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It's a non-stop disco.

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This writing style is gray and hilarious. I happened to be watching The Lobster on Netflix when I clicked this link, which is an uncanny coincidence because both pieces are horribly brilliant in the same way.

    A huge bitcoin price crash occurs a few hours before we set sail.

It’s important to consider that Adult Swim also produces a daily livestreamed show called FishCenter consisting of the Adult Swim studio’s office lobby fish tank with a green screen behind it. They frequently take call-ins at 708-SWIM-FUN.

that was beautiful

do everything in your power to keep her challenged and dont let her get bored. this is an awesome story, thanks for sharing.

While kleinbl00 is doing the lord’s work arguing in this thread, he fails to address this. The lack of a robust federal standard for training state and municipal law enforcement; meanwhile the media holds each cop to a standard of national public opinion.

Racist white cops can be trained to not shoot black people without cause. I work with racists and degenerates every day that make better and better decisions as they’re provided training and education that can be regulated and enforced federally.

It is not the failure of a racist cop for being racist with a gun in his hand, it is the failure of his government for allowing him to serve without being trained.

it is intended to keep out bots as thoughtful new users are welcomed to Hubski with a promotion from you.

both you and kantos's links had me laughing out loud. We've come so far.


    Being "live" for Trump was no fun so I'm leaning towards blessing.

Waking up to Trump was even worse.

    I wish we had a real reason to vote for democrats other than the anti-Trump angle, but we don't.

How about education? Un-fuck the DoED?

The units assigned to the border are sustainment/logistics, engineers (construction), and military police replicating the 2010 National Guard deployment of ~2000 or so. They are not shooting at anybody.

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