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Just one more religious conservative attempting to reframe his imposition of his beliefs on others as a type of "freedom" which is under threat.

How do they afford to provide these services?

Registering for the credit monitoring that Equifax offers through one of their (super suspiciously-named) websites regarding this breach opts you into a binding arbitration clause.

Yes it did, and they may not have even needed to pay for a single book that they "bought" to do so.

This is concerning for all non-mainstream social network apps that allow user-generated content. Google is essentially punishing Gab for the behavior of their users, not for anything they've actually done as a platform. If this trend continues, the only social network apps allowed will be those that uphold the same type of overbearing, politically-correct censorship policies that Google's own sites already employ.

What's their next target, reddit and 4chan apps? Twitter is full of racists and Nazis as well.

I've actually really enjoyed Kesha's new album Rainbow. If you know anything about her story, this album is a real accomplishment. It's also just a solid pop album.

My first e-reader was an old Kindle Keyboard. I still have it for reading at the beach, since I can actuate the physical page buttons through a waterproof case. Needing an external source of light to read in bed was a big downer, so I bought a Kindle Paperwhite when it first came out.

I owned the Kindle Paperwhite for a few months, and it was decidedly OK. I didn't use or appreciate the chains to Amazon's services, and resented that it couldn't play standard EPUB files.

I sold it, and bought a Kobo Aura HD. The screen was larger and higher resolution than the comparable Kindle at the time, and the light can be turned completely off, unlike any Kindle. I also love that it supports many standard formats like EPUB out of the box, and I can simply drag-and-drop my files onto its internal storage. I haven't touched clunky ebook library management software (like Calibre) in years.

At this point, I'm thoroughly impressed with the reading experience on my Kobo. I hope to use it for many years to come.

So people are going to go dig for rocks instead of shooting heroin? I'm not sure I see the logic.

All this being said, a mutual fund based on an index like the S&P 500 is more diversified, and therefore less risky than any single equity. If you are afraid of "gambling" in the stock market, just park your money in a low cost passive index fund, and let it grow.

I think that your steps zero and one are probably the most realistic recommendations for receiving a "bit of money, not a ton." If this is unlikely to be a life-changing amount of money, then it's probably unnecessary to worry about thinking any further than those steps.

If this is actually a potentially life-changing amount of money (six-figures or more), then I recommend the advice on this Bogleheads managing a windfall article.

    A housing crisis is making homes unaffordable for the poor and middle class,

Typical passive voice being used to deflect blame from the parties responsible for this situation: NIMBY homeowners who have opposed densification and the building of additional housing. These activists and neighborhood associations should look among themselves for the true culprits of this artificial "housing crisis." Long-time residents who care more about propping up their property values and maintaining the "character" of the area than affordable housing are the real villains here, not galleries and tech companies. The sooner the public conversation can address this, the sooner we may be able to work towards real solutions, not the same failed 'solutions' of rent control and preventing evictions.

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