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It's a non-stop disco.

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Quite the opposite. The Army seems to agree with my initial opinion about Trump and whatever drama is captivating the media: it doesn't matter. The world isn't going to end because Trump said so. Everyone will do their job every day the best they can do it, and it's nobody's concern who's ranks and ranks above them attending an eyes-wide-shut party tonight.

Also, it's a strictly enforced rule that has to do with basic professionalism to not discuss personal political beliefs (or any other personal beliefs) in uniform. Which is a good thing, because just like in the civilian world-- although people tend to forget-- nobody cares about your opinion :D

Upperclass cadets take a lot of classes on military ethics, American politics, etc. that deal with issues you allude to, and I hope to gain more insight on that starting this year. But one thing to keep in mind is this: wars are political maneuvers, but they're not fought by politicians.

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well that doesn't really help the situation

    I can slag on economists with the best of 'em

Am Econ major, please slag on my decision.

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it's a combination of Armenian symbology. It's this with a pomegranate tree snaking through out blossoming on the outer border. Or at least that's my current idea.

I just noticed that on my last comment. It's a little up it's own ass but I understand the intention.

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but i wanna be cool!!!

Helps to keep moving and have a task on hand. You only really feel tired once you stop moving. If you're not moving, keeping your body preoccupied somehow (I like to throw a handful of sunflower seeds in my mouth or some chewing tobacco if you hate yourself) helps you stay awake and focused.

The problem is we spent a lot of time laying down in the dirt, not moving for hours looking down the sight a rifle and fighting with ourselves to stay awake. That's when a buddy comes in handy, a lot. But there were times when I spent an hour or two in a state of neither really being awake nor asleep. It definitely sucks.

In reality the best thing you can do is get your work done thoroughly and complete your task so you can finally go to sleep. You can have all the caffeine you can find to buy yourself time, but you better have a good reason for depriving yourself of sleep, and hope that reason is a clear-cut mission you can accomplish soon.

Long story longer I don't have an answer for your question cause there really isn't one, you just have to learn to succeed in that state of mind :P

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How do I avoid regretting the potentially giant tattoo ive been wanting to get for a year now?

Hahhaha will do bud. The highlight of my feed is the crazy food you make.

I'm going to spend the first week standing outside their room with the door open, sitting backwards in a chair and sharpening a machete.

Haha, thank you, but no way man. A month in the woods of New England is not the same as the actual soldiers in an actual war fighting for their actual lives at Dunkirk, or any combat environment since then and today. But this stuff looks cool in pictures for sure :)

That's so cool man. I think I love the FA community the more I hear about it. And we spend a good deal of time learning how to work with all kinds of people, superior and subordinate, because there are lost people and people trackin' it all on every level. I hope to a figurative God that I can be a good officer for my people in any situation. Thank you for the motivation.

Forget the uniforms lol, they change too often and the gear never keeps up. I just wish cadets were issued better rucks, the ones we have are dangerously shitty. I have maybe 2-3 months of anything close to "intense" field training and my right shoulder strap is about to tear off.

    while I'd have deployed if they'd told me to, I'm glad I didn't have to.

I know what you mean. I'm way too green to have any clue how I will fare on deployment, but I would be so ready to hit it when told it's time.

Well, getting help from your peers if your peers aren't readily available is something to be prepared for too. If you're desperate for assistance, offer someone some pizza or some shit. I know I'll do anything for pizza.

If I was in a leadership position and needed someone to take literal weight off someone else who was clearly having a bad time, I sometimes had to motivate them with an incentive. I earned myself 3 milkshakes and a fuckload of various nicotine products because my peers knew the ways to my heart.

Just stuff to think about.

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