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"But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?"

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blackbootz  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 29, 2017

Those are a couple of positive-sum business ideas. And those photos are great, what I was able to glean. How expensive are semi-large triptychs? And are there many birthing rooms in the birthing center?

blackbootz  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 29, 2017

Lolololol nailed it. That episode was so good. I'm recently obsessed with Cowen. I went to see him interview Gladwell a few weeks ago with wasoxygen and it was kind of electrifying. His unabashed curiosity and enthusiasm is infectious.

What's the ICN?

blackbootz  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 29, 2017

Wow. I wanna have birth now.

Did you take those photos that were printed and hung?

blackbootz  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 29, 2017

Have the opportunity to study abroad the spring semester of 2018. Think I'll take it.

The two main options that jump out at me out of the twenty or so exchange programs offered in twelve countries are programs at University of Leeds or one of two universities in Seoul, SK. I'm leaning heavily towards Seoul. Has anyone been to or lived in (or studied abroad!?) in Seoul? I hear the food is fucking amazing.


I would heartily recommend DFW, and only with a few small reservations. He's stimulating and expressive and inventive with the English language. He's really smart, and he knows it. Sometimes this self-possession leaks into his writing and this rubs some people the wrong way (an example would be his tendency for verbose language where simpler may do, but to me this is a matter of style). But at the same time, he was incredibly hard on himself. He cherished the general reader, striving to respect her intelligence. Some of his writing is the most expressive I've ever read, nailing down thoughts, associations, and feelings that I chalked up as non-communicable, or that would otherwise require some sort of brain interface technology because those thoughts operate at a level beyond words or even pictures.

I roughly recall that KB thinks DFW dazzles with words rather than true insight. But I find DFW an enormous pleasure. He's at times irreverent then sincere, a-million-miles-a-minute and then slow and purposeful. I've never had to use a dictionary more than with Wallace. Or temporarily stop reading just so I could enjoy the sheer power of what I read.

For his fiction, my favorite short story of his Good Old Neon.

Edit to add: the original essay I linked, called Authority and American Usage, ranges all over everything you guys touched on in this thread. I can't imagine a more relevant essay, and from one of my favorite authors, so I felt very compelled to recommend it.

ThatFanficGuy Can I humbly submit this essay by Dave Foster Wallace up as one of the most interesting forays into language and register?

blackbootz  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 22, 2017

Do go on! Tell me what it's like living in a full house. Do they share similar values with you?

blackbootz  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 22, 2017

Vetting roommates currently. I settle on my house in 9 days, and I'm trying to decide whether to shack up with someone who shares values (stimulating conversations, physical activity, a wee bit of partying) or a quiet someone who pays rent and I don't interact with much.

Maybe for the first time around, I go with the latter. There's a religious guy who is interested and who's nice and quiet would probably fit the bill. I could always change it up later.

In NYC right for spring break. Beautiful outside! Gonna spend the day thrift store shopping.

blackbootz  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are your favorite movies?

Will add it to the list

blackbootz  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are your favorite movies?

I like your first two. Am I obliged to watch the third? I feel like it's a sign.

Bravo. That was chilling and brilliant.

blackbootz  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: 3 Questions with @insomniasexx

That's hysterical imagery.

Can't wait to listen to your recording when I'm not in a library!

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