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It's a non-stop disco.

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forget the politics, this is insanely impressive

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Dear lord those are some beautiful looking cuts.

To be clear, I know, I was stressing that they're baseless assumptions. I am illogicaly choosing to believe them due to a set of red flags on a checklist of experience.

Seriously though, it's a problem. Idk what's wrong with me, I feel the same respect towards someone who is trans as I do anyone else.

I hear ya, thanks for the explanation.

I believe what the author is saying because the description of Manning fits spot-on with a handful of drop-outs and still-stragglers from Basic, and based on conversations with a few of my classmates that have were active duty and deployed solidifying my understanding that this description of Manning is exactly what they would've assumed.

The fact that these people I've spoken to, and myself, assumed anyway that this is the kind of soldier Manning was based on our own experiences, is certainly a logical error in itself. There is no evidence that she truly was this way. But the same way I assumed that all the horrible shit Manning leaked was going on anyway, it would be mind-blowing to me if this person's account was not the spot-on truth about Manning.

Being in the Army comes with complaining about insane shit that goes on in the Army a helluva lot more than a civilian complains about the Army. If there was some other shit going on, I'm inclined to believe that this author would probably say so.

He leaked some important information that the public should probably have the right to know. This doesn't void what the author is pointing out. The author is saying, "I recognize this soldier was a bad soldier and its because she's a bad soldier that she decided to leak this information."

In reality, Manning most likely leaked all this shit as a sort of tantrum/fuck-the-man maneuver. It just happened to be very valuable to the public.

In other words is it still a strawman if it's true and critical to an objective view of the argument?

Long story short it is phenomenal that she survived this long and should have been booted a long time ago.

Basic is not that hard and AIT, which comes right after Basic, trains you for your job instead of continuing to weed out threats to the strength/capability of the team. By then you could be in the army for a year, or more.

If you haven't gotten your shit together in a year, and you join your new unit clearly still a shitbag, your commanders will make sure to put you in the sort of situations that will cause you to screw up and allow them to boot you.

Edit: I'm sorry for misgendering Manning, I make this mistake all the time with my transgender or otherwise not-what-I-am people and they yell at me for it all the time. I'm not a bigot or anything lmao

There are very few ways to get rid of someone who is shitty on the team. Unless they fuck up, all you can do is aggressively ostracize them until they choose to leave, or do something just stupid enough to prompt action from higher. There are plenty of people in the Army who fit the description you quoted in the annotation. They just haven't fucked up big-time enough to get booted. Chelsea was just one soldier who fucked up so badly it made the news.

Edit: Of course 99% of people come into Basic as complete fuck-ups but the whole damn point is that you break a bit of a sweat and improve yourself.

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get outta town

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Welcome to kleinbl00, where imgur albums show off the adorable daughter and the landline setup.

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