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I bet you're right. Isn't there already a trucker-specific brand of country music?

In Australia, being a participating member of your local rifle club is required to keep your firearms licence. They say it's to keep up to date on health and safety issues, etc. I've always thought it's so your mates will notice if you start to go funny. Maybe that would be a gentle first step?

Isolation = No guns?

Hehe, just noticed the "old news" tag.

Do I need to read the article? Because the answer to that question is obviously "Yes". I'm advising anyone I know who works in the industry to GTFO now, while they can still sell their trucks and reskill.

Gem  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: October 11, 2017

I think nursing homes are going to look VERY different by the time we're of an age to live in them. WiFi is going to be a must.

Video games and online activities are going to be constant, residents will have their own electronics and they won't be as dependent on staff and family members to have their needs met. If we can manage our weight and deal with any sensory issues as they come up (cataract surgery, hearing aids, etc) I believe the current crop of under forties will be the least affected by dementia so far.

Gem  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What's Hubski Reading?

I just finished Dreamland and would officially like to apologise for my complete lack of understanding regarding the US opiate epidemic. I assumed it was slightly worse than our "ice epidemic" here in Oz, which is a non-event but something that pollies love to talk about in the lead up to election time.

Congratulations! I look forward to your international expansion.

I was having trouble with that too. What point is he trying to make? That we're not idealistic and won't colour outside the lines, so.... That's good? Is he implying we'll soberly keep the train on the rails like our granddad? (But not, I notice, our grandma, who clearly had nothing to say and no influence on her culture and society).

Although I say "we" but some time in the last five years Gen X apparently kicked me out, so I'm a millennial, just an OLD millennial who didn't grow up with computers.

I feel like space exploration has a lot in common with health sciences; no-one told us as kids that imaging tech is where the real excitement was going to be.

Gem  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Bitcoin Cash starts today

Thank you both for having this discussion. It's been very valuable for me. I think I'll go away now and try to figure out some questions of my own.

Gem  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: About this Googler's manifesto

I think it's more that he got fired for being a low-level grunt who assumed his value was higher than that of a lot of other co-workers and was bad mannered enough to say so. His saying that just sounded like someone pre-emptively trying to discredit challengers in a weasel way I really detest.

Speaking of weaselling, I really, REALLY detest the way he stated that despite general trends, traits are largely overlapping then immediately set out to treat populations according to those general trends.

I assumed everyone was overreacting, so I read the original. I really don't think they were. One or two valid points doesn't stop the overall document from being garbage.

(Also, I thought it was badly written, but that's probably just me being a snob).

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