the Ballerina Project. In the past, I've gotten prints from Etsy, AllPosters, Art Gallery gift shops, and bookstores. I'm rarely unhappy with the prints I buy, although I occasionally make the mistake of buying something I don't have room to actually put up anywhere.

It seems the judiciary is the only check/balance left, unfortunately. I guess two if you count the 4th estate...

Down and Out in Paris and London is somewhat upbeat in parts, at least.

I'm not sure how bad it is for Navalny's reputation. I expect that most of his supporters are entirely willing to accept that the charges are trumped-up/false (which seems plausible to me, in fairness). They may impact his chances of actually winning the election (provided the election is a fair one to begin with) if he is able to run in the end. But for now, I'm not sure that this ruling is going to change much in terms of Navalny's reputation.

Also, funnily enough, I posted this just before Existentialist:

Neat, thanks for the link :)

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